About Me

Dolf-fotografie_S If you walk in Amsterdam (the Netherlands) and see a street photographer with a CSN cap, it is probably me.

I have been a CSNY fan since the early 70s when I was a very young hippie influenced by older sisters who had older boyfriends. I “secretly” listened to 4 Way Street when my parents wanted me to sleep.

Their music has no expiration date, but I enjoy the recent CSNY music in all their forms as well.

In 1996 I literally designed 4WaySite in the sand of the beach of a town called Huizen where I live. A place for CSNY music fans to indulge their passion, was online soon after… Since then a group of volunteers & I have been providing CSNY fans with breaking news, articles, trivia, tour overviews, etc., delving beneath the surface to find accurate information. And since you’re already here, you know how comprehensive 4WaySite is. What you may not know is that every month more than 50,000 visitors generate at least 160,000 views throughout the 425 pages of this site.

Unfortunately, the cost of keeping this site (and the coming 4WaySite app) up and running is becoming increasingly and almost prohibitively expensive. You can help in two ways:

1) By ordering any of the items listed for sale through the 4WaySite website (or other items when you are at the amazon.com pages) a percentage of the sale goes toward keeping this site alive.
2) Personal contributions through PayPal are also an option. You can do this by clicking on the Donate button.

Either method will help ensure that you can depend on us to continue to keep this site up-to-date.

Thanks so much in advance!

Finally I want to show my thanks and appreciation to David Crosby (who mentioned 4waysite.com in his latest book as being “extremely useful”), Graham Nash, Dave Zimmer (authorized author of several excellent CSN/&Y books), R. Mac Holbert, Johny Barbata, Tom Gundelfinger (now O’Neil) and… to you!

Dolf van Stijgeren

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