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Graham Nash's Marriage Over After 38 Years
2015 | December 31 |

Veteran Rocker Graham Nash Is Divorcing His Wife Of 38 Years.

The Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young star, 73, has split from his second wife, Susan Sennett, who he married in 1977. They have three children together.

No further details of their break-up have been made public but the folk guitarist confirmed the news in an interview with music magazine Uncut.

Discussing his new album This Path Tonight, which is due out in April (16), Nash tells the publication, "I'm going through a divorce at the moment, after 38 years, so that feeds into songs (on the record)."

Nash married his first wife, Rose Eccles, in 1962 but they divorced two years later.


Graham Nash Says New Solo Album Due Out in the Spring - Updated
2015 | November 30 |

Graham Nash will release a new studio album on April 15, 2016, entitled This Path Tonight. The album is Nash's first solo record of new music in fourteen years. It was produced by his fellow touring guitarist extraordinaire Shane Fontayne and is currently available for presale at

The album is being produced in various formats (digital download, CD & vinyl) in both a standard (10 tracks) and expanded edition (up to 3 bonus digital download tracks). Those pre-ordering the 10 track vinyl album will also receive a digital download card featuring 2 bonus tracks. A third bonus bonus track is exclusive to Amazon and iTunes.

Those who pre-order the album will have access to presale tour tickets starting Tuesday, December 1 at 10:00 a.m. Eastern Standard Time (United States).

Currently listed tour dates for the United States begin in late January 2016 (Florida) and run through late February 2016 (New York). Additional dates will follow.

For more information, please visit for details.


New release: Neil Young – Bluenote Café
2015 | November 18 |

Recorded at various shows during Neil Young and Bluenote Café's 1988 tour, this superb live set documents one of Neil's most funky and heartfelt periods, featuring 7 unreleased songs - "Soul of a Woman," "Bad News Comes to Town," Ain't it the Truth," "I'm Goin'," "Crime of the Heart," "Doghouse," "Fool for Your Love," - and a searing 19+ minute version of the immortal "Tonight's the Night" at The Pier in New York City. It was a wild night.

Graham Nash Says New Solo Album Due Out in the Spring
2015 | November 18 |

Earlier this year, Graham Nash headed out on a solo trek with accompaniment from longtime Crosby, Stills & Nash touring guitarist Shane Fontayne. The folk-rock legend showcased quite a few new original songs at those dates, and now he's revealed that fans can expect a bunch of new tunes that he and Fontayne wrote together to appear on Nash's next solo album.

"In October of last year, Shane and I…wrote 20 songs in a month, and we recorded those 20 songs in eight days," Graham tells ABC Radio. "So, there'll be a new Graham Nash solo record coming out in spring, and a solo tour to promote that."

Nash says that he and Fontayne put many of the new tunes together on their tour bus after CSN concerts.

"Shane and I share a bus, and normally after a show it's very hard to come down," Graham explains. "It's such an exhilarating feeling just being able to make music and have people smiling all the way through it and enjoying it and then leaving with a smile…but it's hard to come down from that. And so, what we usually do is go to the back of the bus with our guitars and start playing."

Nash also performed a few of his new songs, including "Golden Days," "Myself at Last" and the Levon Helm tribute "Back Home," during CSN's 2015 tour, which wrapped up last month. Graham points out that it's a prolific time for all of the members of Crosby, Stills & Nash, with Stephen Stills recently working on a second album by his blues-rock project The Rides with Kenny Wayne Shepherd, and David Crosby writing some new material following the release of his 2014 solo album, Croz. Fans who came out to the recent CSN shows got to hear Stills' new Rides tune "Virtual World" and a new Crosby song called "Somebody Home."

Graham tells ABC Radio that this burst of creativity is an encouraging sign that a new CSN studio album could eventually be in the offing.

"We're still creating and still, you know, talking about what we feel is important," Nash maintains. "And as long as we're still creating, CSN albums are gonna happen."

Meanwhile, Nash says he'd also like CSN to collaborate with Neil Young again, although Neil has been feuding with Crosby over negative comments Crosby made in an interview about Young's current girlfriend, actress Daryl Hannah.

"I hope that David and Neil patch up their silly differences and that we're able to make music together," says Nash, "because…we're not getting any younger, you know."

Next up for Crosby, Stills & Nash is a performance at the National Christmas Tree Lighting in Washington, D.C., which takes place on Thursday, December 3. The event will stream live at and will air on as a special on public television stations throughout December.

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Greg Reeves Live Radio Interview October 10
2015 | October 10 |

Former CSNY bass player Greg Reeves will be take part in a 2 hour live radio interview on Los Angeles radio station KPFX, 90.7 FM, beginning at 10:00 p.m. United States Pacific Coast Time on Saturday October 10.
You can listen live by heading to the station's website.

In an exclusive phone call with 4WaySite, Greg revealed some of his upcoming plans which include the imminent release of a new song - If That Ain't Love and a corresponding music video, the completion of an EP, and plans for a book which will highlight his 18 months under the same roof with David Crosby, Stephen Stills, Graham Nash and Dallas Taylor during the time period when CSNY's Deja Vu album was made.

Two of the songs that Greg will be releasing actually started out as riffs that he composed while with CSNY. According to Greg, Graham Nash and Neil Young played on the original demos. Greg recently previewed his new material to Neil Young's manager, Elliot Roberts.

More information about Greg's future plans will soon be featured here on 4WaySite.

And in case fans aren't aware, our prior exclusive interview with Greg can be found here.

Photo by William Kollar.


David Crosby: The Lost, Uncut, Exclusive 4WaySite Interview
2015 | August 24 |

Almost one year ago, during the 2014 CSN Summer Tour, 4WaySite was granted the privilege of sitting down with David Crosby and his son, James Raymond, for separate, in-depth interviews. James' interview got posted but David's interview did not. The delay was not due to legal issues, dull subject matter or a lack of trying. In simplest terms, website design and updating can sometimes be a laborious process which can bring a grown man to tears. Now, finally, we have tears of joy. We hope our readers enjoy what is perhaps the longest interview with David Crosby ever published.

We'd love to hear your comments!


Neil Young and The Promise of the Real Confirm West Coast Dates
2015 | August 18 |

Neil Young and the Promise of the Real will visit the west coast this October on their Rebel Content Tour. The band will support their record The Monsanto Years with stops in Seattle, Vancouver, Portland, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and more throughout October.

October 2 Spokane, WA—Spokane Arena
October 4 Seattle, WA—WaMu Theatre
October 5 Vancouver, BC—Queen Elizabeth Theatre
October 7 Portland, OR—Chiles Center
October 8 Eugene, OR—Matthew Knight Arena
October 10 Santa Barbara, CA—Santa Barbara Bowl
October 11 Las Vegas, NV—Cosmopolitan
October 13 San Diego, CA—RIMAC Arena
October 14 Los Angeles, CA—The Forum
October 17 Berkeley, CA—Greek Theater


Watch Neil Young Give Meryl Streep a Guitar Lesson
2015 | August 15 |

For Meryl Streep's new film Ricki and the Flash, the actress actually spent six months learning how to play guitar for the role of the titular rocker. Streep also had an impressive teacher aid in her transformation from Academy Award-winning actress to guitar goddess: Neil Young. In this video from the Jacob Burns Film Center, Young teaches Streep the noisy art of distortion.

The rocker first tells the actress – prior to every filmed performance – to turn the amp's knobs to their max setting, both for sound reasons and for realism. Young then shows Streep the power of distortion and feedback, as one simple strum turns the instrument into a roaring beast. "The guitar does all the work," Young tells Streep. The lesson concludes with Streep bowing in appreciation to the Godfather of Grunge.

While it's unclear how the meeting between Young and Streep was arranged at Pleasantville, New York's Jacob Burns Film Center, it's likely that Ricki and the Flash director Jonathan Demme facilitated the guitar lesson. Demme is also a longtime collaborator of Young's, teaming with the rocker on three concert films: 2006's Heart of Gold, 2009's Trunk Show and 2012's Journeys. Demme's 2008 film Rachel Getting Married also featured a scene where a character (played by TV on the Radio's Tunde Adebimpe) sang Young's Harvest Moon cut "Unknown Legend."

Although Streep's Ricki covers nearly a dozen songs in the new film, including tracks by Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty and Lady Gaga, her character – a grocery store clerk by day, a rocker by night – doesn't perform any Young tracks on the big screen. However, the Ricki and the Flash soundtrack does feature a cover of On the Beach's "For the Turnstiles" performed by Streep's son Henry Wolfe.

Watch the clip here on YouTube!


Meryl Streep took guitar lesson from Neil Young
2015 | August 4 |

Meryl Streep appeared on The Tonight Show Monday to promote her new movie Ricki and the Flash.
The actress, who plays a struggling musician trying to reconnect with her family in the movie, revealed to host Jimmy Fallon that she did not know how to play guitar prior to filming so director Jonathan Demme set up a meeting for her to meet Neil Young.

“My first lesson was 45 minutes with Neil,” Streep said.

When asked if she learned anything from the legendary rocker, Streep said Young told her: “’You see all the amplifiers and all the wires and you go ‘what is all this s–t?’” Young then told her to “crank it up to 11.”

Fallon and Streep also discussed acting with Rick Springfield, the rush of playing music in front of crowds, and performing in Brooklyn with excited extras. “It was like being in a party for eight days,” Streep said.

You can watch it here on YouTube


Neil Young Erases Most of Catalog From Streaming Services
2015 | July 29 |

It took two weeks but Neil Young finally expunged the vast majority of his catalog from streaming services. On July 15th, the rocker issued a pair of Facebook posts deriding the audio quality of streaming services and alerting fans that he'd pull all of his albums from Apple Music, Spotify and the like. "It's about sound quality. I don't need my music to be devalued by the worst quality in the history of broadcasting or any other form of distribution," Young wrote. At some point over the weekend, Young made good on his promise as his albums began vanishing from streaming services, Variety reports.

As of this writing, only Young's five Geffen LP from the Eighties – 1982's Trans, 1983's Everybody's Rockin', 1985's Old Ways, 1986's Landing on Water and 1987's Life, as well as the Geffen era rarities compilation Lucky Thirteen – are all still available on multiple streaming services. Young's Dead Man soundtrack, released via Vapor Records, also remains on services, but everything else, including his latest LP The Monsanto Years, has been stripped from streaming libraries.

While Young may be anti-streaming, Geffen's parent company Universal – which no longer has ties to the rocker since he rejoined Warner Music's Reprise in 1989 – likely didn't feel obligated to grant Young's wishes regarding his streamed catalog. (Young and Geffen infamously sparred in the Eighties, with the label accusing him of handing them "musically uncharacteristic" and "not commercial" albums that were unlike his Seventies catalog. Geffen later sued Young for $3.3 million; Young countersued for $21 million. They eventually settled out of court.)

In Young's anti-streaming posts, the musician stated that while his catalog removal wasn't about the money, he acknowledged – like Taylor Swift and Thom Yorke before him – that his share of royalties were "dramatically reduced by bad deals made without my consent." However, Young hinted that he'd be willing to return his albums to services if the audio quality was improved.

"AM radio kicked streaming's ass. Analog cassettes and 8 tracks also kicked streaming's ass, and absolutely rocked compared to streaming," Young wrote. "Streaming sucks. Streaming is the worst audio in history. If you want it, you got it. It's here to stay. Your choice."


Monsanto Fires Back at Neil Young Over New Documentary
2015 | July 24 |

Monsanto, a company that manufactures genetically engineered seeds for agriculture that has sparked the ire of Neil Young, has issued a statement to Rolling Stone responding to the singer-songwriter's mini-documentary Seeding Fear. Young co-executive-produced the film, which examines the repercussions of a lawsuit between the corporation and farmer Michael White, whom it sued for patent infringement. The suit was settled out of court.

"Mr. White is not transparent in describing his actions or the situation," a rep for the company tells Rolling Stone. "He actually admitted to knowingly planting, producing, saving, cleaning and selling Roundup Ready soybeans illegally. All of this information is available in court documents.

"Protecting patents and copyrights can be difficult in any business – including the entertainment industry," the rep continues. "Mr. White's actions are equivalent to pirating an album, producing thousands of copies and selling bootleg copies – all while knowing what you're doing is illegal and that it will result in criminal charges if caught."

The rep also referenced a LinkedIn blog by Monsanto's chief technology officer, Robb Fraley, in which he responded to Young. "Here's an invitation to establish that dialogue with Neil Young," Fraley wrote. "I invite him to visit our company and talk with us about what we're doing." The rep also provided a link to another blog, hosted on the Monsanto website, titled "Correcting The Monsanto Years," published earlier this month in response to the album Young put out this year, which attacks the company.

"Although they have tended to get a lot of attention, lawsuits between us and farmers who plant seeds without paying for them are actually very rare," the company's statement for Rolling Stone concludes. "Every year, hundreds of thousands of farmers plant our seeds. Since 1997, when we started trying to protect the patents on our seeds, we have gone to trial with a fraction of one percent of those customers. In addition, all of the proceeds we receive from any settlement – including Mr. White's settlement – are donated to youth leadership initiatives and to support the local communities in which farmers live and work."

Young declined to comment to Rolling Stone on Monsanto's statement.


Graham Nash is enjoying his solo time
2015 | July 23 |

Having wrapped up a tour in May with Crosby, Stills & Nash, and with a fall tour of Europe on the books, Graham Nash could have taken a break this summer. It would have seemed like a good time for some R&R.

Instead, Nash is on a solo tour – accompanied by Shane Fontayne, guitarist in the Crosby, Stills & Nash touring band – that runs through Aug. 23.

“I’m a musician,” Nash said, explaining in a late-May phone interview why he wanted to get back on the road. “I need to play. I need to communicate.”

That sort of thinking makes sense considering how art – be it music, painting or photography – is such a central part of Nash’s daily life.

“I try to create something every day, not necessarily songwriting,” he said. “I have to create something every day or else I get upset with myself. I have to take a great photograph or make a great painting or write a good song or start a good song.”

And when it comes to creativity, Nash has been quite productive of late. Last fall, after completing a CSN tour, he and Fontayne got on a roll when they decided to do some songwriting together.

“Shayne and I, in October of last year, had an incredible month for some reason and we wrote 20 songs,” Nash said. “Then we came into the studio in Los Angeles and in eight days recorded all 20 songs.”

Always one of rock’s most socially aware artists, Nash said some of the new songs have a topical slant, while others are more personal.

“Life, it happens in front of me,” he said. “The songs that I just recorded with Shane stretch from everything from a song called ‘Mississippi Burning,’ which is about the three college students who were murdered in the early ’60s down South when they went to try and help black people be able to vote, and it stretches all the way from there to probably one of my most personal songs that I wrote with Shane called ‘Myself At Last.’ And it’s everywhere in between.

“There’s the song about Ferguson on there called ‘Watch Out for the Wind’; a song that I wrote with James Raymond called ‘Burning for the Buddha,’ about the 128 Tibetan monks that have burned themselves to death in the last year and a half; … and falling in love and falling out of love, just normal stuff that happens to me. I have to write about it.”

The album is essentially done, although Nash said he’d like to have Stephen Stills play guitar on a couple of songs, bring in David Crosby to add vocals to a couple of tunes and have Neil Young play guitar on “Watch Out for the Wind.” He has time to arrange for those finishing touches because he decided early on he wasn’t going to put the album, titled “Now/Then,” out this year.

“I didn’t want to bring it out this summer because we’d already booked the entire year with the three of us, or possibly the four of us, if that was going to happen,” Nash said. “We had to leave space, so there was no space this year to promote it as I’d have liked to. So I’m going to bring it out in early spring of 2016, which is only what, six or seven months away, and then be able to promote it properly.”

Nash mentioning “the four of us” alludes to the fact that there was talk of a Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young tour this year. In 2014, the group released an acclaimed box set, “1974,” that documented the legendary tour of that summer in which CSNY played marathon three-hour – sometimes longer – shows, and Nash had been optimistic that the four would regroup to tour this year in support of the set.

But any possibility of a tour seemed to go up in smoke last fall when controversy erupted between Crosby and Young. Following news that Young was divorcing his wife of 37 years, Pegi, and had started dating actress Daryl Hannah, Crosby spoke out about Young’s situation in an interview with the Idaho Statesman newspaper, saying, “I happen to know that he’s hanging out with somebody that’s a purely poisonous predator now. And that’s karma. He’s gonna get hurt. But I understand why it happened. I’m just sad about it. I’m always sad when I see love get tossed in the gutter.”

Crosby issued an apology eight months later on “The Howard Stern Show,” saying he was “completely out of line” with his comments. But by all appearances, the damage was done, with Young having said that CSNY will never tour again.

Nash hopes that a time will come when CSNY can happen again. He voiced his displeasure about Crosby’s comments and said he understands Young’s feelings.

“Neil and I talked about it. He’s very upset at David,” Nash said. “He gave David a chance to apologize, and I’m sure people think that David did apologize, certainly on ‘The Howard Stern Show,’ but eight months later?

“My sadness is, is the music of CSNY going to stop because of something somebody said in a newspaper in the Midwest?” he said. “I mean, come on.”

CSN, though, remains very much an active entity. In addition to maintaining a busy touring schedule, the trio has two album projects on the drawing board. One is an album of new original material. No recording has been done, but Nash sees hope that it will come to fruition.

For now, Nash has shows to play. He will have plenty of flexibility to change up his song set from night to night, but plans to cover everything from songs with his pre-CSN band – the popular British group the Hollies – up to his newest songs. He says he enjoys doing his own shows.

“I think reaching different (avenues) of musical expression is good for us all,” said Nash, noting that Crosby and Stills are also doing solo tours this summer. “It’s great when David, Stephen and I are together. It’s great when David, Stephen, Neil and I are together. And it’s great when me and Crosby are together. But I do enjoy the solo concerts. I don’t have to deal with anybody else’s music but mine. I realize that I have an incredible catalog of stuff to sing, so the choosing of the set list is very interesting every night.”


Donald Trump responds to Neil Young's diss
2015 | June 25 |

If presidential candidate and businessman Donald Trump has proven anything during his first week of campaigning, it's that he's not afraid to take on the haters.

And so the saga between Trump and rock singer Neil Young continues.

When "The Donald" originally announced his run for president, he used Young's song "Rockin' in the Free World" twice during his campaign rally, which backfired when the singer came out criticizing Trump's use of his song while endorsing a different candidate.

"Donald Trump was not authorized to use 'Rockin' In The Free World' in his presidential candidacy announcement," a statement from Young management company said. "Neil Young, a Canadian citizen, is a supporter of Bernie Sanders for President of the United States of America."

Clearly Trump was not pleased with this statement as the real-estate-tycoon-turned-reality-TV-star took to Twitter Wednesday night. Trump published a series of tweets calling the artist a "total hypocrite" because according to Trump, Young visited Trump's office requesting money for an audio deal and invited Trump to his show just last week.

And don't worry, if you are a "nonbeliever," Trump even included pictures of the two shaking hands and the money request with the singer's signature just for you.

Trump then goes on to say that "Rockin In The Free World" was just background music at the rally among 10 other songs and that he, "Didn't love it anyway."

So, we can now add Neil Young to the list of individuals Trump has publicly dissed, which include fellow 2016 hopefuls like Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton, as well as stars like Cher and Russell Brand and even CNN's very own Chris Moody.

Keep on rockin', Mr. Trump.


Crosby still has panache
2015 | June 18 |

Folk-rock icon David Crosby will let music do his talking at Birchmere.

Bonnaroo has replaced Woodstock, digital recording has eclipsed analogue, and iPad slinging singer-songwriters draw crowds that rival those of guitar strummers. But something else has changed since David Crosby started making music in the mid ’60s.

“It’s a lot easier to get stuff done when you’re not stoned,” said the Byrds guitarist and Crosby, Stills & Nash founder. “You can accomplish a lot more.”

Crosby’s “more” includes writing songs for a forthcoming solo-album while on the road for his acoustic tour. On June 22, Crosby and his guitar will play a sold-out show at The Birchmere.

“I’m doing stuff from the Byrds clear up to stuff I wrote last week,” he said. “[These shows] are more challenging because there’s less to fall back on.”

The Byrds; Crosby, Stills, & Nash; and Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young sealed Crosby’s fate as a folk-rock legend. Although he plays plenty of the music that earned him two Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductions during solo shows, Crosby knows how to be judicious.

“I’m not trying to do everything and I’m not trying to play the ‘band songs,’” Crosby said. “I had one reviewer really complain that I didn’t do them, but I don’t know how he thinks I’m going to do ‘Wooden Ships,’ with no band and no other harmony singers. I try to only do songs that I can deliver.

With about 20 songs per set, Crosby’s acoustic shows mingle songs from his 2014 solo album “Croz” with the classics, such as “Guinnevere” and “Almost Cut My Hair.” Giving the audience the back story — where he wrote a song, and what inspired him — is Crosby’s favorite part of performing.

“These shows center around the thing which I most love doing, which is telling the tale and taking you on a voyage with the song,” he said.

His enthusiasm for connecting with fans even extends beyond his shows and into the Twitter universe.

“I like communicating with people, so it’s a pleasure for me. I don’t answer all the questions people ask me -- only the intelligent ones,” Crosby said. “‘What’s your favorite color?’ ‘What was it really like at Woodstock, man?’ I leave those alone.”

Crosby said his songwriting has been prolific over the past six months, and that the tour gives him a platform to share his more polished new songs.

“I play with odd tunings a lot, so I sit down and start fooling around with the tuning, and I’ll find a piece of music that I really like,” Crosby said. “I do that pretty much every day, but the words, I don’t understand how that works at all. All of a sudden a phrase will pop into my head, and I go, ‘Oh I like that,’ run to the computer and get it down before it leaves my head.”

While disputes with bandmates have colored Crosby’s career, so have iconic collaborations with Joni Mitchell, the Grateful Dead, and Phil Collins. Crosby even played with his son James Raymond in his jazz-rock trio Crosby, Pevar & Raymond, and he worked with him again on “Croz.”

“I co-wrote a lot of the songs with James, who produced the album,” Crosby said. “I’ve got a lot of guitar music for this next album, and the last one was heavy on the keyboards.”

Bouncing song ideas and new sounds off bandmates is important to Crosby, but he relishes the chance to make his own words really count.

“I’m big on words,” he said. “If you sing a brand new song to [the audience] with a whole band, it’s hard for them to get all the words. This way I can really express the idea of the song.”

His love for making and sharing new art keeps Crosby strumming — legend or no.

“I try to go deeper into my repertoire than the obvious songs that I might play with Crosby, Stills, & Nash,” Crosby said. “The music will speak to things better than I can.”


Trump Campaign: We'll Stop Using Neil Young's Music
2015 | June 17 |

One day after Neil Young criticized Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump for using Young's 1989 song "Rockin' in the Free World" at a campaign event, Trump's campaign manager tells Rolling Stone the candidate will refrain from any future use of Young's music.

"We won't be using it again," campaign manager Corey Lewandowski says. "There are plenty of other songs to choose from, despite the fact that Mr. Trump is a big fan and likes Neil very much. We will respect his wish and not use it because it's the right thing to do."

Young's management company Lookout issued a statement on behalf of the singer on Tuesday, stating, "Donald Trump was not authorized to use 'Rockin' in the Free World' in his presidential candidacy announcement. "Neil Young, a Canadian citizen, is a supporter of Bernie Sanders for President of the United States of America."

Despite Young's protestations, though, Lewandowski asserts that the campaign's usage of the song was done through proper and legitimate channels. "We've done everything legal and by the book," he says. "The Trump Campaign for President wrote two checks, which were cashed, and signed two contracts: One was with [performance-rights organization] ASCAP and the other was with BMI. We have two legally binding contracts in place that allow us to go to their repertoire of music and use those [tracks] legally."

By law, ASCAP is obligated to grant a license to any business, including political campaign organizations, that requests it, provided all paperwork is in order. "If ASCAP and BMI have not properly licensed that music to Neil, then they shouldn't have it on their website," Lewandowski says. "But we have a proper license in place through legal, binding documents with cashed checks."

When reached for comment, a representative for ASCAP referred Rolling Stone to their Music in Political Campaigns page. On their site, ASCAP addresses artists' legal rights and criticisms under the question, "Can the campaign still be criticized or even sued by an artist for playing his or her song at an event?"

"Yes. If an artist does not want his or her music to be associated with the campaign, he or she may be able to legal action even if the campaign has the appropriate copyright licenses," ASCAP says. "While the campaign would be in compliance with copyright law, it could potentially be in violation of other laws, including "Right of Publicity" and "False Endorsement."

This isn't the first time Trump and Young have crossed paths on the political music spectrum. In 2006, Trump attended a Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young show during the group's Freedom of Speech tour. At one point, Trump and author Salman Rushdie stood up and sung along to the 2006 song "Let's Impeach the President," written and produced by Young.

"He's got something very special," Trump told Rolling Stone in 2008. "I've listened to his music for years. His voice is perfect and haunting. I've met him on occasions and he's a terrific guy."

For Lewandowski, the controversy appears to be personal against Trump, though it hasn't diminished the campaign staff's confidence. "I'd be willing to wager that the Trump campaign is the only one you're calling out," he says. "I don't understand [that] other than the fact that he's the only guy that's going to win the Republican nomination."


CSN are playing four unreleased songs in set
2015 | June 17 |

Crosby, Stills and Nash have been singing four unreleased songs on their current US tour so Irish fans may hear the new material when the veteran trio play Dublin’s Bord Gáis Theatre on September 16.

The new songs - two from Crosby, one each from Stills and Nash - were aired during a recent gig in Milwaukee. Crosby's What Makes It So and Somebody Home and Nash's Myself at Last were "sweetly sung, simple but stirring," according to one reviewer.

In the meantime, both Nash and Crosby are embarking on individual US solo tours, reuniting for concerts, including Dublin, in the autumn.

Photo: Getty Images


Neil Young: Donald Trump 'not authorized' to rock in the free world
2015 | June 16 |

Billionaire Donald Trump, a Republican, announced his bid for the presidency with Neil Young’s “Rockin’ in the Free World” blasting in the background, and once again a political candidate has associated himself with a rock star without the endorsement of said star.

“Donald Trump was not authorized to use ‘Rockin' in the Free World’ in his presidential candidacy announcement,” Young, 69, told the Los Angeles Times on Tuesday through his longtime manager, Elliot Roberts. “Neil Young, a Canadian citizen, is a supporter of Bernie Sanders for president of the United States of America,” referring to the U.S. senator from Vermont who is vying for the Democratic nomination in 2016.

Young, a two-time Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee, has long been associated with political causes championed by liberals, but in the 1980s, he left some followers perplexed when he spoke supportively of Republican President Reagan. He also sang at that time about the legacy of the Woodstock generation being little more than “a hippie dream.”

In recent years, however, Young has been actively involved in the development of green alternatives to gasoline-powered automobiles, devoting considerable time, energy and resources to the LincVolt, a converted 1959 Lincoln Continental that runs on electricity and biodiesel fuel.

“Rockin’ in the Free World” was released in 1989 on Young’s “Freedom” album, a song that addressed the meaning of patriotism in a world in which drug-addicted mothers could abandon their babies and in which the environment continued to be threatened by pollution.

Young referenced then-Republican presidential candidate George H.W. Bush’s plea for a “kinder, gentler nation” and his “thousand points of light” description of the nation’s history of volunteerism as he sang: “We got a thousand points of light / for the homeless man / We got a kinder, gentler machine gun hand.”

Many rockers, including Bruce Springsteen, Jackson Browne, Tom Petty, Heart, the Beastie Boys, David Byrne, the Foo Fighters, John Mellencamp and the Silversun Pickups, have demanded that candidates who used their music without permission stop using those songs for political purposes. Typically the requests have involved conservative candidates using songs by liberal musicians.

Roberts said he has contacted Trump’s camp and requested that it stop using the song.

Photo: John Locher / Associated Press


Monsanto, Starbucks, Walmart Respond to Neil Young's New Album
2015 | June 16 |

"Many of us at Monsanto have been and are fans of Neil Young. Unfortunately…his current album may fail to reflect our strong beliefs in what we do every day to help make agriculture more sustainable."

Later this month, Neil Young will release The Monsanto Years, an album with his new band Promise of the Real, which features Willie Nelson's sons Lukas and Micah Nelson. The Monsanto Years is a protest album about the food industry giant, and features songs that are critical of a number of large corporations.
Billboard provided lyrics from the album to a handful of the mentioned corporations and asked for their take on Young's criticism. Chevron, Walmart, Starbucks, and Monsanto all responded to Billboard's inquiry. Find statements from Monsanto and Starbucks (which Young targets on "A Rock Star Bucks a Coffee Shop", previously "Rock Starbucks") below.

Monsanto: Many of us at Monsanto have been and are fans of Neil Young. Unfortunately, for some of us, his current album may fail to reflect our strong beliefs in what we do every day to help make agriculture more sustainable. We recognize there is a lot of misinformation about who we are and what we do – and unfortunately several of those myths seem to be captured in these lyrics.

Starbucks: Starbucks has not taken a position on the issue of GMO [genetically modified organism] labeling. As a company with stores and a product presence in every state, we prefer a national solution.

The Monsanto Years is out on June 29 via Reprise. It comes in a CD/DVD package containing a documentary about the making of the album.


Graham Nash announces additional solo US summer tour dates
2015 | June 10 |

Graham Nash has added additional dates to his upcoming series of 'An Evening With' concerts he will be playing throughout the United States in July and August 2015. The newly announced dates include:

· August 16: Woodstock, NY. Levon Helm Studios (aka The Barn)

· August 18: Jim Thorpe, PA. Penn's Peak

· August 21: Geneva, NY. Smith Opera House

· August 22: Red Bank, NJ. Count Basie Theater

· August 23: New York , NY. City Winery

Advance tickets for this show, including special benefit seats, go on sale this week. Nash will continue his long-time tradition of raising money for charity through the Guacamole Fund's special benefit seats; in addition, he will be donating $1 per ticket sold to charity.

While continually building his musical legacy, Nash is also an internationally renowned photographer and visual artist whose work has been shown in galleries and museums worldwide, including the Smithsonian. Born in Blackpool, England, Nash was appointed OBE by Queen Elizabeth in 2010. He first rose to fame with The Hollies, and went on to form Crosby, Stills & Nash in 1968. Nash has been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame two-times (for CSN & The Hollies), and is in the Songwriters Hall of Fame (as an individual and with CSN). In May 2013, he received an honorary Doctor of Fine Arts from Boston's Lesley University. His autobiography - Wild Tales: A Rock & Roll Life - was released on September 17, 2013 by Crown Archetype/Random House, and landed him on the New York Times Best-Sellers list.


Graham Nash proves still relevant
2015 | June 7 |

Graham Nash took a moment Friday night to comment on the state of the media today, which he noted was "much more interested in the size of Kim Kardashian's [derriere]" than in matters of import, such as the continued self-immolation of Tibetan monks — close to 130 since 2009 — to protest the continued Chinese rule over the tiny Himalayan country of Tibet.

Nash was the featured artist for the Contemporary Youth Orchestra's annual "Rock the Orchestra" concert this year, and he was introducing a relatively new song, written in 2014 by Nash and collaborator James Raymond, called "Burning for the Buddha."

The song's political message, couched in Nash's allusive poetry, was powerful and communicative, proof that far from coasting on his past hits (and there are many), Nash, now 73, continues to write songs that are relevant and musically vibrant.

CYO founder and director Liza Grossman led the 200-plus musicians onstage at Severance Hall with animation and a good measure of showmanship. The large orchestra was augmented by a chorus of sopranos, altos and tenors, youthful voices all, including a few alums of previous CYO incarnations, and the twenty-or-so songs were fleshed out in full-throated arrangements that took advantage of the forces assembled.

The players were specially attired for the evening, in black CYO T-shirts and barefoot, with blue jeans rolled at the cuff, an evocation, perhaps, of the Sixties atmosphere inevitably associated with the Hollies and Crosby, Stills and Nash, two of Nash's best known gigs.

It was a distinct pleasure to hear that, at age 73, Nash still possesses a flexible and distinctive voice. His high tenor, so familiar from his countless recordings, did show a touch of aging, but he scaled the heights of the songs' highest notes with ease, and sold each song with dramatic impact.

The arrangements were lush and often cinematic, and made good use of the color available from the orchestra's wide range of instruments. Most of the arrangements were by Stefan Podell, but there were also a pair of scores each from Linwood Bell and Mau Quiros.

Quiros' arrangement of "Military Madness" eschewed the light bounce of Nash's original, opting instead for a dark and dramatic setting, which concluded with the choir and instrumentalists singing, a capella, the phrase "No more war" in a sort of somber fade-out that ended with the flashing of the five-decades-old peace sign.

Other songs received a rich treatment as well. "Marrakesh Express" (again a Podell arrangement) began with sinuous woodwinds and strings in unison in Eastern-style figurations, out of which the lighthearted song emerged.

"Our House," an indelible favorite of audiences everywhere, drew some of the longest applause of the evening, while "Wasted On the Way" received a sustained ovation for two members of the CYO who stepped to the front of the stage to join Nash in three-part harmony, the only time an attempt was made to reproduce the sound of Crosby, Stills and Nash. Eric Poe (percussion) and Ben Poe (trumpet) were sweet and, well, harmonious, and they seemed truly bowled over by the cheers they received.

There were several encores, including "Teach Your Children" and a surprise from the Hollies' catalog, "Bus Stop," which found the assembled artists achieving the best synthesis of the evening.

Because the concert was being recorded, a couple of songs had to be repeated, due to minor technical flaws; and at the evening's end, the singers and players remained onstage so that a number of "patches" could be made in the interest of sonic perfection, which made the audience think that more encores were coming up, until Grossman came onstage to explain the situation.

Photo: Kathy Willens/AP Photo


Neil Young: Stockport County's New Manager
2015 | May 22 |

This breaking news comes from Chris Field, UK!

"Living as I do near Manchester, it is not unusual to follow a football team, of which there are several in and around the city. One of the local towns is Stockport and they have a team known as Stockport County. Like many teams, it is not unusual for managers to come and go and Stockport have just appointed a new manager to take over from next season. What makes this story a little bit more interesting is that the new manager is.............Neil Young!

So now we know – Neil hasn't really been recording with the Nelson boys at all – he has secretly been negotiating a new job in football management!!

Perhaps Stockport will have to change their nickname from “The Hatters” to “The Rusties”, or the name of their ground from Edgeley Park to “Storytone Stadium”. Either way the music traditionally played at half time should be an interesting choice!"

Stockport County's new manager, Neil Young, on the right of the picture.


Richie Furay Opens Up About Buffalo Springfield's Aborted Reunion Tour
2015 | May 13 |

Buffalo Springfield‘s surviving original members — Neil Young, Stephen Stills and Richie Furay — got back together to play several concerts and were planning to mount a longer tour the following year until the infamously impulsive Young changed his mind and pulled the plug on the reunion. Furay, who in March released a new solo album called Hand in Hand, recently opened up to ABC Radio about the circumstances surrounding the aborted reunion trek and his and Stills’ disappointment over the unexpected demise of the project.

Furay says he initially was told “to get out there and tell the world we’re gonna do 30 more days,” while noting that he had a sense that the tour wasn’t going to happen at the end of the final Springfield show at the 2011 Bonnaroo festival. “When we walked off the stage at Bonnaroo, it seemed like everybody went in another direction,” he recalled. “Everybody went to their bus and that was it.”

Richie says that Stills was particularly upset with Young after it was confirmed that his old band mate decided he didn’t want to play more Buffalo Springfield shows.

“Stephen had even made the comment that came back to me that…'[Neil has] really hurt me many times, but this one hurt the most,'” Furay revealed, adding, “I think everybody was having fun. What was 30 days out of your life…when you’re a musician and that’s what you’re gonna do? But Neil, his idea was, you know, ‘I don’t want to go back and play those old songs.’ So what did he do? He went out and he played all the old songs with Crazy Horse again. But that’s his thing.”

As for his own take on Young’s unpredictable behavior, Furay said, “You either love him or you don’t love him. And I have no problem with Neil. I respect him for who he is as a musician, what he’s done with his life as a musician, and you’re either gonna flow with it or not. And, you know, I’ve got my own band and I make my own music, and I’m happy.”

Richie also pointed out that one particularly positive thing came out of the abridged Buffalo Springfield reunion: He’d begun writing songs for a possible new album by the band, and when that didn’t happened he wound up using some of the material for Hand in Hand, which many critics are hailing as one of his strongest albums in many years.

The question remains, though, would he ever consider taking part in another Buffalo Springfield reunion if the opportunity came up again?

“[It] would have to be under different circumstances,” he told ABC Radio. “It took almost two years out of my life, so it really put a hold on [other projects]…So if it ever came up again, it would certainly be under different circumstances. I would want to know commitment.”

He added, “I’ll never say never, but will it ever happen? I doubt it.”

Furay played a series of concerts with his solo band in February and March in support of Hand in Hand and although he currently has no dates on his tour schedule, he’s planning on lining up more shows later in the year. You can check out his itinerary at


Thoughts On CSN's Final Chicago Show
2015 | May 13 |

The good fortune of taking in three CSN shows over four nights in two cities is enough to make ones head spin.

The band put in another stellar show, capping off their two-night sold out run at the Chicago Theatre in fine fashion. New additions to the setlist came courtesy of Graham Nash who led the trio through Wasted On The Way and CN through Wind On The Water, the latter aided by Shane Fontayne's sweet staccato guitar work.

Beyond the songs, it was the between-song chatter over the two nights that perked up the ears of many in the audience:

David's joking remark during his solo set that instead of going off and dying, he went and made a record (Croz) that none of you a*******s bought!

Stephen commenting that his new rocker, "Virtual World", is not available on a record yet because he's still figuring out how to get paid in this ever changing age of digital music. He was also reminded that his current location was not the spot of the first CSNY show. That honor is reserved for the nearby Auditorium Theatre. Who could blame him though, as that first August 1969 CSNY gig seems so long ago plus in promoting it, the rookies at the local Chicago paper incorrectly referred to him as Steve Mills.

But the real noteworthy comments came from Nash who had several interesting things to say: He confessed that his newest song, "Myself At Last", was the most honest song he'd ever written. When introducing his classic song "Our House", he excitedly told the crowd that he has been in touch with Joni Mitchell's people on a daily basis and she was due to leave the hospital in four days (unfortunately it appears this did not pan out). And finally, when commenting on the bands cannon of material to potentially sing that evening he said, "The FOUR of us have written so many songs!" This writer's eyes got wide and kept scanning the stage to see if Neil Young would come waltzing out to thunderous applause, perhaps leading the boys in a scorching version of "Ohio". The 45th anniversary of the murder of four innocent students on American soil by the National Guard at Kent State University had just passed and still no one has been brought to trial.

Alas, it was not to be, but was it a slip of the tongue of future things to come? Perhaps after the American and European CSN tour wind down & each members solo gigs come to a close, the time will be ripe in 2016 for a CSNY reunion.

We are approaching a decade since the CSNY Freedom of Speech Tour. Gentlemen, we still need your collaborative voice out there to speak the truth. If everyone's talking but no one is listening, how can we decide?

John Kwit
North American Reporter


Stephen Stills Announces U.S. Tour Dates This Summer
2015 | May 12 |

Stephen Stills will headline a solo tour in the United States in July and August during a break in Crosby, Stills & Nash's 2015 tour. Public on sale tickets will be available beginning Friday, May 15 through

The tour kicks off on July 6 at The Birchmere in Alexandria, VA, and concludes August 5 with two nights at the Coach House in San Juan Capistrano, CA. This run includes shows in New York City, Charlotte, Nashville, Atlanta, Austin, Dallas and more. The show will feature two sets: one solo acoustic and one full electric band set of career-spanning favorites, including several new songs. Stills will be accompanied by longtime CSN bandmates Kevin McCormick (bass) and Todd Caldwell (organ), with a new addition on drums, Mario Calire.

Dates are soon in the Tour section.


Review: CSN Blows Out Milwaukee
2015 | May 5 |

John Kwit
North American Reporter

In early September, CSN will be hopping aboard the Queen Mary 2 for a short jaunt across The Pond, playing shows en-route from New York City to Southampton, England. If last night's show at the Riverside Theater in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is any indication, and assuming their fantastic 5-piece backing band is joining them, the ship's captain should be prepared to open up some portholes so that the band's fury and energy can escape before serious damage is done to the vessel.

The vast majority of the evening, CSN, James Raymond & Todd Caldwell (synthesizers), Shane Fontayne (guitar), Kevin McCormick (thunderous bass) and Stevie D (DiStanislos on drums) played Electric Music with wild abandon. Highlights included David's "Almost Cut My Hair" which literally made your feet buzz, Graham's "Chicago" (a tune-up for the two upcoming Chicago Theatre shows) and Stephen's new song about the craziness ensuing at a recent recording session, "Virtual World." Acoustic Music was limited to several fine newer songs by Graham (Myself at Last) and David (What Makes It So & Somebody Home). Not only has David Crosby (nattily dressed for the entire evening in a smart dark suit and blue shirt) discovered the fountain of youth, but The Muse has been visiting him so often with songs that he told the crowd he has honestly given up smoking pot so as not to disturb the creative process. As Bob Dylan, who is playing the Riverside Theater next week, might say: What a simple twist of fate.

Somewhat conspicuously absent from the show were the vocal contributions and songs of Mr. Stills (also looking dapper in a suit for most of the affair) . Although the show opened with his rousing rendition of "Carry On/Questions" and the first set ended with "For What It's Worth," it was all Crosby-Nash material in between. In fact the second set opened with shouts from the crowd of "We Want Stills" and "Give Us Stephen!" He obliged with "Helplessly Hoping." On the flip-side, David and Graham pulled some rarely played gems out: "Page 43" and "I Used To Be a King," respectively. Word to the wise: see the band now! You're in for a treat.

As the curtain came down for the closing number, "Teach Your Children," Graham took the time to thank the work of a local organization that assists adults with disabilities, including one of their most supportive CSN fans, Janey, who took in the show from a wheelchair stage right. Graham's final word to the entire audience, "Peace", really said it all. In these tumultuous times, what more should we want.


Joni Mitchell is NOT in a Coma
2015 | April 28 |

Leslie Morris, who is with Joni in the hospital, has approved the following statement to be made through "Contrary to rumors circulating on the Internet today, Joni is not in a coma. Joni is still in the hospital - but she comprehends, she’s alert, and she has her full senses.

A full recovery is expected. The document obtained by a certain media outlet simply gives her longtime friend Leslie Morris the authority - in the absence of 24-hour doctor care - to make care decisions for Joni once she leaves the hospital. As we all know, Joni is a strong-willed woman and is nowhere near giving up the fight. Please continue to keep Joni in your thoughts."


Neil Young, Stephen Stills back on stage together
2015 | April 26 |

Half a century ago, Neil Young and Stephen Stills were regulars on the Sunset Strip rock scene with Buffalo Springfield.

They reunited on the Pantages stage a few miles east of their old stomping grounds Saturday night, delivering a short but powerful set to close out an autism benefit concert that also featured Steve Earle, Shawn Colvin and a raucous guitar auction won by Brad Pitt, whose $23,000 bid trumped that of auctioneer Jack Black and others to land him a Fender Stratocaster signed by all the performers.

Young, 69, and Stills, 70, played with chemistry and charisma, two Sixties legends who have somehow managed to reinvent themselves again and again, navigating the perils of rock stardom that felled so many of their contemporaries.

"We've been through some things together," Young sang, opening the nine-song set with "Long May You Run," the 1976 song from the short-lived Stills-Young Band.

Young's high tenor was strong, clear, melodic. Stills had more rasp in his voice, and those notes at the top of his range often proved elusive.

But when it came to their fretwork, both men were like old gunslingers showing the kids how it's done — soloing frequently on songs that included their Buffalo Springfield hits "Mr. Soul," "Bluebird" and "For What It's Worth."

Stills, widely regarded as a virtuoso, played ambitious solos with a deft precision. And yet it was Young, with his simpler runs, who more often hit the sonic peaks — summoning otherworldly growls, demons and shrieks from his battered black Les Paul. Young's guitar vocabulary may not be extensive, but he's hard to beat when it comes to playing with power and emotion.

Then there are the songs themselves. The lyrics these men wrote decades ago still have relevance today.

"For What It's Worth," a Stills song inspired by the Sunset Strip riots of 1966, might just as well have been written following the protests in Ferguson, Mo.

What a field day for the heat
A thousand people ... in the street
Singing songs and carrying signs

The evening ended with all performers joining the stage to perform "Rockin' in the Free World," Young's song that served as a bitter commentary on former President George H.W. Bush's 1989 inaugural address and its "thousand points of light."

"As guitar players and songwriters, these guys mean the world to me," Colvin said before taking the stage Saturday night. "This is the kind of songwriting that inspired me to do what they do. It's kind of how I discovered who I was.

4WaySite found a clip featuring one new song on YouTube.


Graham Nash Announces Summer Tour
2015 | April 22 |

Graham Nash has announced a summer tour. The signer-songwriter will hit the road for a series of solo dates this July and August.

The outing is set to begin at the Vancouver Island Music Festival on July 12 before taking Nash across the much of the country over the next few weeks.


Neil Young: new Album and Tour
2015 | April 20 |

Neil Young has announced that his next album "The Monsanto Years" will be released on 16th June 2015.

Also, the “Rebel Content” tour has been announced for this summer with Neil Young and the Nelson Brothers, Lukas and Micah Nelson and the band Promise of the REAL.


Joni Mitchell in 'intensive care'
2015 | April 1 |

Singer-songwriter Joni Mitchell is in intensive care after being found unconscious at her Los Angeles home.
She was rushed to hospital on Tuesday afternoon.

A statement released on her website said she "regained consciousness on the ambulance ride to an LA area hospital."
It went on to add that the eight-time Grammy winner is "currently in intensive care undergoing tests and is awake and in good spirits."
In December she told Billboard magazine that she has a rare skin condition, Morgellons Disease, which prevents her from performing.
Her website urged fans to keep her in their thoughts.
"Light a candle and sing a song, let's all send good wishes her way."

Best known for her 1970 hit Big Yellow Taxi, Mitchell was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1997. Her personal life, though, would wade in turmoil: leaving David Crosby for Graham Nash.


David Crosby Hits Jogger With Car
2015 | March 24 |

David Crosby hit a jogger with his car Sunday evening, a spokesman said.

The accident happened in Santa Ynez, California, near where Crosby lives.

Crosby was driving at approximately 50 mph when he struck the jogger, according to California Highway Patrol Spokesman Don Clotworthy. The posted speed limit was 55.

The jogger suffered multiple fractures, and was airlifted to a hospital in Santa Barbara, Clotworthy said. His injuries are not believed to be life threatening.

"Mr. Crosby was cooperative with authorities and he was not impaired or intoxicated in any way. Mr. Crosby did not see the jogger because of the sun," said Clotworthy.

According to the spokesman, the jogger and Crosby were on the same side of the road. Pedestrians are supposed to be on the left side of the road walking toward traffic, Clotworthy said. Joggers are considered pedestrians.

Check out the video here.


David Crosby is reaching out to Neil Young
2015 | March 18 |

David Crosby is reaching out to Neil Young via Twitter: “I apologized. We’ll see.”

David Crosby’s personal relationship with Neil Young appeared to fall apart late last year when Crosby commented on Young’s personal life. Now Crosby has taken to Twitter, over a period days, to both reach out to Young and to explain a complicated relationship that has been a cornerstone for the often-fractured Crosby Stills Nash and Young since the Woodstock era.

“He’s pretty mad at me,” Crosby admits, before revealing: “I apologized. We’ll see.”

Certainly, David Crosby still feels great affection for his former bandmate. Asked elsewhere to pick his favorite Neil Young song, Crosby says: “How can you pick just one?” He even put in a plug for Young’s new Pono music system, saying “I love it. Neil is right.”

Even in this period of reconciliation, however, David Crosby can’t hide his feelings on Neil Young’s lo-fi Letter from Home album, recorded in Jack White’s throwback phone booth. Crosby deftly avoided answering, thus making his real opinion clear. Asked whether Young can be difficult to work with, Crosby is more magnanimous. “Sometimes, yes; sometimes, no,” he says. “He’s very intelligent, can be funny.”


David Crosby Announces Solo Acoustic Tour
2015 | March 18 |

David Crosby has announced a series of intimate solo acoustic tour dates for June and July, where he will perform with only his voice and guitar. The shows will feature repertoire spanning Crosby’s entire career, including new songs from his critically-acclaimed 2014 solo album Croz, and his 1971 solo debut If I Could Only Remember My Name, as well as selections from The Byrds, Crosby, Stills & Nash, and Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young.

The solo tour kicks off on June 6 at the Kerrville Folk Festival in Kerrville, TX, with shows continuing June 9 at Fillmore Miami Beach in Miami Beach, FL. The tour will wrap up on July 6 at Zeiterion Performing Arts Center in New Bedford, MA. Other tour highlights include the Capitol Theatre in Clearwater, FL, the Birchmere in Alexandria, VA, and The Town Hall in New York, NY.

"This is about the songs. The tale telling,” said Crosby. “Taking you on a voyage to my world for a moment."


New Rides CD Out In May
2015 | March 11 |

This news slipped under the radar of 4WaySite! (Thanks Mike).

In February Stills told reporters that he’s just completed the second album by his blues-rock supergroup The Rides, which also features guitarist Kenny Wayne Shepherd and former Electric Flag keyboardist Barry Goldberg.

“It’s bad to the bone, and it’ll be out in May,” Stephen reported, adding, “I don’t know what we’re gonna call it yet.”

Stills said the band worked with veteran studio engineer Ed Cherney, whose credits include albums by The Rolling Stones and many other famous artists. Stephen explained that in listening to The Rides’ new material being played back, he expected to hear Mick Jagger‘s voice come blasting out of the speakers.

Stills also pointed out that the band completed work on the record very quickly. “It was really a shock,” he said. “It just was easy as pie.”

The Rides’ debut album, Can’t Get Enough, was released in 2013. The record included a mix of original songs and blues classics, as well as covers of tunes by Neil Young and Iggy Pop and the Stooges.


Jackson Browne Pops In at CSN Show in Tokyo
2015 | March 9 |

Crosby, Stills and Nash kicked off their World Tour 2015 on Thursday night at Tokyo International Forum in Tokyo's Yurakucho district. It was their first performance in Japan in 19 years.

The tour will hit The Philippines, Singapore, the US, the UK and eight continental European countries. So far 41 dates have been announced.

The trio and backing band packed the 5,200-seat Hall A of the Forum. They opened with "Carry On," the lead track from the 1970 album Déjà Vu released by Crosby, Stills and Nash and Young.

The band also played its classics "Our House," "Long Time Gone," "Helplessly Hoping," "Guinevere." Almost Cut My Hair," and "Wooden Ships."

The crowd erupted when Graham Nash introduced Jackson Browne and the duo performed "Crow on the Cradle," the b-side to Browne's 1982 hit single "Somebody's Baby."

Browne is the midst of his own world tour and will play dates in Tokyo six days after the CSN shows. Promoter Udo Artists Inc. is handling both tours.

Photo: Stephen Stills, Graham Nash, and David Crosby perform as Crosby, Stills, & Nash at Ryman Auditorium on March 21, 2014 in Nashville, Tennessee.
Beth Gwinn/Getty Images


Crosby, Stills & Nash Announce Fall 2015 European Tour Dates
2015 | March 4 |

The Trio Will Perform Career-spanning Favorites As Well As New Songs

Crosby, Stills & Nash have announced European tour dates for September and October of 2015. The tour kicks off on September 12 in London, UK with two nights at Eventim Apollo, and will wrap up on October 11 at Spektrum in Oslo, Norway. This run features two nights at the Olympia in Paris, France, as well as shows in the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Germany and Denmark.

Prior to beginning the tour dates in London, the group will be will perform a series of exclusive concerts on board the Cunard’s Flagship, Queen Mary 2, during her September 4-11 Transatlantic Crossing. In addition to the performances, CSN will also participate in a Q&A session and special autograph opportunity for passengers on board.

The group will perform songs from their extensive catalogue, as well as new material from each member. Once again, CSN will be accompanied by its backing band featuring: Shane Fontayne (guitar), Russ Kunkel (drums), Kevin McCormick (bass), James Raymond (keyboards), and Todd Caldwell (organ).


Graham Nash Announces Special One-Night-Only Performance With Contemporary Youth Orchestra
2015 | March 3 |

Graham Nash is pleased to announce an evening with Contemporary Youth Orchestra (CYO) for a shared concert on Friday, June 5, 2015. The event will take place at 8:00pm at Severance Hall in Cleveland, Ohio as part of the CYO's Rock the Orchestra Concert Series. Tickets go on sale March 7, 2015 at 10am Eastern Standard Time through

Graham Nash will perform with the 115-member CYO and 65-member Chorus filled with musicians ages 14-18 from 64 school districts throughout Ohio. Nash will be the 15th participant in the Rock The Orchestra series which has featured many notable past performers, including Ben Folds, Jon Anderson (Yes), Styx, Pat Benatar, Jefferson Starship, and Bootsy Collins.

This year, CYO - the only youth orchestra in the country devoted to contemporary music - is celebrating its 20th Anniversary. CYO founding music director Liza Grossman says she sought Graham Nash because 'Graham's passionate voice has supported peace and social justice for decades. His music transcends generations, and the musicians in CYO want to be part of his powerful messages."


Stephen Stills, Neil Young and Chris Stills Team Up For The The Blues Concert To Benefit Autism Speaks
2015 | February 24 |

Stephen Stills, Neil Young, Shawn Colvin, The White Buffalo, Steve Earle, Chris Stills and emcee Jack Black with many special guests, will return to Los Angeles on Saturday, April 25th at The Hollywood Pantages Theatre for the 3rd Light Up The Blues Concert—An Evening of Music to Benefit Autism Speaks, the world's leading autism science and advocacy organization. Also performing are three artists with autism: Spencer Harte featuring Petra Haden, Nick Guzman and Matt Savage. The benefit concert will begin at 7:30 PM. Tickets go on sale Friday, February 27th at 10am through Ticketmaster outlets and Pantages Theatre Box Office. This year's sponsors include Toyota and Guess Foundation.

The April 25th event spotlights Light It Up Blue, Autism Speaks' annual global awareness and fundraising campaign, which is celebrated by the international autism community on April 2nd, World Autism Awareness Day, and throughout Autism Awareness Month in April. Light Up The Blues will celebrate the many gifts of individuals with autism, while supporting Autism Speaks in their mission to raise awareness and support their successful advocacy on behalf of all those who navigate through the journey of Autism. Proceeds from the Light Up The Blues Concert will go towards Autism Speaks' research and advocacy efforts for families and individuals impacted by the disorder.

"We are so thrilled to be doing this benefit for the third time and, this year, at the iconic Pantages Theatre. The last two years' Light Up The Blues benefits were such incredible, life-changing events for all involved. We are so grateful to be able to bring such a special night of music to the entire community and to support Autism Speaks," said Kristen & Stephen Stills.

"It is a night to celebrate the gifts of music and community," Autism Speaks' President Liz Feld said. "Autism sings again! Light Up the Blues is home to the most special talent we have – from Stephen Stills and Neil Young to Matt Savage."


CSN Coming to Europe
2015 | February 24 | @thedavidcrosby

Today David Crosby tweeted that CSN is coming to Europe this fall. He mentioned London, Manchester and Amsterdam. It seems they are planning the European leg of their tour after they arrive in Southampton. CSN will perform a series of exclusive concerts on board the company’s Flagship, Queen Mary 2 , during her 4-11 September Transatlantic Crossing.

He also tweeted about Pono: "I love it. [It] Sounds excellent to me [and] my family has three. Thanks Neil".


Crosby & Nash Play A Benefit For SEVA
2015 | February 16 |

Please join Crosby - Nash and their band for an intimate evening
at the beautiful Nourse Theatre in San Francisco.

Tickets are on sale now.

Ticket prices are $50 - $125 All seats are reserved. A very limited amount of VIP tickets are available.

These are $500 each and include a front row center orchestra seat, a collectable laminate pass, a meet & greet reception after the show and a limited edition event poster.


Neil Young and Jimmy Fallon's 'Neil Young' Perform 'Old Man' Together
2015 | February 4 |

In an epic late night performance years in the making, Neil Young finally played alongside… "Neil Young." For nearly five years, Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon has been delivering a pitch perfect impression of the Harvest singer to Young-ify ridiculous songs like "Pants on the Ground" and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song. Tuesday night, with The Tonight Show revisiting Los Angeles, Fallon's "Young" and the actual Young, dressed exactly alike, finally collided onstage to perform a surprisingly faithful rendition of "Old Man."

This wasn't the first time "Neil Young" has shared the stage with a rock icon: Fallon's "Young" also sang Willow Smith's "Whip My Hair" next to a costumed Bruce Springsteen in 2010 and filled the "Y" in CSNY for a take on Iggy Azalea's "Fancy" last year.

"Old Man," though, marked the first time Fallon's imitation actually performed a Neil Young song (not counting when Bradley Cooper played air guitar to "Down By the River," which Young later revealed was actually a Danny Whitten part). In addition to the Young/"Young" duet, the real Storytone rocker performed his recent single "Who's Gonna Stand Up?" sans "Young" but accompanied by the Roots:

In his interview segment with Fallon, Young complimented Fallon's impression, as he did on his last visit, and discussed his new high-quality PONO music player and download service. "You're a music lover. You love music. That's what PONO's about," Young said. "Some people go, 'Music is wallpaper. It's background.' Other people go, 'I want to hear music. I love music. I want to turn it on and rock.'"

"I saw you doing me before and I always thought it was fun," Young said of performing next to "Young." Young actually stopped by The Tonight Show last May, but opted not to perform next to his impersonator in lieu of recording Patsy Cline's "Crazy" inside Jack White's mobile recording studio. Fallon admitted that he was too nervous to approach Young about a duet at the time.

Check out the video clip here.


Pono Loses To iPhone In Blind Audio Test
2015 | February 2 |

Neil Young's $400 Pono hi-def music player loses to Apple's iPhone in blind audio test.

By Neil Hughes

Though it has the backing of legendary rocker Neil Young, the new Pono music player for audiophiles doesn't actually sound much better, or better at all, than high-quality MP3s played from an Apple iPhone.

Funded through a high-profile Kickstarter effort a year ago, the PonoPlayer is now shipping to some early backers. For everyone else, the uniquely shaped triangle device carries a retail price of $399, and it comes in colors of yellow or black.

Young originally said in 2012 that he had been working with late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs on a new music format that would improve audio quality. Those plans apparently fell through, however, which helped lead Young to publicly support the PonoPlayer, which supports high-fidelity audio up to 192kHz/24-bit resolution.

The hardware includes two 3.5mm audio jacks that can be used in a so-called "balanced mode," separating left and right channel outputs across both jacks for use with high-impedance headphones, high-end home stereo systems, or professional equipment The PonoPlayer also supports more traditional manners of listening with regular headphones.

But tests conducted by Yahoo Tech's David Pogue, who used to be a professional musician, found that there was essentially no difference between the sound quality of the PonoPlayer and Apple's iPhone. Not only could Pogue not tell the difference, but the journalist also found that tests with others did not bode well for the high-end portable media player.

In a blind trial using identical songs on identical headphones, Pogue found that listeners actually preferred the iPhone playback with high-quality MP3s. The iPhone won out over the PonoPlayer when using both earbuds and headphones.

"Pono's statement that 'Everyone who's ever heard PonoMusic will tell you that the difference is surprising and dramatic' is baloney," Pogue wrote. "When conducting the test with today's modern music files, I couldn't find even one person who heard a dramatic difference."

Another review at ArsTechnica had a slightly less negative spin on the PonoPlayer, but even there reviewer Sam Machkovech had to admit that 192kHz/24-bit FLAC audio files played on the Pono did not sound noticeably better than high-quality MP3 files.

Switching to Pono also requires users to re-purchase their music library, at a cost of $2.50 per song. The device also has a sluggish touchscreen, an awkward triangular design, and offers eight hours of battery life, performing worse than Apple's discontinued iPod classic.

Still, given that the iPod classic is no more, there are likely many on the market who would like a high-capacity, high-quality dedicated portable media player. And with 128 gigabytes of storage expandable to 196 gigabytes, the $399 PonoPlayer might fit that bill for some.

And some audiophiles, like Young, may swear by the PonoPlayer, including a Pono owner who was part of Pogue's blind test. That person actually preferred the sound of the iPhone when comparing the two side by side, but later argued that the iPhone could not deliver the "emotion" of the sound from the Pono.

"It's like saying that wearing a crystal or a magnet makes you healthier: There's no scientific or measurable basis to the statement, but then again, if it works for you, nobody can argue with you," Pogue said.


Dallas Taylor, Former CSNY Drummer Dies at 66 - Updated (Greg Reeves!)
2015 | January 21 |

We asked Greg Reeves for his reaction to Dallas Taylor and this is what Greg said to 4WaySite:

"I just visited him and his wife a few months ago. Dallas was a real man, meaning I never ever saw him or ever heard him disrespect anyone! He was so easy going when I used to get uptight about something. He would look at me and laugh and my up-tightness instantly disappeared. He was a big brother to me from the first day I joined CSN&Y, until the day I was fired - even when I was no longer in the group he tried to find me.

Dallas was and will always be my BIG brother, God be willing. I loved him, Dolf, like a blood relative!"

RIP, Dallas.. CSNY and Manassas fans will always remember you.

Dolf van Stijgeren


Dallas Taylor, Former CSNY Drummer Dies at 66 - Updated
2015 | January 19 |

This is what Dallas Taylor's wife Patti Mcgovern-Taylor posted on Facebook:

"This morning at 2:30 am I lost the love of my life Dallas W Taylor, he came into my life almost 18 yrs ago and saved me as much as i may have saved him, To me he was just a Good Man, a Good Friend, a Good Father, a Good Grandfather or Pop Pop, a Great Drummer and much beloved by many. I cannot even find the words to put down to say how grateful I am for the many friends and family who have been there for both of us these many days he has spent in the hospital, especially last night. I know he is a peace. He will be missed beyond words, it is so very hard to imagine my life without him by my side, but i feel his love even as i write these words. Much Love to you all ...Patt".

Patti, we are so sorry for your loss. Thank you for such a beautiful expression.


Dallas Taylor, Former CSNY Drummer Dies at 66
2015 | January 18 |

We're sad to pass along the news that today drummer Dallas Taylor has died at age 66. Taylor's death was first announced by his wife, Patti Mcgovern-Taylor on Facebook.

Dallas Taylor was born in Denver Colorado in 1948 and grew up in San Antonio, Texas. At the age of ten Dallas’s mom took him to see the “Gene Krupa Story”. Dallas knew then that he wanted to be a drummer.

Best known as the drummer on Crosby, Stills and Nash’s debut album of 1969, he also appeared on Déjà Vu, their follow-up with Neil Young. After more albums, Dallas and Stills conceptualized a big band sound and thus was born Manassas. After many gold records and many tours, Dallas and Stills went their separate ways.

Later in life, Taylor became an alcohol and drug interventionist in Los Angeles.

In 2007 4WaySite conducted an exclusive interview with Dallas. In this exclusive interview he told many wonderful tales from his time before his estrangement from the CSNY camp; stories that include many details that were previously unknown.

We would like to send our deepest sympathies to Taylor's friends and family.


CSN Announced as Headline Act aboard Queen Mary 2
2015 | January 13 |

Cunard is proud to announce that Crosby, Stills & Nash will perform a series of exclusive concerts on board the company’s Flagship, Queen Mary 2 , during her 4-11 September Transatlantic Crossing.

The Grammy® Award winning trio, who first performed together at the now legendary Woodstock Festival over four decades ago, will perform three exclusive concerts for passengers on board Queen Mary 2 during the seven-night Transatlantic Crossing from New York to Southampton.

“We are excited to welcome Crosby, Stills & Nash onboard Queen Mary 2 during Cunard’s 175th anniversary year. Having these music legends perform will be nothing less than thrilling for our passengers,” said Richard Meadows, president of Cunard Line North America. “The band’s presence onboard demonstrates Cunard’s continued commitment to providing unique access to some of the world’s most legendary artists, resulting in a truly unforgettable ocean travel experience for our guests.”

Crosby, Stills & Nash (CS&N) burst onto the music scene in 1969 with their self-titled debut LP, now one of Rolling Stone’s “500 Greatest Albums of All Time.” The band members are among the few to have been inducted twice into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, once with Crosby Stills & Nash, and a second time with The Byrds, Buffalo Springfield and the Hollies. They have also been inducted into the Songwriter’s Hall of fame, with the honour recognizing both CS&N as a group and each member as individual solo artists.

During the Queen Mary 2 Crossing from New York (M519A), the trio will perform some of their greatest hits including “Teach Your Children,” “Southern Cross” and “Wooden Ships” in the Royal Court Theatre. They will also participate in a Q&A session and special autograph opportunity for passengers on board.
"This will be a unique experience for us,” said Graham Nash "We're really looking forward to making music, bringing back memories and creating new ones?and this journey from New York to Southampton, on this beautiful vessel, will do just that.”

For more information about Queen Mary 2 and to book a voyage, contact your Travel Consultant, call Cunard toll-free at 1-800-728-6273, or visit


Tim Drummond, Bassist for Neil Young and Bob Dylan, Dead at 74
2015 | January 12 |

Journeyman bassist Tim Drummond, who performed with Neil Young, Crosby, Stills and Nash and Bob Dylan among many more rock legends, passed away January 10th, the St. Louis County, Missouri coroner's office confirmed to Rolling Stone. No cause of death was given but investigators revealed there was no trauma.

Drummond served as primary bassist on Young's 1972 masterpiece Harvest and contributed to every studio LP the singer-songwriter released from 1974's On the Beach to 1980's Hawks & Doves. Drummond was also a member of Young's short-lived backup bands the Shocking Pinks, the Stray Gators and the International Harvesters. After reuniting with the Harvest crew for 1992's Harvest Moon, Drummond's two-decade-long tenure with Young ended with the rocker's 1993 MTV Unplugged performance.

Astrid Young, Neil Young's half-sister who played alongside Drummond on Harvest Moon, wrote on Facebook, "RIP Tim Drummond. Long may you run."

"One of the best bass players and a great guy. Sad to hear this," producer Craig Leon tweeted.

Drummond's credits run deep and diverse and include the Beach Boys' 16 Big Ones, Don Henley's Building the Perfect Beast, a trio of Ry Cooder albums and Jewel's Pieces of You. The bassist performed alongside legends Miles Davis, John Lee Hooker and Taj Mahal on Jack Nitzsche's score for the 1990 film The Hot Spot and collaborated with the likes of James Brown, Lonnie Mack, Rick Danko, J.J. Cale and John Mayall through the years.

In addition to being an in-demand session bassist, Drummond also co-wrote "Saved" with Bob Dylan, the title track from Dylan's 1980 album. Drummond was on the bass for the entire run of Dylan's "gospel trilogy" – Slow Train Coming, Saved and Shot of Love – and, along with longtime collaborators keyboardist Spooner Oldham and drummer Jim Keltner, was a member of the powerful backup band that accompanied Dylan on his Slow Train Coming tour.

"I can't praise [Dylan] enough. He's not only a dear friend, but he was just great," Drummond recently told Rolling Stone about touring Slow Train Coming. "At that time I was semi-bandleader, and I kept telling the band, 'Watch [Dylan's] right heel when he's stomping. Don't tap your toe, watch your heel. That's where the beat is.' And that's exactly right. It's the heel that counts. If you tap your toe, you'd be off."

Drummond also joined Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young on the road during the band's infamous 1974 "doom tour" and performed on CSN's 1977 single "Just a Song Before I Go." Rolling Stone spoke to Drummond about his experiences on the 1974 CSNY trek, including the night he and Stills hung out with Dylan after a Minneapolis concert.

"He played us all the songs from Blood on the Tracks on acoustic guitar," he said. "We were on twin beds, across from each other. Oh God, I can't tell you how great it was. At one point Stephen said something to him about the songs not being good. I was so goddamn embarrassed. He was probably coked out. Dylan, being the arrogant man that he was said, 'Well, Stephen, play me one of your songs.' That was the end of it. Stephen couldn't even find one string from another at that point."

He also recalled what the tour was like onstage. "The guitar duels between Stephen and Neil got really loud," Drummond said. "I'd just wander between the amplifiers and do my thing so I could hear myself. I was lucky I made it through that tour without ruining my ears."

Drummond's death comes just three months after Rick Rosas, who played bass alongside Neil Young for nearly 25 years and was known as "Rick the Bass Player," passed away at the age of 65 following a battle with cancer.


PonoPlayer Is Finally Available
2015 | January 7 |

Almost a year after debuting on Kickstarter, the PonoPlayer is finally available to buy, and the company was showing off the fruit of its toil at CES 2015.

The PonoPlayer is one of a new crop of high-resolution players that offer "greater than CD-quality" playback with models from the likes of the Cowon Plenue 1 and the Sony ZX2, which was also announced at this CES. The difference is the price: while most high-end players hover around the $1,000 mark the PonoPlayer is an "affordable" $400 (AU$495, £265).

In a world of iPod clones, the design of the PonoPlayer definitely sticks out. This is a small device measuring 5 inches high by 2 inches wide and an inch deep. The player is triangular -- calling to mind the shape of the iRiver T60 and T50 players -- and the company says this design enables it to house a larger and more efficient 2,950mAh cylindrical battery.

While known generically as "Pono", this brainchild of Neil Young's consists of two distinct platforms; the PonoPlayer hardware, and the PonoMusic Web store. The music store sells high-resolution recordings by artists including Foo Fighters, Taylor Swift and Neil Young, as well as the hi-res PonoPlayer itself with orders shipping from February 2015. After some initial delays Pono says all of the original Kickstarter orders have also now been filled.

While "MP3 player" might as well be a bad word in the audiophile community, that is essentially what the PonoPlayer is. Though it is designed to reproduce high-resolution (24-bit/192kHz) music, it features compatibility with FLAC, ALAC, MP3, WAV, AIFF, and AAC (unprotected) formats -- something most other MP3 players can do, and some do high-res, too.


CSN to perform in Singapore for the first time
2015 | January 6 |

Crosby, Stills & Nash is set to perform in Singapore for the first time at The Star Theatre on March 19.

Tickets from $98 go on sale through Sistic on Friday (Jan 9).