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“Reporters crowd around your house,
Going through your garbage like a pack of hounds,
Speculating what they may find out,
It don’t matter now, you’re all washed up”.

Graham Nash Announces Solo Dates 2015
2014 | December 9 |

Graham Nash will perform a series of “An Evening With” concerts in Florida in January 2015. The tour dates kick off on January 12 at the Capitol Theatre in Clearwater, FL, and concludes January 18 the 3A Songwriters Festival at Gulf Place Amphitheatre in Santa Rosa Beach, FL. Advance tickets, including special benefit seats are available now at

This January, Shane Fontayne (guitar, vocals) will be accompanying Graham Nash on the road. “I’m really looking forward to an evening of music, stretching back 50 years, and coming round to today with all it's blessings and problems,” says Nash, “a splendid time is guaranteed for all.” Graham Nash will continue his long-time tradition of raising money for charity through the Guacamole Fund’s special benefit seats; in addition, he will be donating $1 per ticket sold to charity.

An Evening with Graham Nash JANUARY 2015 tour dates:

1/12/14 Clearwater, FL Capitol Theatre
1/13/14 Melbourne, FL King Center for the Performing Arts
1/14/15 Lakeland, FL Polk Theatre
1/16/15 Ft. Lauderdale, FL Parker Playhouse
1/17/15 Jacksonville, FL Florida Theatre
1/18/15 Santa Rosa Beach, FL Gulf Place Amphitheater


Exclusive interview with James Raymond: James Raymond - RAW
2014 | December 5 |

Now online an exclusive interview of CSN keyboardist and vocalist James Raymond. It was conducted backstage, prior to their concert on August 9, 2014 by John Kwit, North American Reporter of

An interesting fact about this interview is that it was an impromptu affair... James Raymond - RAW.

Photos by Buzz Person.


David Crosby Announces Limited Edition 10" Vinyl And Digital Deluxe Version Of "CROZ"
2014 | November 19 |

David Crosby is pleased to announce two new releases just in time for the holidays. The first, a limited edition 10" vinyl, will be released on November 18 in the U.S., November 24 in the U.K., and December 1 worldwide. In addition, a digital deluxe version of CROZ, his first studio album in over 20 years, will be released worldwide on November 24. The album debuted at #36 on the Billboard 200 chart earlier this year, and was followed by a sold out U.S. tour.

The limited edition 10" vinyl will feature 2 specially selected tracks from CROZ: "Dangerous Night" and "Radio." The release will be pressed on collectible RED vinyl with 45 RPM optimum sound, and will be limited to 5,000 units.

CROZ Deluxe, is a digital version of same album, and in addition includes videos of all 11 tracks filmed live at The Troubadour in Los Angeles, CA. The release also features bonus videos of "Luck Dragon," "Deja Vu," and "Turn, Turn, Turn" with special guest Chris Hillman of The Byrds.

Featuring 11 new original songs, Croz was released in early 2014. It is available in both a digital and physical formats on Blue Castle Records, the label Crosby co-founded with Graham Nash in 2011, with distribution through ADA.

David Crosby, James Raymond, and Daniel Garcia produced Croz; and, Crosby and Raymond (David Crosby's son) co-wrote a number of the songs together. In addition to Crosby's band, the album features guest players including Wynton Marsalis ("Holding On To Nothing"), Mark Knopfler ("What's Broken"), Leland Sklar ("Find A Heart") and Steve Tavaglione ("Morning Falling," "Find A Heart").


Pegi Young Pays Tribute To Rick Rosas
2014 | November 11 |

Pegi Young has paid tribute to her bass player Rick Rosas who died suddenly at the age of 65 on Thursday.

As well as being a member of Neil Young’s band, Rosas had recently been acquired by Neil into Crazy Horse and had played with Crosby Stills Nash & Young and Buffalo Springfield.

Pegi shared her estranged husband’s band which they called The Survivors. Rick played in Pegi’s four albums ‘Pegi Young’ (2007), ‘Foul Deeds’ (2010) and ‘Lonely In A Crowded Room’ (2014).

Pegi Young statement about Rick Rosas:

RICK ROSAS (1949-2014)

On Thursday, November 6th, I lost one of the dearest friends I had. An original Survivor, RTBP gave me love and encouragement and support as I progressed from a shy and timid singer and songwriter on our first record right through to the making of our last record, Lonely In A Crowed Room, which he loved and was very proud of. He was a brother to me as I was a sister to him. Knowing he was always there on stage at my right shoulder gave me great comfort and support. He was always there for me through thick and thin and never let me down.

His loss is a terrible shock to our band of Survivors, along with his many other dear friends and loved ones. So respected in the music community, he was truly an amazing bass player. I was incredibly lucky and honored to have him in my band and to count him among my friends.

As with our dear friend, Ben Keith, Rick too passed on the occasion of the full moon.

His loss is profound and we will always miss him. Our hearts go out to his long time partner, Elizabeth, and the rest of his family they suffer through this unexpected and unthinkable loss.

Sending you love and light as you travel to the other side Rick.

Love always.


Rick Rosas photo by Jim Brock (


Rick Rosas has passed away
2014 | November 7 |

It is with great sadness that we report that Rick Rosas has passed away.

Rick Rosas, affectionately known as "Rick the Bass Player", has had a long musical career. Most recently, Rosas filled in on bass on the Neil Young & Crazy Horse tour of Europe (Billy Talbot had suffered a stroke).

Crazy Horse drummer Ralph Molina posted on Facebook earlier this evening the sad news.

Photo by Paolo Brillo


Graham Nash Talks About Crosby’s “Inappropriate” Neil Young Comment
2014 | October 30 |

Graham Nash Talks About Crosby’s “Inappropriate” Neil Young Comment And The Possibility Of A CSNY Reunion.

Graham Nash is cautiously optimistic about a Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young reunion – with more emphasis on the word “cautiously”. The two time Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee stopped by the Ron and Fez Show on SiriusXM to talk about the new paperback version of his memoir, “Wild Tales: A Rock & Roll Life”.

Nash talked about the chances of a CSNY reunion, which he feels have dimmed because of a personal feud between David Crosby and Neil Young over comments Crosby made regarding Young’s divorce and his recently revealed relationship with actress Daryl Hannah.

When Bennington asked Graham Nash if he was holding out hope for a Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young reunion, he said,

“I don’t believe in the tooth fairy either. You know, whatever Neil wants to say is fine with me. It would be sad to me if the music of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young didn’t go forward because of an inappropriate statement by David to Neil about his relationship with Daryl Hannah. I mean if we’re not more grown up and if we’re not more realistic about what the true value of our friendship is, it would be very sad to me.”

The “inappropriate” comment Nash was referring to was when Crosby said, (referring to Hannah), “And I happen to know that he’s hanging out with somebody that’s a purely poisonous predator now. And that’s karma. He’s gonna get hurt. But I understand why it happened. I’m just sad about it. I’m always sad when I see love get tossed in the gutter.”

Nash agreed that the comment was inappropriate and let David Crosby know that, but added that he would hate to see the group quit playing music together because of “something so trivial”. Graham Nash is not writing off the hopes of a reunion altogether. Bennington pointed out that a Hollies reunion seemed like an impossibility at one time, but they eventually worked together again. Nash agreed and had a personal message for Neil Young.

“See you can never say never in this business, Ron. I mean you’ve got to understand, Neil Young knows what we bring to his music. He’s not a fool. He’s just a little upset right now. And I understand it. You know, he’s going through personal problems with his wife, Pegi. They’re getting divorced. You know, he’s found true love that he says with Daryl Hannah perhaps. And the ways of the heart are mysterious and I can only wish both Pegi and Neil and Daryl the very very best with their life. Let’s get on with it and let’s see what happens.”


First Listen: Neil Young, "Storytone"
2014 | October 28 |

Neil Young's newest album "Storytone" can now be fully streamed on First Listen: NPR.

Both Orchestral and Solo versions are available.

Neil Young's newest album "Storytone" is now set for a November 4, 2014 release and available to pre-order on

Storytone, then, is exactly the sort of odd detour that fits neatly into Young's catalog: He recorded all of its 10 songs with either a 92-piece orchestra or an elaborate big band (not to mention the occasional choir), for a sound that couldn't be farther from the raggedness exemplified in his acoustic and electric recordings alike. Coming from a singer who derives so much of his power from the nervy, earnest brittleness of his voice, these arrangements sacrifice intimacy in the name of beauty, in ways that don't always suit the compositions at their core.

Take "Who's Gonna Stand Up," Storytone's first single. A blunt-force environmentalist protest song — "End fracking now," Young demands at one point — it needs a leavening agent rather than the weight of portentous orchestration. But, as if to demonstrate that point, Young smartly includes two versions of every song on Storytone, one with a lavish arrangement and one with a far sparer acoustic sound. In "Who's Gonna Stand Up," the contrast is as sharp as the difference between a heartfelt letter to the editor and the sermon on the mount.

Elsewhere, the songs work both ways: "I Want To Drive My Car," for example, has a bluesy stomp as its backbone, and works equally well as a quietly barren confession and a more full-blooded rock track. When Young explores quieter romantic themes during tiny love songs late in Storytone — don't miss the beautiful pairing of "I'm Glad I Found You" and "When I Watch You Sleeping" on both versions — the songwriting is strong enough, and the sentiment powerful enough, to support any arrangement.


David Crosby Hints at a new CSN Tour
2014 | October 27 | 2014

Today David Crosby posted a tweet on Twitter and hinted at a CSN tour in 2015: "CSN will tour if we're lucky this spring".

Photograph: Henry Diltz

Exclusive Interview With David Crosby and James Raymond
2014 | October 17 |

The 2014 CSN tour wrapped up with an October 4 performance at the fabulous Greek Theatre. Earlier in the tour, 4WaySite was honored to be offered the rare opportunity to personally sit down one-on-one, first with James Raymond and then with David Crosby, for a pair of no-holds-barred, backstage interviews.

We were officially granted a 30 minute interview with David. By the time the tape stopped rolling, the clock was ready to strike the one hour mark. David did not mince words. Topics covered included his early folk days in Chicago, the first CSNY gig, the new CSNY 1974 box set, Croz, tour plans in 2015, the Mayan & his thoughts on musicians he has played with throughout his illustrious career.

David's son, James Raymond, was also very candid as he discussed his musical career prior to meeting his biological father, CPR, future collaboration with CSNY, his new recording/producing name, and his two new singles.

These fascinating interviews will soon be posted here, EXCLUSIVELY on 4WaySite!!!

Photo by Dina T. Kwit copyright 2014


Crosby Confirms End For CSNY
2014 | October 13 |

David Crosby has responded to comments by Neil Young that he will never again tour as part of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young.

Last week during a solo show in Philadelphia, Young showed the audience a guitar and said: “This was given to me by my good friend Stephen Stills. CSNY will never tour again, ever – but I love those guys.”

On Friday, Crosby tweeted: “I hear Neil said ‘there will never be any more CSNY shows.' That's like saying there are mountains in Tibet. We know, Neil. We already knew.”

When questioned by fans as to an explanation for Young’s comments, Crosby replied, “believe me, not going to happen”, before adding, “he is very angry with me.”

Young’s issues with Crosby may be traced to comments he made following Neil’s recent split from his wife of 36 years, Pegi, and news that he had been dating actress Darryl Hannah for some time.

While celebrating his love for his own wife after 37 years of marriage, Crosby took aim at Young’s status, telling the Idaho Statesman: “I happen to know that he’s hanging out with somebody that’s a purely poisonous predator now. And that’s karma. He’s gonna get hurt. But I understand why it happened. I’m just sad about it. I’m always sad when I see love get tossed in the gutter.”


Neil Young Announces Release Date, Tracklist for ‘Storytone’
2014 | October 10 |

Neil Young is ready to share his orchestral album.

The veteran Canadian rocker’s new studio set Storytone will arrive Nov. 4 in the U.S. via Reprise Records (Oct. 31 in Australia). For the full listening experience, the recording will spill over onto two discs -- a solo effort, and its counterpart recorded with a 92-piece orchestra and choir.

Storytone carries 10 new works. The first track, "Who’s Gonna Stand Up?," was originally performed at Crazy Horse shows in the U.K. this summer and, more recently, as part of Young’s solo acoustic set at Farm Aid.

Storytone was produced by The Volume Dealers (Neil Young and Niko Bolas), recorded and mixed by Al Schmitt with additional co-production, arrangements, orchestration, and conducted by Michael Bearden and Chris Walden. Thanks to social media and a few loose-lipped collaborators, fans learned of the project some months ago.

Young “took a different approach with this record,” according to a statement, “first recording the songs on his own in a solo-setting, then creating compelling versions of the songs in a new light with an orchestra and big band, resulting in a deeply-personal emotional listening experience throughout the new record."

Configurations of the album release include a deluxe 180 gram double vinyl pressing, which will be released on Dec. 19 and will feature both versions of the album. Naturally, the album will be available via Young's crowd-sourced music player Pono.

Young told Billboard he had an urge to do a symphonic recording. "I'd like to make a record with a full-blown orchestra, live -- a mono recording with one mic," he said earlier this year. "I want to do something like that where we really record what happened, with one point of view and the musicians moved closer and farther away, the way it was done in the past. To me that's a challenge and it's a sound that's unbelievable, and you can't get it any other way. So I'm into doing that."

The veteran artist has toured throughout much of 2014 -- both on his own and with Crazy Horse -- promoting his solo covers project A Letter Home, which was released April 19 via Third Man. Storytone is his 35th album.

"Storytone" track-listing for 2-CD deluxe set:

Disc 1
1. "Plastic Flowers" (Solo)
2. "Who’s Gonna Stand Up?" (Solo)
3. "I Want To Drive My Car" (Solo)
4. "Glimmer" (Solo)
5. "Say Hello To Chicago" (Solo)
6. "Tumbleweed" (Solo)
7. "Like You Used To Do" (Solo)
8. "I’m Glad I Found You" (Solo)
9. "When I Watch You Sleeping" (Solo)
10. "All Those Dreams" (Solo)

1. "Plastic Flowers" (Orchestral)
2. "Who’s Gonna Stand Up?" (Orchestral)
3. "I Want To Drive My Car" (Orchestral)
4. "Glimmer" (Orchestral)
5. "Say Hello To Chicago" (Orchestral)
6. "Tumbleweed" (Orchestral)
7. "Like You Used To Do" (Orchestral)
8. "I’m Glad I Found You" (Orchestral)
9. "When I Watch You Sleeping" (Orchestral)
10. "All Those Dreams" (Orchestral)


Neil Young takes winding road in his automotive memoir 'Special Deluxe'
2014 | October 10 |

Neil Young keeps choosing the rambling and winding, but not entirely uninteresting, path of Woody Guthrie's nominally nonfiction books with 2012's "Waging Heavy Peace: A Hippie Dream" and now "Special Deluxe: A Memoir of Life & Cars."

He isn't kidding about the cars: he writes about seemingly every car his parents owned, then several cars he's owned, plus trucks and buses. He draws or traces 42 of them literally to illustrate his vehicular rhapsodies and lamentations.

Young also uses his fondness for automobiles as a reason he moved from Canada to the United States — "that was where all the cool music came from, all the great cars" — and as a springboard into an admitted obsession with carbon-dioxide emissions and cleaner alternative fuels.

Long before Young has given his 11th (and by no means final) figure for how much CO2 was pumped into the atmosphere during one of his automotive trips, the fit reader has settled into the fidgeting of a nephew or niece hoping a garrulous old uncle will hurry toward the good parts of his life story.

When he does, Young mirrors that old uncle by repeating familiar tales from slightly different angles and in slightly different language.

The formation, "incomplete story" and breakup of Buffalo Springfield; his occasional addition as the "Y" to the tumultuous "CSN" that was Crosby, Stills & Nash; a solo career of remarkable length and distinction among his 1960s-engendered peers: he went over most of this in "Waging Heavy Peace."

In the earlier book, he even delved into the subtitle of the later book: Chapter 15 of "Waging Heavy Peace" is entitled "Cars and Guitars," and in each book he notes how he wrote the lyrics for the concert favorite "Like a Hurricane" in the back of a friend's 1950 DeSoto Suburban.

And while the many vehicles Young bought, mostly on impulse — a 1934 Bentley close-coupled coupe, a 1947 Buick Roadmaster fastback, the apparently first-ever 1953 Buick Skylark — are worth a historically curious glance, he neither includes enough technical detail to excite gear heads nor sufficiently avoids the anthropomorphic sentimentality of the Pixar movie "Cars."

Once Young gives the last few chapters over to the aforementioned obsession with environmentally responsible cars, it's not helpful when he mentions similarly minded activist and actor Daryl Hannah, with whom he is currently, openly consorting after filing for divorce from Pegi, his wife of 36 years ("the next love of my life," he writes about their early encounters; "soul mate," he writes later).

Whether or not Young addresses the romantic developments in the paperback edition of "Special Deluxe," the freeness of his love connects to a childlike quality that has often made him both open to any possibility and — as he acknowledges while recalling the many times he left and rejoined Buffalo Springfield — "unreasonable, selfish, and hard to get along with."

It is the same quality evident in the lyrics he quotes throughout the book. Shorn of music, songs like "After the Gold Rush," "Old Man" and "You Never Call" exhibit the wheedling pleas and nearly boundless hope of youth.

Combined with the logorrhea of an older gent with many stories to tell and no editor to curtail him, Young's ingenuous inattentiveness makes "Special Deluxe" a path of dubious merit. A more fulfilling journey can be found in the records that show his best creative side.

Jon M. Gilbertson, Special to the Journal Sentinel


Neil Young Announces New Album
2014 | September 26 |

Neil Young will return in November with another new album. Coming just months removed from A Letter Home, Storeytone serves as its aesthetic counterpart: whereas A Letter Home was recorded in lo-fi (using Jack White’s Voice-O-Graph booth), its follow-up sees Young performing alongside a 92-piece orchestra.

Rumors of the album surfaced earlier this month, when German composer Chris Walden revealed that his next project would be an “upcoming Neil Young album Storytone (out Nov 4).” Subsequently, music contractor Gina Zimmitti posted photos of Young and Walden at work with a full orchestra. Also reportedly involved in the project is Young’s longtime collaborator/producer Niko Bolas, who Zimmitti said was helping Young and Walden to craft “loud big band arrangements.”

In a recent interview with Billboard, Young discussed his vision for an orchestral album: "I’d like to make a record with a full-blown orchestra, live—a mono recording with one mic. … I want to do something like that where we really record what happened, with one point of view and the musicians moved closer and farther away, the way it was done in the past. To me that’s a challenge and it’s a sound that’s unbelievable, and you can’t get it any other way. So I’m into doing that."

To accompany today’s announcement, Young has shared the orchestral version of his recent protest anthem, “Who’s Gonna Stand Up”. Backed by the rumble of overly dramatic strings and bellowing horns, Young’s pleas for prosperity and increased eco-sensitivity are taken to truly grand, anthemic heights.


New Compelling Chronicle "Young Neil: The Sugar Mountain Years"
2014 | September 20 |

"Young Neil" is a detailed chronological narrative of the early life of iconic Canadian musician Neil Young. Exploring a time in this Rock and Roll Hall of Famer’s life that has yet to be documented with such depth of research, Young Neil is an exhaustive document of his “Sugar Mountain” years, from 1945 to 1966. From his birth in Toronto through his school years in Florida, Ontario, and Manitoba, the book examines the development of Young’s unique talent against a backdrop of shifting postwar values, a turbulent family history, and a musical revolution in the making. Includes many previously unseen photos, memorabilia, and set lists.

Rolling Stone: "A supremely compelling chronicle of Young's first 20 years. Wilson, who painstakingly tracked down childhood friends and early bandmates, recounts Young's often difficult upbringing -- from his parents' divorce to the challenges he faced changing schools as he moved from town to town with his mother -- as he relentlessly pursues his musical dreams and develops his songwriting voice."


CSNY 1974 Box Set: Message from CSN Management
2014 | September 14 |

A week ago we posted a story about the CSNY Limited Edition Box Set and the dispute with D'Andrea Graphics.

Today we have heard from the CSN management and that, despite this situation, CSNY has continued moving forward with the limited box set:

"We have informed every customer who has reached out to us about the situation, and we have emailed all of the customers with the update that we expect to ship the completed pieces in the beginning of October.

CSNY stands behind its customers, and additionally, they stand behind this limited edition box set, which has been a tremendous labor of love. We have additionally provided each customer with a download of both mp3 and FLAC files while they wait for their box set.

Any questions can be directed to But rest assured that if you ordered a box set, you will be receiving one next month".


CSNY Sue Printer For Failure To Deliver
2014 | September 7 |

Crosby Stills Nash and Young are suing printing company D’Andrea Graphics Corp for failure to fill 1,250 orders.

CSNY fans ordered the premium edition of the historic release back in May with a promise the orders would be shipped with five weeks. Credit cards were charged $558 for each order in June and as of September no-one has received their order.

CSNY Recordings LLC, Crosby Stills Nash & Young’s collective company, filed a lawsuit in the Superior Court of Los Angeles on Friday. According to the City News Service, “the lawsuit alleges breach of contract, intentional interference with contract and conversion. The complaint seeks unspecified compensatory and punitive damages”.

D’Andrea has received $237,620 for CSNY fans and is refusing to refund the money. The company has also failed to pay its suppliers including the website designer.

CSNY Recording LLC has refunded fans directly and is suing D’Andrea to recover the funds.


Neil Young Reportedly Working With Orchestra on New Project Called ‘Storytone’
2014 | August 30 |

There’s been no official word, but word from those involved are saying that Neil Young has a new album in the works called ‘Storytone,’ which will be available Nov. 4.
ABC News Radio is reporting that the title and release date comes from German composer Chris Walden, who noted on his website that he had written arrangements for Young. In addition, music contractor Gina Zimmitti has posted some pictures this month to her professional Facebook page that show Young in the studio.
One of the photos, taken Aug. 23, gives a bit more detail with the caption, “2nd day of recording with Neil Young and producer Niko Bolas – this time for some awesomely loud big band arrangements by Chris Walden composer-arranger!” Bolas worked with Young in the late ’80s on ‘Landing on Water,’ ‘This Note’s For You’ and ‘Freedom,’ and also produced Warren Zevon‘s 1987 comeback, ‘Sentimental Hygiene.’
Back in March, Young hinted that he may be doing something like this. “I’d like to make a record with a full-blown orchestra, live — a mono recording with one mic,” Young said. “I want to do something like that where we really record what happened, with one point of view and the musicians moved closer and farther away, the way it was done in the past. To me that’s a challenge and it’s a sound that’s unbelievable, and you can’t get it any other way. So I’m into doing that.”

Photograph: Tristan Fewings, Getty Images


Neil Young Files for Divorce From Pegi Young
2014 | August 26 |

Neil Young has filed for divorce from Pegi Young, his wife of 36 years and frequent musical collaborator. A petition for dissolution of marriage was filed by Young in their hometown of San Mateo, California, on July 29th. A hearing is scheduled for December 12th. A rep for Neil Young had no comment.

Pegi is the inspiration for some of Young's most enduring love songs, including "Such a Woman," "Unknown Legend" and "Once an Angel." She began serving as his background singer in the 1990s, sharing the stage with him at the 1994 Academy Awards and numerous tours over the past 20 years. They last performed together at the Bridge school Benefit in October of 2013.

Neil first met Pegi when she was working as a waitress at a diner near his California ranch, a story he tells in the 1992 song "Unknown Legend." "I used to order just to watch her float across the floor," he sang. "She grew up in a small town/Never put her roots down."

Pegi has released three solo albums since 2007 and she's toured extensively on her own, occasionally with Neil on guitar. Inspired by the back of educational opportunities for their son Ben, who suffers from cerebral palsy, they co-founded the Bridge School in 1986, which educates children with severe physical impairments. They raise funds for it every year with an all-star concert in Mountain View, California.

Neil recently wrapped up a European Crazy Horse tour and is slated to play American solo acoustic dates in October. Pegi just concluded a brief U.S. club tour. They are both slated to play Farm Aid in Raleigh, North Carolina, on September 13th.


Today 45 years ago..
2014 | August 15 |

Today marks the 45th anniversary of the start of The Woodstock Music and Art Fair, An Aquarian Exposition, or just Woodstock, as it came to be known, which ran from August 15-18, 1969.

The Woodstock Music & Art Fair was a music festival, billed as "An Aquarian Exposition: 3 Days of Peace & Music". It was held at Max Yasgur's 600-acre (240 ha; 0.94 sq mi) dairy farm in the Catskills near the hamlet of White Lake in the town of Bethel, New York, from August 15 to 18, 1969.

This weekend activities are being held in Bethel to commemorate 45 years since the festival of peace, love and rock ‘no’ roll, a cultural touchstone of the sixties. On Friday night there is a showing of the Academy Award-winning Woodstock documentary on field where the original event was held, now owned by Jeryl Abramson, who said she is welcoming visitors to her property to enjoy music, camping and other activities.

Take a look back at photos from the 1969 concert where music legends Santana, Joe Cocker and... CSNY played, and the muddy 1994 one that followed it.


David Crosby Solo Acoustic in Italy
2014 | July 25 |

David Crosby's site features two performances Italy. The acoustic shows will take place in Lucca on December 9 and in Como on the 10th. It is a bit confusing because according to, both shows will take place in Lucca.

We have not heard anything about an European tour, but we keep our European eyes open!


MOJO September 2014 Featuring CSNY
2014 | July 25 |

On sale from Tuesday, July 29, the 250th issue of MOJO lifts the lid on the harmony and hubris of one of rock’s greatest sagas. Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young’s tempestuous 45-year journey starts on page 70. The free CD – an exclusive sampler of the stunning new CSNY 1974 box set – continues our celebration of this most unique band.

You’ll also find features on the birth of Funkadelic, the sleazy world of Soft Cell’s synth-pop Soho, the making of Marianne Faithfull’s masterpiece Broken English, Martin Carthy’s life in folk, Julian Cope’s psychedelic adventures through time and a look back on the life of the late, great Bobby Womack.


United Stations Celebrates CSNY Anniversary
2014 | July 24 |

USRN will be airing a three-hour special in honor of the 40th anniversary boxed set of 1974 concert material from Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young.

The release, simply titled CSNY 1974, will provide the central material for the radio special will which also include brand new, exclusive interviews with key members of the band, as well as with the co-producers of the boxed set.

The special will be hosted by Derek Madden of KLOS-FM, Los Angeles, and will be broadcast nationally on Labor Day weekend.


CSNY's 1974 Box Set Debuts At #17, #37 And #81
2014 | july 17 |

"CSNY 1974," the long awaited boxed set from the historic 1974 Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young arena tour, has debuted three (3) times at #17, #37 and #81 on Billboard's Top 200 Chart. In addition, the album is #1 on the Billboard Folk Album Chart.

The forty (40) previously unreleased tracks recorded forty (40) years ago were packaged in several formats and configurations and released July 7 in international territories, and July 8 in the United States. The box set includes all 40 tracks, a 188-page booklet of never before seen tour photos, and a bonus DVD of previously unreleased concert footage; the box is available as a 3CD/DVD set or Pure Audio Blu-Ray (192kHz/24-bit)/DVD set.

You can order this release (or whatever you want) by clicking on the CSNY 1974 Box Set amazon banner.

This is an easy way to support 4WaySite and a percentage goes toward keeping this site up and running!

Thanks so much in advance,
Dolf van Stijgeren


Neil Young Concert canceled in Tel Aviv
2014 | July 13 |

The much-anticipated concert featuring legendary rocker Neil Young, who was due to perform in Tel Aviv this coming Thursday, has been canceled due to the latest outbreak of hostilities between Israel and Hamas, organizers announced on Sunday.

“It is with great sorrow that we are forced to announce the cancellation of the concert that was to be staged by Neil Young and Crazy Horse this coming Thursday at Hayarkon Park,” the public relations firm representing the organizers announced on Sunday.

“The cancelation is due to the barrage of rockets that have been fired in recent days and the concern for the safety of an audience for such an event,” the statement read.

Those who purchased tickets will receive instructions later this week regarding refunds and reimbursements.


Roger Waters Urges Neil Young to Cancel Tel Aviv Show
2014 | July 12 |

Neil Young‘s decision to perform in the Israeli city of Tel Aviv isn’t sitting well with Roger Waters.
In fact, the upcoming show — currently scheduled to take place on July 17 — has Waters so upset that he’s decided to go public with a note he penned to Young months ago, urging him to reconsider his decision to lend his tacit support to the Israeli political regime. The note, which Waters posted to Facebook, reads as follows:

"Dear Neil Young,

There are rumors flying about that you are considering doing shows in Tel Aviv this year.
The picket lines have been crossed in this last year by one or two lightweights from our community but no one of your stature. Woody Guthrie would turn in his grave. Neil Young! You are one of my biggest heroes, you are one of a very short list, you, John Lennon, Woody Guthrie, Huddy Ledbetter, Harry Belafonte, Sam Cooke, Billie Holiday and, like some others, but not many, your songs have always been redolent of love and humanity and compassion for your fellow man and woman. I find it hard to believe that you would turn your back on the indigenous people of Palestine. That you would lend support to, and encourage and legitimize, with your presence, a colonial apartheid regime, largely settled from Europe, that seeks to confine the native people of the land, either in exile or in second class status in reservations and ghettos.

Please, brother, tell me it ain’t so.

As I recall, back in the day, along with the rest of us (Stevie van Zandt, Bruce, Led Zep etc etc etc etc) you would not “Play In Sun City” I am asking you to stand on the same moral ground now. The late, great, Nelson Mandela lives on in us, we cannot let him down. He was explicit in his position and I quote, ” We know too well that our freedom is incomplete without the freedom of the Palestinians”. It is time for “Rock Against Racism” to show some of it’s muscle by refusing to lend our names to the whitewashing of the illegal colonization of Palestinian land and the systematic oppression of its indigenous people. Unfortunately the opposition lobby has a lot of muscle too. They spend millions on their “Hasbara”(If like me you have no Hebrew)”Explaining” or to you and me “Propaganda”. The propaganda machine is well oiled and ruthless. We, on the other hand, have only our commitment to non-violent resistance to lie down in front of the IDF caterpillar tractors that would raze the native people from the land of Palestine. We stand with those people, and with all the brave people of Israel and Palestine, Jewish and Arab alike who oppose The Israeli Governments brutal policies. We stand with Rachel Corrie, the young American woman who gave her life under the caterpillar’s tracks. Please join me and countless other artists all over the world in solidarity with the oppressed and the disenfranchised. It is time to heed the peoples call. People like The Bedouin, the nomadic people of the Negev in the arid south of Israel, please research their plight, one village, Al-Araqib has been destroyed 63 times by IDF Bulldozers. If you are in doubt about any of this, I will go with you to Palestine, and Israel, if they’ll let me in, you will see what I have seen, and then let us figure out the right thing to do.

By the way I watched your Bridge School concert on YouTube last year, it was very moving, you were, of course magnificent. You had asked me to perform, and as I explained to your management, I would have gladly done so had I not already been committed to The Wall Tour in Europe and Stand Up For Heroes in New York. This year I will be pleased and proud to come and support you if you call.

With respect, and love.

Roger Waters."

Waters’ outspoken support of the Palestinian people is well known; last year, he sparked controversy after floating an inflatable pig with a Star of David on it during a concert, and later made comments comparing the Israeli government to Nazis. Young, meanwhile, has fought his own battles on behalf of indigenous peoples’ rights, lambasting the Canadian government for its part in allowing oil companies to impinge on land treaties with the Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation.

Photos: Brian Killian / Terry Wyatt, Getty Images


Nash and Crosby Contribute Vocals on New Pink Floyd Album
2014 | july 11 |

Graham Nash and David Crosby have contributed vocals to a David Gilmour-penned track on the upcoming Pink Floyd album, The Endless River. Ultimate Classic Rock reports that Nash revealed the info during an interview with VH1 Radio Network, saying “We went down to sing on this particular song that he wrote about friends that had died…It’s a beautiful song, too — beautiful.

”The new track won’t mark the first time that Nash and Crosby have collaborated with Gilmour. The pair also added their voices to the title track for the Pink Floyd guitarist’s 2006 album On An Island.

As previously reported, Pink Floyd recently confirmed that they will be releasing their first album since 1994, The Endless River, in October. The new LP, which is co-produced by Gilmour, will primarily feature ambient and instrumental music based the band’s 1993/1994 Division Bell sessions.


CSN to Resume Recording in Early 2015
2014 | July 10 |

David Crosby, Stephen Stills and Graham Nash spoke Monday night at the Paley Center for Media in New York.

Crosby, Stills & Nash will probably return to the studio to record new songs in early 2015, members of the legendary band said Monday night in New York.

David Crosby, Stephen Stills and Graham Nash spoke at the Paley Center for Media on the evening before the release of an audio box set with 40 previously unreleased songs and a DVD of restored concert footage from their 1974 tour with sometime bandmate Neil Young.

Asked by an audience member when they would release a new album, Nash said he has 25 new songs ready to record. “We’re going to get back in the studio as soon as we find some time,” noting that likely will be early next year.

Responding to a question about which young musicians exhibit a social conscience similar to their band’s, Crosby mentioned Pink and her song “Dear Mr. President,” an open letter to then-President George W. Bush.

“There are some truly amazing writers in this country now who have yet to go wide,” he added.

The three singer-songwriters, who first teamed up in 1968, on Saturday played a concert in Bethel, N.Y., site of the historic Woodstock music festival in 1969.

“We’ve been asked a thousand times what it was like at Woodstock,” Crosby said. “My favorite answer is I can’t remember.”

Nash said the new box set includes a song, “Goodbye Dick,” that Crosby wrote after learning that President Nixon would resign. That news came during their 1974 concert tour.

“We were totally joyful. We wanted that son of a bitch gone,” Crosby said.

Recalling some of the moments, such as the 1968 assassination of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., that inspired other political songs, he said, “I was as angry about Dr. King as anything. … We wrote some angry songs because that really got to us … to lose leaders of that quality.”

Asked to compare political activism then and now, Crosby said, “One of the reasons that there was such a fervent antiwar (movement) in the 1960s and 1970s was there was a draft—it was staring them in the face.”

Nash recalled that during the group’s 2006 tour, 10% to 15% of the audience would walk out when they performed “Let’s Impeach the President,” about former President George W. Bush.

A more recent song deals with Bradley Manning, the U.S. soldier who released classified documents and is serving 35 years after being convicted of espionage charges. “I think all three of us are mad” that Manning is in jail while “no one was brought to task” for the thousands of deaths and $4 trillion spent on U.S. wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Nash said.

The three also discussed performing with Wynton Marsalis and the Jazz at Lincoln Center orchestra in 2013 in New York. Those two performances were the only ones for which they wore suits, which Nash said was out of respect for that orchestra’s musicians.

“It was like getting to work with the big guys,” Crosby said. “They expanded our world.”

“It was one of the best weeks of my life,” Stills added.

Asked about the use of “On a Carousel” to end a recent episode of the AMC television series “Mad Men,” Nash said he was “shocked and honored that they used it.”

Another of the band’s songs has been used on CNN’s series “The Sixties,” noted Paley Center curator Ron Simon.

Nash said the band has a “reality rule,” which means “we don’t do a song unless all of us like that song.”

Asked if he had auditioned to be a member of the “The Monkees,” formed for the 1960s television show, Stills said he had tried to sell the group some of his songs–“I needed some gas money”–but had never seen himself as a possible member of that band.

Crosby called Ahmet Ertegün, founder and president of Atlantic Records, the band’s mentor and detailed how he had worked hard to see that “Ohio,” Neil Young’s song about the shootings at Kent State University in 1970, was released 12 days after the band recorded it. He described how Young wrote the song immediately after seeing a magazine photo of a girl kneeling over an injured student and the band went into a Los Angeles studio to record it the next day.


Today Graham Nash Book & CD Signing
2014 | July 9 |

Wild Tales: A Rock & Roll Life & CSNY 1974
12:30 PM on Wed., July 9

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
Graham Nash, CD Box Set: CSNY 1974

Graham Nash signing only the CD Box Set, CSNY 1974 and/or his book Wild Tales: A Rock & Roll Life. No memorabilia, posed photography or personalization. Wristband to be obtained at time of purchase Wednesday, July 9. Store opens at 9:00 am.

Wednesday July 09, 2014 12:30 PM
Barnes & Noble - Fifth Ave
555 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10017

Thanks for the photo, Bob Egan (of!


Neil Young Debuts New Song In Iceland
2014 | July 8 |

Neil Young debuted a brand new song at his first ever Iceland show on Monday night.

‘Who’s Gonna Stand Up And Save The Earth’ was performed by Neil Young & Crazy Horse at Laugardalsholl in Reykjavik, Iceland. It was the first time Young had ever played in the Nordic country.

Young also included the extremely rare ‘Separate Ways, last played just once in in 2008 and then 35 times in 1993. The song was recorded for the unreleased ‘Homegrown’ album in 1975. The album was shelved for ‘Tonight’s The Night’.

‘Goin’ Home’ from 2002’s ‘Are You Passionate?’ also made the setlist. It was last played in 2003. ‘Days From Used To Be’ was played for the first time since 1991.

The Iceland show was also the first Crazy Horse show of 2014 and first without founding member Billy Talbot who suffered a stroke last month and was forced to withdraw from the band. Longtime Neil Young associate Rick Rosas is the current bass player for Crazy Horse.

Neil Young and Crazy Horse setlist, July 7, 2014 Iceland:
Love and Only Love (from Ragged Glory, 1990)
Goin’ Home (from Are You Passionate?, 2002)
Days That Used To Be (from Ragged Glory, 1990)
Don’t Cry No Tears (from Zuma, 1975)
Love To Burn (from Ragged Glory, 1990)
Separate Ways (unreleased 1975)
Only Love Can Break Your Heart (from After The Goldrush, 1970)
Blowin’ In The Wind (from Weld, 1991)
Heart Of Gold (from Harvest, 1972)
Barstool Blues (from Zuma, 1975)
Psychedelic Pill (from Psychedelic Pill, 2012)
Who’s Gonna Stand Up And Save The Earth (new)
Rockin’ In The Free World (from Freedom, 1996)

Like A Hurricane (from American Stars & Bars, 1977)


Today CSNY 1974 Box Set RELEASED!
2014 | July 8 |

Today the CSNY 1974 Box Set will be released!

You can order this release (or whatever you want) by clicking on the CSNY 1974 Box Set amazon banner.

This is an easy way to support 4WaySite and a percentage goes toward keeping this site up and running!

Thanks so much in advance,
Dolf van Stijgeren


Jimmy Fallon's Neil Young Joins CSN
2014 | July 8 |

David Crosby, Stephen Stills and Graham Nash joined Jimmy Fallon onstage to harmonize an acoustic jam of the hip-hop hit.

It was a CSNY reunion, of sorts, on “The Tonight Show” when Jimmy Fallon donned his best Neil Young garb for an acoustic rendition of Iggy Azalea's “Fancy.” It started off as just a fun take on the hip-hop song, but it took a turn towards awesome when Crosby, Stills & Nash joined him on stage.

As Fallon does a spectacular Neil Young impression, the harmonies with David Crosby, Stephen Stills, and Graham Nash really did sound like a throwback to the classic sound of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. The band has become as famous for their shifting lineup over the years as they are for their music, but they were together again for this one-time performance.

Even better, for the song's refrain, “Who that, who that, I-G-G-Y,” the guys made the obvious change. “Who that, who that, C-S-N-Y,” they sang.

You can watch it here on YouTube.


Tonight Live Stream with CSN
2014 | Juy 7 |

Tonight LIVE STREAM and premiere of some of the DVD content from CSNY 1974!

David Crosby, Stephen Stills and Graham Nash will be at The Paley Center for Media in NY tonight to talk about their legendary 1974 concert tour, and 45 years together as CSN. Don't miss it!

Here is the link.


Graham Nash on ‘CSNY 74’ Summer Tour
2014 | July 4 |

When Graham Nash passed through New Jersey on tour 40 years ago, he was a witness to history.

It was during the intermission at an Aug. 8, 1974, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young performance at the former Roosevelt Stadium in Jersey City that embattled and controversial President Richard M. Nixon took to the airwaves, announcing that he would resign the following day.

“It was incredibly rainy. There was an incredible storm going on,” Nash recalled about that fateful night. “And, during our intermission, Nixon resigned. And I got to go on stage and tell everybody that he was gone.”

All these years later, Nash still has vivid memories of the crowd’s reaction to the news that the vilified Republican leader was stepping down.

“In a way, it was kind of Woodstockian, if there is such a word,” Nash said. “And, the people that went to Woodstock were reliving that, and the people that didn’t go to Woodstock were trying to approximate what it must have felt like at Woodstock — that feeling that together, the public has a tremendous amount of power if we can only get our scene together.

“The band was very much against the Vietnam War, and probably 99 percent of the audience was very much against the Vietnam War, and we were very happy that Richard Nixon and his administration had been found out.”

Roosevelt Stadium is one of the 31 shows that Nash, David Crosby, Stephen Stills and Neil Young played that summer. And a presidential resignation wasn’t the only unprecedented happening at the time. The tour went over two months, hit 24 cities and found the band performing before a combined audience of more than a million people. This was a traveling rock ’n’ roll show the size of which the industry had never seen before.

“I mean, the Beatles had done Shea Stadium, and the Stones had done a couple of big gigs in Hyde Park, but this was the first tour ever of 31 of those places,” Nash said.

That tour is now documented with “CSNY 1974,” a 40-track box set that will be released in a number of configurations on Tuesday, July 8.

Produced by Nash and Joel Bernstein, the basic version of the set will include 40 tracks over three CDs, plus a DVD of eight previously unreleased, resorted archival video performances and a 188-page booklet. There also will be a high-resolution Pure Audio Blu-Ray edition, digital downloads, a single-CD set, a Starbucks-exclusive single disc with a download of the full album, and a deluxe limited-edition boxed set housed in a wood box with six vinyl LPs, a Pure Audio Blu-ray disc, a digital download, the DVD and a coffeetable book of previously unseen photos from the tour.

“One of the things that I wanted to do was to let people know that Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young was a very, very good rock ’n’ roll band,” Nash said. “And when you put that together with the fact that we were all writing like crazy and that we were four strong musicians and four strong individuals, I fell back in love with who David and Stephen and Neil were as people and as writers. This was a great experience for me.”

The set features plenty of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young classics — “Teach Your Children,” “Our House” and “Almost Cut My Hair” among them — as well as a number of songs that were hits for the performers on their own, from Nash’s “Military Madness” to Young’s “Only Love Can Break Your Heart.”

Over the years, Nash has assumed the role of group archivist. Along with releasing his own comprehensive box set in 2009, “Reflections,” he and Bernstein produced the 2006 Crosby set “Voyage” and Stills’ 2013 collection, “Carry On.”

“I’m interested in history,” Nash said. “I’m interested in somebody 100 years from now putting on that Stephen Stills (set) or the David Crosby box set that I did or my box set and knowing who these people were. I did it for history. I mean, I obviously did it for David and Stephen and Neil, but I really did it for the history of music.”


Crosby, Stills and Nash are back on the road and will perform at the MAC at Monmouth University in West Long Branch on Sunday, July 6. They will then play New York City’s Beacon Theatre on July 8, 9 and 11 before hitting the Borgata Events Center in Atlantic City on Saturday, July 12.

“These last couple of years have been quite amazing, frankly,” Nash said. “We’ve been, on purpose, playing beautiful theaters and really intimate places. We’ve done audiences of every single size, but there’s something about being able to look in people’s eyes and knowing that you’ve connected with them emotionally. You can see the response to it when you sing a line particularly well, and you see them smiling, closing their eyes. That’s great for us.”

Last October, the trio reunited with Young for a performance at Young’s annual Bridge School Benefit Concert at the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, California.

“When Neil asked us to do it, I knew that he wanted to sell as many tickets as possible. I know that,” Nash said. “I know that Neil knows that occasionally, it’s better for four voices to say something than one voice.

“But, I also know that Neil was checking us out, to see if we could still perform, to see if CSN could still sing harmony, are still vital, still want to be there, still are passionate.

So, my dream, and it’s only my dream, is I want CSNY to go out in 2015 on a world tour.”

In the meantime, Crosby, Stills and Nash have a covers album in the works, and Nash said he’s interested in revisiting the quartet’s iconic 1970 debut album, “Déjà Vu.”

“What happened is after the lyrics of the song finished, we just kept playing,” Nash said of the original “Déjà Vu” sessions. “Sometimes, we played for another five or six minutes, and there was some incredible playing going on. But, because of the limitations of how many minutes you can put on a side of a vinyl, which is, if you want really good quality, roughly 19 minutes, we had to fade about seven of those songs.

“But, we always loved what happened after it faded.

“And, I thought, ‘Well, with the technology now, those kinds of limitations don’t exist.’

So, I would like to re-do the ‘Déjà Vu’ album start to finish, meaning from the count-off to when the drummer puts his sticks on the snare, when the music’s over. I think that would be quite interesting for our fans to hear.”


Neil Young & Crazy Horse Bassist Billy Talbot Suffers Stroke
2014 | June 30 |

Neil Young & Crazy Horse’s Billy Talbot suffered a mild stroke, according to a press release. The bassist is expected to make a full recovery but will sit out the band’s upcoming European tour that kicks off July 7 in Iceland. Replacing Talbot will be Rick Rosas, who has collaborated with Young in the past in Buffalo Springfield and Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young.

Also joining the Crazy Horse lineup this year will be backing vocalists Dorene Carter and YaDonna West, best known for their work in Mahogany Blue.


Crosby, Stills, & Nash To Resume Covers Project This Fall
2014 | June 26 |

Crosby, Stills & Nash will revive their “covers project” album soon after they finish third leg of their 36-date concert tour, which concludes Oct. 4 at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles.

The project, begun in 2010 with producer Rick Rubin, came to an abrupt halt in the summer of 2012 after they had finished recording seven songs. The trio has since reconvened and re-recorded five of the songs.

“Rick and (David) Crosby got into an argument and that day it was done,” Nash says while doing interviews to promote Rhino’s “CSNY 1974” box set that comes out July 1. “If Crosby is not into it – if any of us are not into it – it ends, ever more so when David doesn’t want to do something.

Nash and the gang loved the idea when it was presented to them by Sony A&R executive Jay Landers. Among the songs that made the cut were Lennon & McCartney’s “Norwegian Wood,” Bob Dylan’s “Girl From North Country,” Tim Hardin’s ‘Reason to Believe” and James Taylor’s “You Can Close Your Eyes.”

“We did seven songs and none of them excited us,” says Nash, 72. “Sony owns those seven songs that they have no right to release. We went back to the studio in Santa Monica and started over and we’ve got five we really like.”

They would be recording the songs without a label attached. “We’ve always been Warner (Music) people, first with Atlantic, now with Rhino,” he says, referring o the company putting out the 40-track “1974” set. “They’ve always been supportive of CSN.”

This summer’s tour starts July 2 in Bethlehem, Pa., and includes stops at New York’s Beacon Theater (July 8 and 9), the Ravinia Festival outside Chicago (July 19), New Orleans’ Saenger Theatre (Aug. 23) and the Chateau Ste. Michelle winery in Washington (Sept. 13 and 14).

And next year? “I want CSNY to do a world tour,” he says before nothing half-jokingly. “We have all the original members.”


Johny Barbata’s West Coast Book Tour - Exclusive Interview
2014 | June 10 | 4WaySite

Ex-CSNY, Jefferson Airplane/Jefferson Starship & Turtles drummer Johny Barbata is embarking on a month-long, multi-city West Coast book tour. We caught up with Johny via phone from his home.

Click here to read our exclusive interview.


CSNY 1974 box set [update]
2014 | May 22 |

"This is the most difficult project I've ever done in my recording life," says Nash

After years of rumors, premature announcements and even disagreements over what to call the thing, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young are finally ready to release a box set of live recordings from their 1974 reunion tour. CSNY 1974 hits shelves on July 8th in a variety of formats, including a 3 CD/DVD set, a Pure Audio Blu-Ray (192kHz/24-bit) and a 16-track single CD. Many of the sets will have a 188-page booklet, and there will also be a limited edition set of 1,000 copies featuring a coffee table-sized book and six 180-gram 12” vinyl records. A pre-order of CSNY 1974 will be available next week on the band's website.

The set was produced by Joel Bernstein and Graham Nash. "This is the most difficult project I've ever done in my recording life," Nash tells Rolling Stone. "That's largely because of other people's agendas and trying to please four people at the same time. It only took us a year to actually do the physical work, but it took three or four years to get that work together."

One issue they faced was Neil Young's intense focus on audio quality. "Neil Young, God bless his cotton socks, has always wanted the audio to get as close to the recording experience as possible," says Nash. "He wanted us to do it in 24/192, and that's what we did. Of course, that happened one-third of the way into the project, so we had to redo an awful lot of stuff. But it sounds totally amazing. There's 40 songs and they'll show people that we were a very, very decent rock band."

Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young's 1974 reunion trek was one of the most ambitious tours attempted up until that point. They played 30 shows at American arenas and stadiums as well as one gig at Wembley Stadium in London, with the group playing upwards of 40 songs over a four-hour period during some shows. "It was a very challenging tour," says Nash. "We tried to keep our spirits up and keep ourselves focused as a band, but with all the chaos going on and the distractions and the drugs, I'm amazed we got away with what we did, quite frankly."

Nine of the shows were professionally recorded on multi-track tapes. "We wanted the best performances of each song for this collection," says Nash. "So Joel and I listened to every single minute of the multi-track shows and chose the best. We'd take, say, the best performance of 'Almost Cut My Hair' and send it to David [Crosby] for his approval. We did the same with Stephen [Stills] and Neil."

The bonus DVD features eight songs filmed at the Capital Center in Landover, Maryland and Wembley Stadium. "The Capital Center was the one place back then filming concerts," says Nash. "We didn't even know they were doing it. It's a little funky-looking because we didn't light it for film or television, but I picked eight songs I thought were very representative of how we were then."

The tour came at a time when Young was writing songs at a furious pace, and he often tried out new material on stage, playing some songs only a handful of times. CSNY 1974 preserves such rarities as "Love Art Blues," "Pushed It Over The End" and "Don't Be Denied." The rarest track is "Goodbye Dick," a song they played August 14th, 1974 at the Nassau Coliseum, just five days after President Richard Nixon resigned in disgrace.

"Another reason for the delay is that I kept finding stuff that I didn't want to take off," says Nash. "'Goodbye Dick' happened in about a minute and a half, and then it was gone. I came upon it and said, 'We've got to put this out.' It's tied so closely to the times of Watergate. When I heard Neil singing, 'Goodbye Dick' I just loved it."

Despite the fact it draws material from multiple nights, Nash and Bernstein structured it like a typical show from the tour. "I wanted people to experience the show," says Nash. "We wanted to give people a seat in the 10th row in the middle so they can sit back and enjoy the show. It starts with an electric set and then we did an acoustic set, sometimes with bass and drums and sometimes not, and then ended up with a kick-ass last electric set."

Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young reunited to play last year's Bridge School Benefit, but they haven't toured since the summer of 2006. Might they hit the road again someday? "I know that when we sing with Neil we make great music together," says Nash. "That's the secret of it. It all comes down to the music. I also think we might be one of the original groups from back then that still has all the original members, so anything is possible in the future."

Here is the complete track listing for CSNY 1974.

3CD/ Bonus DVD OR Pure Audio Blu-Ray / Bonus DVD

Disc One – First Set

1. "Love The One You’re With"
2. "Wooden Ships"
3. "Immigration Man"
4. "Helpless"
5. "Carry Me"
6. "Johnny’s Garden"
7. "Traces"
8. "Grave Concern"
9. "On The Beach"
10. "Black Queen"
11. "Almost Cut My Hair"

Disc Two – Second Set

1. "Change Partners"
2. "The Lee Shore"
3. "Only Love Can Break Your Heart"
4. "Our House"
5. "Fieldworker"
6. "Guinevere"
7. "Time After Time"
8. "Prison Song"
9. "Long May You Run"
10. "Goodbye Dick"
11. "Mellow My Mind"
12. "Old Man"
13. "Word Game"
14. "Myth Of Sisyphus"
15. "Blackbird"
16. "Love Art Blues"
17. "Hawaiian Sunrise"
18. "Teach Your Children"
19. "Suite: Judy Blue Eyes"

Disc Three – Third Set

1. "Déjà Vu"
2. "My Angel"
3. "Pre-Road Downs"
4. "Don’t Be Denied"
5. "Revolution Blues"
6. "Military Madness"
7. "Long Time Gone"
8. "Pushed It Over The End"
9. "Chicago"

Bonus DVD

1. "Only Love Can Break Your Heart"
2. "Almost Cut My Hair"
3. "Grave Concern"
4. "Old Man"
5. "Johnny’s Garden"
6. "Our House"
7. "Déjà Vu"
8. "Pushed It Over The End"

Single CD Track Listing

1. "Love The One You're With"
2. "Wooden Ships"
3. "Immigration Man"
4. "Helpless"
5. "Johnny's Garden"
6. "The Lee Shore"
7. "Change Partners"
8. "Only Love Can Break Your Heart"
9. "Our House"
10. "Guinevere"
11. "Old Man"
12. "Teach Your Children"
13. "Suite: Judy Blue Eyes"
14. "Long Time Gone"
15. "Chicago"
16. "Ohio"

Starbucks Exclusive (US & Canada) Track Listing

1. "Only Love Can Break Your Heart"
2. "Change Partners"
3. "The Lee Shore"
4. "Johnny’s Garden"
5. "Guinevere"
6. "Our House"
7. "Prison Song"
8. "Old Man"
9. "Blackbird"
10. "Hawaiian Sunrise"
11. "Teach Your Children"
12. "Suite: Judy Blue Eyes"


Neil Young Completes Archives 2 Box Set
2014 | May 21 |

Neil Young says that his new box set Archives II should be finished by this summer. Young revealed the news during an interview with Rolling Stone, and even dropped a hint as to what will be included in the new set.

"It'll be finished this summer," Young began. "All of the music will be done."

"It goes just past [1979's] Rust Never Sleeps. It's full of albums that weren't there before - stuff I did that I never put out. The rest will come out pretty quickly. While we've been working on Volume II, we've been working on the other Volumes."

Young has previously confirmed that the unissued LPs Chrome Dreams and Homegrown, along with an alternate edition of the 1973 live album, Time Fades Away will also be included.

Volumes will come in five iterations with the last covering the 2000s.


CSNY 1974 box set [update]
2014 | May 20 |

The CSNY 1974 Set is showing on the Amazon UK site, but the USA site doesn't mention it (yet). The release contains 4 disks and is expected to hit shelves on July the 7th.

Track Listings:

Disc: 1
1. Love The One You're With (Csny 1974)
2. Wooden Ships (Csny 1974)
3. Immigration Man (Csny 1974)
4. Helpless (Csny 1974)
5. Carry Me (Csny 1974)
6. Johnny's Garden (Csny 1974)
7. Traces (Csny 1974)
8. Grave Concern (Csny 1974)
9. On The Beach (Csny 1974)
10. Black Queen (Csny 1974)
11. Almost Cut My Hair (Csny 1974)

Disc: 2
1. Change Partners (Csny 1974)
2. The Lee Shore (Csny 1974)
3. Only Love Can Break Your Heart (Csny 1974)
4. Our House (Csny 1974)
5. Fieldworker (Csny 1974)
6. Guinevere (Csny 1974)
7. Time After Time (Csny 1974)
8. Prison Song (Csny 1974)
9. Long May You Run (Csny 1974)
10. Goodbye Dick (Csny 1974)
11. Mellow My Mind (Csny 1974)
12. Old Man (Csny 1974)
13. Word Game (Csny 1974)
14. Myth Of Sisyphus (Csny 1974)
15. Blackbird (Csny 1974)
16. Love Art Blues (Csny 1974)
17. Hawaiian Sunrise (Csny 1974)
18. Teach Your Children (Csny 1974)
19. Suite: Judy Blue Eyes (Csny 1974)

Disc: 3
1. Deja Vu (Csny 1974)
2. My Angel (Csny 1974)
3. Pre-Road Downs (Csny 1974)
4. Don't Be Denied (Csny 1974)
5. Revolution Blues (Csny 1974)
6. Military Madness (Csny 1974)
7. Long Time Gone (Csny 1974)
8. Pushed It Over The End (Csny 1974)
9. Chicago (Csny 1974)
10. Ohio (Csny 1974)

Disc: 4
1. Only Love Can Break Your Heart (Csny 1974)
2. Almost Cut My Hair (Csny 1974)
3. Grave Concern (Csny 1974)
4. Old Man (Csny 1974)
5. Johnny's Garden (Csny 1974)
6. Our House (Csny 1974)
7. Deja Vu (Csny 1974)
8. Pushed It Over The End (Csny 1974)


A Byrd Flies Into Chicago
2014 | May 19 |

Story & Photos by John Kwit
North American Reporter

Taking in a show at Chicago's historical 450-seat Old Town School of Folk Music is about as close as one can get to experiencing a living room concert. (In addition to live performances, the School still offers musical classes to those aspiring to learn & improve their skills. A very young Roger McGuinn once walked its halls before founding the Byrds.) So fans of Chris Hillman, one of the original members of the Byrds, were treated to a very intimate experience at the hallowed venue on Friday night, May 16th. Joining Chris was Herb Pedersen, a fine guitarist who has been a friend and musical cohort for over 50 years.

Chris alternated flawlessly between mandolin and guitar throughout the night. He & Herb (former guitarist for the Dillards, the 60's band that also featured future Buffalo Springfield-er Dewey Martin on drums) dug deep into their collective songbook for a show full of planned set-list gems and multiple audience requests from the multiple groups they have played in.

The sold-out crowd was treated to Byrds (Turn, Turn, Turn; Bells of Rhmney, Eight Miles High), Dillards (Hey Boys), Desert Rose Band (Hello Trouble; Love Reunited), Flying Burrito Brothers (Wheels) and Manassas (It Doesn't Matter; Bound to Fall) favorites, to name a few. Both Chris & Herb seemed to thrive on the audience requests that brought them back to their musical roots, including Chris tackling Bob Gibson's Well, Well, Well.

If seeing these two iconic musicians up close wasn't enough, after the show they both graciously came into the lobby area, sat down behind a card table and proceeded to chat with fans, pose for pictures and sign autographs until everyone left satisfied. If only every concert experience could be so personable!!

The opening act for the show was guitarist Brad Colerick, a fine guitar picker with a set of memorable songs that challenged the tear ducts of more than one audience member. Standouts included Juarez and Daddy is There Paper in Heaven. Keep an eye and ear out for him and his upcoming album, Tucson. Give him a listen!

Word to the wise: Catch Chris Hillman and Herb Pedersen while you can. One would be hard pressed to find such an incredible show full of indelible memories.


Neil Young Talks Plans For ‘The Archives Vol. 2' and Second Autobiography
2014 | May 16 |

While he continues to write and record new music, Neil Young is also making time for his own journey through the past through a couple of upcoming releases.

Though it’s been five years and counting since the Canadian rocker released the first volume of his ‘Archives’ series, it looks like we might be close to seeing the release of the second. In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Young talked about the state of the next box set. “It’ll be finished this summer. All of the music will be done,” Young said. “It goes just past [1979's] ‘Rust Never Sleeps.’ It’s full of albums that weren’t there before – stuff I did that I never put out.” Of the albums that Young recorded but never released during this period include ‘Chrome Dreams’ from 1977 and ‘Homegrown’ from 1974-5.

Young went on to discuss the release plan for the volumes following the next iteration which will cover the singer’s ‘80s, ‘90s and ‘00s periods respectively. “The rest will come out pretty quickly. While we’ve been working on ‘Volume II,’ we’ve been working on the other volumes,” he said. “I’ve gotten to the point where I’ve made a template for how to release it in the future, if I can’t do it myself. I’ve also done a lot of it myself. The quality is there. It’s a model for how to preserve music.”
The singer’s ‘The Archives Vol. 1 1963-1972’ was released in 2009 and included nine discs of never-before heard music along with a film detailing the earliest portion of the singer’s career.

In the same interview, Young also discussed the status of his second autobiography, “It’s finished. I’m painting art for it now,” he said. “It’s not the same kind of book [as 'Waging Heavy Peace']. It’s about my history with cars. I told the story of what happened in every car that I got, how my life changed as I drove these cars around. I would discover these different things that I saw while I was in them. And each chapter is about the next car I got, the experiences I had until that car was done.”

The Canadian rocker’s latest record, ‘A Letter Home‘ is due out for release on May 23. It was recorded in a in a 1947 Voice-O-Graph booth with the assist of former White Stripes front man, Jack White.

Photograph: Kevin Winter, Getty Images


Neil Young and Jack White record live on 'The Tonight Show'
2014 | May 13 |

Neil Young and Jack White recorded a song straight to vinyl on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon last night (May 12). Scroll down to watch.

The pair appeared on Fallon's show and brought the same 1947 Voice-o-Graph vinyl recording booth from Third Man Records in Nashville used to record Young's latest album 'A Letter Home.'

During the show, White and Young showed the viewers how the booth works by getting Young to record a cover of 'Crazy' by Willie Nelson as the live show aired. It was then pressed on vinyl and distributed at the end of the show. Fallon shared a picture of the record via Twitter.

Earlier this year Young released 'A Letter Home' on Jack White's Third Man Records. It features covers of tracks Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, The Everly Brothers and more.


Updated overview of rumored or expected CSNY albums
2014 | May 9 |

After the CSN tour is over at the end of the year, Stills plans to do another album with the Rides and David Crosby hints a live 2014 album or DVD.

Herewith our overview of rumored or expected CSNY albums in all their forms:

- live 2014 album or DVD (mentioned on Twitter)
- Solo album (Stills in 2009: "I'm finally feeling some songs and some things to say")
- Stills plans to do another album with the Rides (interview in 2014)
- Archives box Vol. 2-5 (according to Elliot Roberts, Vol. 2 will be released "two or three years" after 2009's Volume 1) [CONFIRMED]
- Benefit album
- "Acoustic 1993" (Featuring Jef Pevar?)
- "San Francisco 1974" (Nash in 2000: " Some of the same songs [4WaySite: "Another Stoney Evening"], but a few surprises, too. And another wild audience"
- "Tribute to Joni Mitchell" (David Crosby in 2012: "Graham and I have been thinking seriously about doing an album of Joni Mitchell's stuff.")
- Album of covers (featuring CSN renditions of songs by the Rolling Stones, Beatles, Bob Dylan and the Grateful Dead. David Crosby in 2012: "The covers album we started to make as Crosby, Stills & Nash will probably come out next year.")
- Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young live 1974 DVD/3CD. [CONFIRMED]
- Studio album (Nash in March, 2010: "Neil wants to do a record. He told me a couple of days ago that he’s very interested in doing a new CSNY record")
- "Fillmore" DVD (like the parts in Journey Through the Past, but the entire concert. This was mentioned in interviews promoting the Deja Vu movie)
- "CSNY2K live CD/DVD" (we can probably remove this one from this list, although in 2000 Nash said "Work on the CSNY [CSNY2K] DVD is going slowly due to prior commitments but we are working on both the audio and the video. We have had CD's cut of our favorite performances of our songs. We will choose the best then meet to discuss what songs should finally make it. Larry Johnson is doing the same with the video so work is going on")


Today Stephen Stills opens new tour in Santa Cruz
2014 | May 8 |

Yes, musically speaking, in the 1960s, gods roamed the Earth.

But even among all those legendary names, pound for pound, few individuals were more influential in creating the nexus of musical associations attached to the '60s than singer/songwriter Stephen Stills.

Obviously, he was part of what is probably the greatest vocal trio in pop music history in Crosby, Stills & Nash. But try watching any movie that references the hippie era that doesn't feature the opening bars of Stills's "For What It's Worth." In that song and at least one other, Stills is also the author of some of the perfect encapsulating lines of the era:

"There's something happening here/ But what it is ain't exactly clear."

"Paranoia strikes deep/Into your life it will creep."

"Love the one you're with."

A two-time Rock & Roll Hall of Famer — for his contributions to CSN and Buffalo Springfield — Stills comes to the Catalyst in Santa Cruz tonight at a career pinnacle. Last year, he released "Carry On," a four-disc box set looking back on what is now a 50-year career in music.

"I remember listening to people like Bob Hope talk about 50 years in show business," laughed Stills in a phone interview. "And now I'm there, and it's weird. I mean, I've been getting paid to play music for 50 years and I find that shocking."

Stills, 69, is deeply associated with the '60s, but he's as busy now as he's ever been. When he's not out on the road performing with his partners David Crosby and Graham Nash — CSN begins their new tour in July — he's playing an all-star blues band called the Rides featuring the universally acclaimed guitarist Kenny Wayne Shepherd and Chicago blues vet keyboardist Barry Goldberg. After the CSN tour is over at the end of the year, Stills plans to do an album with the Rides.

Santa Cruz is the first date on a spring tour that Stills said was cobbled together at the last minute because CSN had to postpone their 2014 tour. "It's the result of Crosby's doctor insisting that he not travel much for a while."

Stills has played Santa Cruz many times over the years and has a fondness for the town where his sister Tai Stills has lived for many years, and just down Highway 1 a bit from the home of his buddy and long-time musical partner Neil Young. "All Neil's crew guys usually come," said Stills of his shows in Santa Cruz, "and my sister Tai brings a contingent, so that's half the house right there."

In the show, Stills said he will play some of his old chestnuts but will also do some Rides material and some cover versions of songs that no one has heard, including Young's anthemic "Rockin' in the Free World" to end his set.

"I hope he likes the way I treat his material," said Stills. "Neil and I are still close. Someone asked him at some Q-AND-A somewhere not too long ago, 'If you were elected president, who would you want as your vice president?' And Neil said, 'Well, first off, I'm Canadian so I can't be president. But absolutely, my vice president would be Stephen Stills, which I love because the vice president doesn't do anything."


CSNY box set update
2014 | May 6 | @thedavidcrosby

David Crosby sent a message on Twitter saying the CSNY 1974 box set will hit shelves "this summer for sure" and is "amazing".

Here is the link to the comment:

Let's keep our fingers "crozed"!


Neil Young's 'A Letter Home' Coming Back as Deluxe Package
2014 | April 24 |

New set will include alternate takes, vinyl discs and making-of DVD

By Andy Greene

Neil Young's lo-fi covers record A Letter Home was quietly released on vinyl through Jack White's label Third Man Records just in time for Record Store Day last week, but on May 27th it's coming back in a deluxe package that will include a CD, a download card, a making-of DVD and two vinyl records. The limited edition set will retail for $109.98, but a basic CD version will also be offered for $13.99.

A Letter Home - which features acoustic renditions of Bob Dylan's "Girl From The North Country," Willie Nelson's "On The Road Again" and many other classics - was recorded at Third Man Records on a refurbished 1947 Voice-O-Graph recording booth. "Imagine a very simple recording studio not much larger than a phone booth and you'll get the idea," reads a press release. "Recorded live to track to one-track, mono, the album has an inherent warm, primitive feel of a vintage Folkways recording."

The deluxe edition of the album will also have a 32-page booklet and seven 6" clear vinyl discs, one of which features an alternate take on Willie Nelson's "Crazy."

Young also released a video for his cover of Bert Jansch's "Needle of Death" for those who wish to see the Voice-O-Graph recording booth in action.

Young recently wrapped up a solo acoustic North American tour at at the Chicago Theater. The shows centered mostly around Young's early work, and featured the first live performance of the Rust Never Sleeps deep cut "Thrasher" since 1978. He heads to Europe in July for a tour with Crazy Horse.


Last Thoughts On Neil Young
2014 | April 22 |

John Kwit
North American Reporter

Surrounded by his faithful Wooden Cigar Store Indian, more than half a dozen acoustic guitars, a banjo (Mellow My Mind), a psychedelic grand piano topped with a electronic keyboard (Man Needs a Maid), an upright piano (After the Gold Rush), a pump organ (a bluesy version of Mr. Soul) and more harmonicas then you could shake a stick at, Neil Young kept the Chicago crowd and his scrambling guitar techs guessing what direction he was heading to on the first of two sold out shows Monday night.

Neil dug deep into his early catalog (Only Love Can Break Your Heart, On the Way Home, Harvest & Old Man) but he also performed several numbers written by those who he stated laid the path for his success: the great Phil Ochs, Tim Hardin and fellow Canadian Gordon Lightfoot. The latter, he affectionately referred to as Gordie. Then Neil got sidetracked into a discussion about Gordie Howe the Hall of Fame hockey player for the Detroit Red Wings which whipped the Chicago Black Hawk crowd into a slight frenzy.

Neil confessed that he hadn't gotten his between-song rap down yet so he did some slight of hand and quickly shifted the subject to the history of one of his guitars. This particular guitar once belonged to Hank Williams, so Neil escaped the hockey penalty box by breaking into Harvest Moon.

Taking a page out of the very young Bob Dylan cannon, Neil opened the second half of his show by treating the audience to his own "Beatnik Poetry." Some might call it his own mini-version of Dylan's Last Thoughts on Woody Guthrie, only this could have been composed while Neil took his extremely short intermission. The poet laureate walked out with a grin and told the crowd it was in for a special treat. Without notes he rattled off his sonnet (Hello to Chicago) about The Blues, a girl, her wind swept hair, the Chicago el (elevated train line) and an ornate theatre.

Now, every Rustie needs this recorded show in their Neil Young library and there's no doubt our good friends at Thrasher's Wheat can find someone to supply the exact words of his poetic masterpiece.

But enough about poetry. From the vantage point of the rafters where I was sitting for my umpteenth Neil Young show, I couldn't help but smile that the "Old Man" had done it once again, pulling the rabbit out of the hat like the great magician he is.

The classic songs kept coming: Pocahontas, Ohio & Heart of Gold. Thankfully the crowd kept quiet allowing Neil's unique delivery to be heard and appreciated.

His discourses between songs were as classic as the songs themselves. Upon drinking a glass of water he told the audience about the first time he saw a vending machine that sold water. Imagine that: Selling water! At 25 cents a bottle! Unbelievable! Then he went on to say he liked to drink his water out of a glass, not plastic. As he put it, "Glass. Brought to you by Sand and Fire."

Towards the end of the evening he warned the audience that he was coming to that part in the show when he was going to play his Big Hit so they better pay attention and get ready. Thank God for Neil Young.

Are these the Last Thoughts on Neil Young? Hardly. The dawn will soon be breaking and the second sold-out Chicago show is only hours away.

John Kwit
North American Reporter

P.S.: The second Chicago show included an expanded and final version of his poem, Hello to Chicago. As Neil said, he's no Byron. But then again, Byron was no Neil Young.


Neil Young's New Covers Album Available Right Now: Surprise!
2014 | April 19 |

'A Letter Home' features covers by Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan and many others

Neil Young's new covers record A Letter Home has been released through Jack White's Third Man records just in time for Record Store Day. There's been no formal announcement, but Third Man is accepting orders for the vinyl version right now through their website. It retails for $20, plus shipping.

The entire record - which includes covers of classic songs by Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson and many others - was recorded in a refurbished 1947 Voice-o-Graph vinyl recording booth at White's Third Man store in Nashville, Tenn. A message on Young's website describes the album as "an unheard collection of rediscovered songs from the past recorded on ancient electro-mechanical technology captures and unleashes the essence of something that could have been gone forever."

Here is a complete track listing:

1. "Changes" (Phil Ochs)
2. "Girl From The North Country" (Bob Dylan)
3. "Needle of Death" (Bert Jansch)
4. "Early Morning Rain" (Gordon Lightfoot)
5. "Crazy" (Willie Nelson)
6. "Reason To Believe" (Tim Hardin)
7. "On The Road Again" (Willie Nelson)
8. "If You Could Read My Mind" (Gordon Lightfoot)
9. "Since I Met You Baby" (Ivory Joe Hunter)
10. "My Hometown" (Bruce Springsteen)
11. "I Wonder If I Care As Much" (Everly Brothers)

Some of these covers have been in Young's setlist over the past few months, though he has yet to play "Girl From The North Country," "On The Road Again," "Crazy," "My Hometown" or "I Wonder If I Care As Much." Young will be spending much of his summer gigging around Europe with Crazy Horse.


CSN announce additional U.S. Summer 2014 Tour Dates
2014 | April 14 |

On the heels of their sold out March 2014 tour, Crosby, Stills & Nash have announced additional U.S. summer tour dates.

Adding to their already announced July tour, the new dates begin August 6 at the Broward Center in Fort Lauderdale, FL. The group will perform songs from their extensive catalogue, as well as new material from each member.

The summer tour currently runs through October 4 with a show at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles, CA. Once again, CSN will be accompanied by its backing band featuring: Shane Fontayne (guitar), Steve DiStanislao (drums), Kevin McCormick (bass), James Raymond (keyboards), and Todd Caldwell (organ).


Today you can ask questions to Graham Nash
2014 | April 8 |

Graham Nash will be participating in a Google+ Hangout this afternoon at the Civil Rights Summit.
Ask Graham questions in advance on Google+, Twitter and Facebook using hashtag ?#?SummitHangout. Graham Nash Google Hangout - Tuesday, April 8 – 4:20 p.m. CST -


Stephen Stills Announces Solo U.S.
2014 | April 7 |

Stephen Stills will headline a solo tour in the western United States in May and June during a break in Crosby, Stills & Nash's 2014 tour. Pre-sale tickets will be available through beginning Monday, April 7, with public on sales this week.

The tour kicks off on May 8 at the Catalyst Club in Santa Cruz, CA, and concludes June 3 at the Fox Theater in Tucson, AZ. The show will feature two sets: one solo acoustic and one full electric band set of career-spanning favorites, including several new songs. Stills will be accompanied by longtime CSN bandmates Kevin McCormick (bass) and Todd Caldwell (organ), with a new addition on drums, Mario Calire.

On April 5th, Stills and his wife Kristen hosted the 2nd Light Up The Blues Concert to benefit Autism Speaks in downtown Los Angeles at the newly restored Theatre @ the ACE. Proceeds from the sold out concert benefit Autism Speaks' research and advocacy efforts for families and individuals impacted by the disorder.


Joe Lala Passed Away
2014 | March 18 |

This sad news comes from Leland Sklar's Facebook page: "I am beyond broken hearted to hear of the passing of Joe Lala. I have worked with Joe since the 70's and he played with The Section towards the end of our run. Always brought great feel to everything he touched. From his parrot sitting on his shoulder pooping down his back (you had to be there) to the sauces he made (what a cook) he was the man. Could get you up and out of your chair with a cow bell. Could use more cowbell was not a phrase you used on Joey. He always had plenty. I will miss you and you will always be in my heart and my groove. You set the bar high. RIP dear friend......"

Joe Lala was a musician, actor and voice actor, notable for dubbing Kun Lan of the video game Killer7 and as a drummer and percussionist who has worked with Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, Manassas, The Bee Gees, Whitney Houston, and many others.

Photo: Philip Rauls.


David Crosby played New Song
2014 | March 17 |

Last night at the The Barns at Wolftrap in Vienna, David Crosby played a new song called "What Makes It So".

You can listen to it on YouTube (sound only).

Neil Young announces two 2014 spring solo acoustic dates in Chicago
2014 | March 17 |

Neil Young fans in Chicago will have a chance to see him in a solo acoustic setting.

According to an updates posted today at Young's official Facebook page, the "Heart of Gold" hitmaker has expanded his spring solo schedule with a pair of acoustic dates, scheduled for April 21 and 22 at the historic Chicago Theatre.

General on sales begin Sat., March 22 and pre-sales begin Wed. March 19.

Check out the updated Tours section!


CSN Announce U.S. Tour Dates For Summer 2014
2014 | March 17 |

Crosby, Stills & Nash announce U.S. tour dates for this summer and the first leg of the summer tour runs through July 19, with a show at the Ravinia Festival in Highland Park, IL.

Check out the Tours 2014 section for more details.

Neil Young's Pono Raisies $2.4 Million In 48 Hours On Kickstarter
2014 | March 13 |

Neil Young's campaign to fund Pono, a higher quality music player and download store, went live on Kickstarter on Tuesday. 48 hours later, Young had raised $2.4 million.

Pono will play FLAC or ultra-high resolution recordings (192kHz/24 bit). "The difference between a PonoMusic digital file and an mp3 is about 30 times more data from which your player reconstructs the song," according to Young.


Neil Young Reaches $800,000 Pono Kickstarter Goal in 1 Day
2014 | March 12 |

Veteran rocker achieves goal 34 days ahead of schedule.

By Jason Newman

Tuesday night, less than 10 hours after launching a Kickstarter page to raise money for his new digital music service PonoMusic and its accompanying player, Neil Young surpassed his goal of $800,000. Young and the PonoMusic team had set an expiration date of Tuesday, April 15th to raise the necessary funds.

Per Kickstarter rules, project organizers keep any funds raised past the required amount. As Kickstarter notes on their FAQ, "Most of the time, what seems like 'extra' money isn’t extra at all. Ten times the funding often means 10 times the backers. More rewards have to be produced and distributed, and creators need that funding to do it (and sometimes some of their own money too).

"Sometimes when a project is overfunded it lets the creator put that money back into the project to create something better for the backers and themselves. More songs on an album, additional game elements, better materials, etc. In other cases, overfunding leads to better margins and the creator may even profit from the project. This often also means that the creator can continue the project beyond Kickstarter and backers are part of that story."

Young offered multiple rewards for financial contributions, including a "VIP Dinner & Listening Party" with the singer and limited edition Pono players signed by Arcade Fire, Pearl Jam, Beck, Foo Fighters and others. All 500 limited edition players with Young's signature laser-engraved on the device were sold for a minimum of $400 each.

The singer reached out to many of his musician peers for a testimonial video that accompanied the Kickstarter page. Bruce Springsteen, Eddie Vedder, David Crosby, James Taylor, Tom Petty, Sting and a slew of other musical icons provided glowing recommendations for the service.

The player, which has a suggested retail price of $399, will contain 128 gigabytes of memory and can store between 1,000 and 2,000 high-resolution songs, depending on the resolution and length of the recording. The device will also accept memory cards, which can hold more music and playlists.

Photo: Neil Young during the 2014 SXSW Music, Film + Interactive Festival at Austin Convention Center in Austin, Texas.
Dustin Finkelstein/Getty Images for SXSW


Neil Young to sell $399 PonoPlayer
2014 | March 10 |

Neil Young to sell $399 PonoPlayer music device through Kickstarter.

Music veteran to unveil ‘highest resolution’ digital music service to take on Apple’s iTunes in SXSW keynote.

It is no secret that musician Neil Young is preparing to unveil a new digital music service and portable player device during a keynote at the SXSW conference this week. But the details have leaked in advance of his speech.

According to a press release published on fansite Neil Young News and picked up by industry blog, Young will launch a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for his new PonoPlayer device on 15 March, with early buyers getting a discount on its planned $399 price.

The device will be supported by an online music downloads store called PonoMusic, which will sell files at a higher resolution than rivals like Apple’s iTunes.

“It’s about the music, real music. We want to move digital music into the 21st century and PonoMusic does that. We couldn’t be more excited about bringing PonoMusic to the market,” said Young in a statement accompanying the announcement.

Young will act as chairman of PonoMusic, working with chief executive John Hamm, a fellow music industry veteran. “Our goal was to offer the highest quality digital music available from all the major labels with the world’s greatest sounding, user-friendly portable music player,” said Hamm.

“We’ve achieved our goal and we are excited to launch our Kickstarter campaign next week to invite music lovers everywhere to join the PonoMusic community and reserve a PonoPlayer for their own enjoyment.”

PonoMusic is working with US hardware firm Ayre Acoustics to produce the device, which will ship with 128GB of memory to store music, as well as accepting memory cards to boost its capacity. The company will also sell earphones and headphones from its website.

Young has been planning Pono for some time. In early 2012, he talked publicly about previous discussions with Apple boss Steve Jobs about a high-resolution audio version of that company’s iPod, although the talks never came to anything.

Young first announced his plans for Pono later that year including showing a prototype version of the device on a US TV chat show, before filing trademarks for the player and service in December 2012.

In September 2013, Young updated fans on his Facebook page, promising an early 2014 launch for PonoMusic. “The simplest way to describe what we’ve accomplished is that we’ve liberated the music of the artist from the digital file and restored it to its original artistic quality – as it was in the studio,” he wrote.

“Hearing Pono for the first time is like that first blast of daylight when you leave a movie theatre on a sun-filled day.”


CSN treat the Clay Center audience well
2014 | March 8 |

Here is a review about CSN's performance in CHARLESTON, W.Va.

By Bill Lynch.

Graham Nash joked that one of the things about being in a group with a bunch of old guys was that, between the three of them, they had about 900 songs and they were willing to play all of them. David Crosby, of course, shook his shaggy head and said they'd just be playing the ones he could remember the words to, which he reckoned would be about three more than what they'd already played.

Crosby, Stills and Nash sort of split the difference. The iconic folk-rock band played about three hours of their best stuff -- everything from "Our House" to "Teach Your Children" to "Suite: Judy Blue Eyes," plus a few selections from their individual catalogs, like "Love the One You're With," written by Stephen Stills.

They also stepped out with some new material. Nash played a song sort of written about his wife and soon-to-be-born grandchildren, called "Here For you." The trio played a couple of songs written by or with the touring band's piano player and Crosby's son, James Raymond.

The audience responded well to the new material, particularly "Here For You," although pretty clearly the audience was hungry for the songs they remembered and the supply seemed near inexhaustible.

It was a great show -- sold out weeks ago. The audience was warm and enthusiastic. Its members repeatedly jumped to their feet after a song and clapped and hooted.

The three music legends on the stage, along with their backing band, seemed to be having a good time, even though they joked about not being entirely sure where they were.

Just a joke, although it could have been the truth, given Crosby, Stills and Nash's age (all around 70-ish), Crosby's chemical history or even their tour schedule, but they were all clear-headed and very present.

Crosby and Nash were charming and funny, although not all of their political jokes landed so well.

It was a fairly well-connected audience at the Clay Center. With the Legislature in session, it's probable a few people connected to the Statehouse were somewhere in the aisles, along with Mayor Danny Jones, who had a box seat, and Representative Shelly Moore Capito, R-W.Va., who had a center seat toward the middle of the theater.

A quip about the prices for buying a senator and a congressman brought out a few gasps, along with what sounded like muted laughs.

While Nash and Crosby joked around, Stills didn't say quite as much. He played his guitar very well -- but he struggled with his singing from time to time. Part of that is probably the wear and tear of time, but during the first half of the first hour of the show, he also broke out into coughs while singing and disappeared off the stage a time or two with fistfuls of tissues.

I'd guess he's getting over a cold.

However, it hardly mattered if the overall sound was sometimes frayed at the edges. The show was a delight.

Photo: Tom Craig/Seminole - at the Seminole Hard Rock on Thursday night (06-03-214).


More CSN Gigs This Year
2014 | March 6 |

In an interview with Journal Star, Peoria, Graham Nash says that more gigs are planned for this year.

Touring has gotten easier for the group, said Nash, noting that road trips are planned for March, May, July and September this year.

As mentioned before, Nash has also been involved in another historical project — putting together a massive box set — three CDs, a DVD and 184-page booklet – on C, S & N and Y’s stadium tour of 1974. “The average audience we played to was between 60,000 and 70,000 people each show,” said Nash, promising a summer release date and a sound that is “fabulous.”


"Time Fades Away" rumoured for Record Store Day release
2014 | March 3 |

Rumours are swirling that Neil Young is about to reissue his live album, Time Fades Away, on Record Store Day.

The album, from 1973, has long been out of print and has never been released on CD. In 2010, Time Fades Away was listed No 1 in Uncut's 50 Great Lost Albums – a chart if records that were unavailable new or as legal downloads at the time of writing.
However, according to an unconfirmed report on Young's fansite Thrasher's Wheat, Time Fades Away will form part of a limited edition box set alongside On The Beach, Tonight's The Night and Zuma.

The set, called Neil Young: Official Release Series Discs 5 - 8, will feature the four albums on 180-gram black vinyl in reproduction jackets housed in telescoping box. it is limited to 3,500 copies. Thrasher's Wheat reports that the albums have been remastered from the original analog studio recordings at Bernie Grundman Mastering. The artwork is a historically accurate reproduction by Young's long-time art director, Gary Burden.

Neil Young: Official Release Series Discs 1 - 4 was released on vinyl in 2009 and contained the albums Neil Young, Everybody Knows This is Nowhere, After The Gold Rush and Harvest.

Another, as yet unconfirmed report also says that a live album recorded with Crazy Horse as part of 1986's Live in a Rusted Garage tour, Cow Palace, will also receive a release on Record Store Day - which this year falls on April 19.


Graham Nash to meet fans at Barnes & Noble
2014 | February 27 |

The March 11 Crosby, Stills & Nash show at the Civic Center is sold out, but you’ll still be able to meet Graham Nash while he’s in town.

Nash will hold a meet-and-greet and signing of his memoir, “Wild Tales: A Rock & Roll Life,” at 6 p.m. on March 10 at Barnes & Noble, 4550 University Ave., West Des Moines. The signing event is free.


Tours Section Updated
2014 | February 27 |

Again the 2014 Tours section has been updated.

- CSN will be playing in Los Angeles.
- More rescheduled shows of David Crosby are announced.
- Neil Young will be performing more shows in Los Angeles.

As for Los Angeles, CSN will be playing on April 5 and Neil Young's latest performance in LA is April 2.


Neil Young working on second memoir
2014 | February 25 |

Neil Young is not done with writing memoirs.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Famer has a deal with Blue Rider Press for a book focusing on his passion for cars, while also featuring stories about his life in music.

Blue Rider, an imprint of Penguin Random House, told The Associated Press on Monday that the new book is scheduled for the fall and is currently untitled. Young’s first memoir, ‘‘Waging Heavy Peace,’’ was a best-seller published by Blue Rider in 2012.

New Rider says the second memoir is an ‘‘eclectic amalgam’’ that also will include artwork by Young and his thoughts on politics and the environment.


Stephen and Kristen Stills To Host Second “Light Up The Blues” Benefit
2014 | February 18 |

Guests Team up for the 2nd Light Up The Blues Concert to Benefit Autism Speaks on April 5th at the Historic Theatre at Ace Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles. Hosted by Kristen and Stephen Stills, the Evening Celebrates Autism Awareness Month

Crosby, Stills & Nash (CSN), John Mayer, Don Felder, Brandi Carlile, Chris Stills and many special guests will return to Los Angeles on April 5 at The Theatre at Ace Hotel for the 2nd Light Up The Blues Concert-An Evening of Music to Benefit Autism Speaks, the world's leading autism science and advocacy organization. Also performing are special guests-rapper Watsky, indie artist Xolie Morra, Rio "Soulschocka" Wyles, Adam Mandela Walden, and Neal Katz. The benefit concert will begin at 7:30 PM. Tickets go on sale this Saturday, February 22 at 10 AM PT through all Ticketmaster outlets, and online at

The April 5 event spotlights Light It Up Blue, Autism Speaks' annual global awareness and fundraising campaign celebrated by the international Autism community during World Autism Awareness Day and throughout Autism Awareness Month in April. Proceeds from the Light Up The Blues Concert will go towards Autism Speaks' research and advocacy efforts for families and individuals impacted by the disorder.

"We are so thrilled to be doing this again. Last year's Light Up The Blues benefit was such an incredible event, life changing for all involved. We are so grateful to be able to bring such a special night of music to the Autism community and to support Autism Speaks," says Kristen & Stephen Stills. Light Up The Blues will celebrate the many gifts of autistic individuals, while supporting Autism Speaks in their mission to raise awareness and continue to enact their successful advocacy on behalf of all those who navigate through the journey of Autism.

"We value our partnership with the Stills family on this amazing event that not only has great music, but also highlights the incredible talents of individuals on the spectrum, and lets them shine bright for a wonderful evening, " said Matt Asner, Executive Director of Southern California for Autism Speaks.

About Autism Speaks: Autism Speaks is the world's leading autism science and advocacy organization. It is dedicated to funding research into the causes, prevention, treatments and a cure for autism; increasing awareness of autism spectrum disorders; and advocating for the needs of individuals with autism and their families. Autism Speaks was founded in February 2005, by Suzanne and Bob Wright, the grandparents of a child with autism. Mr. Wright is the former vice chairman of General Electric and chief executive officer of NBC and NBC Universal. Since its inception, Autism Speaks has committed more than $195 million to research and developing innovative resources for families. Each year Walk Now for Autism Speaks events are held in more than 100 cities across North America. On the global front, Autism Speaks has established partnerships and related activities in more than 40 countries on five continents to foster international research, services and awareness. To learn more about Autism Speaks, please visit

To learn more, please visit


Stills On SiriusXM Deep Tracks
2014 | February 18 |

Stephen Stills will be on SiriusXM Deep Tracks with Jim Ladd tonight at 6 PM PT to announce an upcoming benefit show in April.

Tune in for all the info here.

David Crosby Reschedules the Remaining Shows
2014 | February 17 |

David Crosby Reschedules the Remaining Shows on His Sold Out Tour After Medical Procedure.


(Los Angeles, CA, February 17, 2014): At the urging of his doctor, on Friday, February 14, David Crosby underwent a cardiac catheterization and angiogram, based on the results of a routine cardiac stress test. The left anterior coronary artery was found to be 90% blocked, and two stents were placed to provide blood flow to his heart muscle. David is expected to have a full recovery. He did not have a heart attack, though it is certain that had he chosen to ignore his doctor’s urgent recommendation, it would have led to one.

"I am very glad that I listened to my doctors and my family. It seems I am once again a very lucky man,” says David Crosby. "I'm sorry to have to move the dates, but I promise the music will be good when we do play them."

Because he has been instructed to rest before resuming normal activities, the two (2) sold out shows scheduled for the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco on Feb. 20 and 21 have been postponed to April 20 and 21. Please contact the box office at the Great American Music Hall for details. The five (5) sold out shows at the Troubadour in Los Angeles, CA previously scheduled forFeb. 23, 24, 25, 27, 28 will also be postponed to April. The exact dates will be announced very shortly.

All Crosby, Stills & Nash shows will continue as scheduled. The first show of CSN's 2014 tour kicks off in Richmond, VA on March 4th.

Check out the Tours 2014 section.


David Crosby cancels Show [Updated]
2014 | February 16 | @thedavidcrosby

Again David Crosby has to reschedule shows. The LA and SF shows have to be postponed.

This is what David Crosby tweeted: "SF and LA gigs will have to be rescheduled...I apologize ...another health issue....damn was just starting to really get good".

Get well soon, David!


Graham Nash To Perform Two Shows At City Winery In Napa, CA
2014 | February 12 |

Graham Nash will perform an "evening with" concert in Napa, CA on April 29 and 30 to celebrate City Winery's Grand Opening month. A limited amount of pre-sale tickets will be available to City Winery's "VinoFiles" beginning Wednesday, February 12 at 2 PM PT, with the public ticket sales beginning Thursday, February 13. Ticket information is available at

Graham Nash will be performing as part of the same trio who played with him during his sold out shows last fall—James Raymond (keyboards) and Shane Fontayne (guitar)—who are also part of Crosby, Stills & Nash's touring band. "Having played the City Winery in New York, the experience of sharing music and stories with an attentive audience was wonderful," says Nash. "I look forward to playing the new City Winery in Napa this April."

While continually building his musical legacy, Nash is also an internationally renowned photographer and visual artist whose work has been shown in galleries and museums worldwide; his digital printing company Nash Editions' original printer has a permanent home at American Museum at the Smithsonian. Born in Blackpool, England, Nash was appointed OBE by Queen Elizabeth in 2010. He first rose to fame with The Hollies, and went on to form Crosby, Stills & Nash in 1968. Nash has been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame two-times (for CSN & The Hollies), and is in the Songwriters Hall of Fame (as an individual and with CSN). In May 2013, he received an honorary Doctor of Fine Arts from Boston's Lesley University, where he spoke at the commencement.

Nash's long awaited autobiography, Wild Tales: A Rock & Roll Life was published in the U.S. on September 17 by Crown Archetype/Random House.


David Crosby cancels Show
2014 | February 5 |

Due to unforeseen circumstances, last night’s show had been postponed to Sunday, March 16th. You can contact the Barns at Wolf Trap Box Office for details. All tickets for this show will be honored on March 16th.

This is what David Crosby tweeted a few hours ago:

"Reschedule a WILL play for you ..I promise....whole band and crew is too...very bad cough / cold..very very bad".
"I am supposed to be singing right now dammit....sick ...sick sick....hotel blues...bummer...I am sorry to all who bought tix ...will .."

There is no information yet on the show of tomorrow.

Photo: Henry Diltz


Roger Waters takes Neil Young to task on Facebook
2014 | February 4 |

Pink Floyd's Roger Waters vented at Neil Young and Scarlett Johansson for supporting Israel on his Facebook page on Saturday.

Noting he had written each one privately, the pro-BDS rock star lamented that he was "confused" about Young, who was "always one of my heroes," coming to Israel to give a concert, and that Johansson, who "was a young woman of strength and integrity" had made an "about face" in choosing to be a spokesperson for Israeli company SodaStream.

Most of his post is directed at Johansson, asking her if she was aware "that the Israeli government has razed to the ground a Bedouin village in the Negev desert in Southern Israel 63 times, the last time being on the 26th of December 2013." He notes that while Bedouin are Israeli citizens, they do not enjoy full rights "because in 'Democratic' Israel there are fifty laws that discriminate against non-Jewish citizens."

He then takes her to task for defending her association with SodaStream by claiming that the Palestinian workers in the factory enjoy equal pay, benefits and rights. "Really? Equal Rights? Do they?" posts Waters.

The rock star ends with the statement: "Scarlett, you are undeniably cute, but if you think Soda Stream is building bridges towards peace you are also undeniably not paying attention."

Neither Young nor Johansson have responded publicly to the post.

In August, Roger Waters published an open letter calling on fellow musicians to unite against Israel. “I write to you now, my brothers and sisters in the family of Rock and Roll, to ask you to join with me, and thousands of other artists around the world, to declare a cultural boycott on Israel,” Waters wrote.

He officially announced he was joining the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement in 2011.


Today Crosby's "Croz" Hits Shelves
2014 | January 28 |

Today "Croz" hits shelves - David Crosby's first studio album in over 20 years, a collection of 11 new tracks from one of America's most notable singer-songwriters and two-time Rock and Roll Hall of Famer.

Stephen Silberman: "David Crosby occupies a paradoxical position in American music. He is simultaneously one of the most celebrated and one of the most underappreciated musicians of his gifted generation -- a generation that produced the timeless voices and visions of Bob Dylan, James Taylor, Neil Young, and many others. He is also one of the most quietly influential. By singing Dylan's early songs in the Byrds in crystalline harmony, Crosby gave the folksinger's career a significant boost. After hearing an unknown waif named Joni Mitchell sing in a club, he got her a recording contract that ensured her maximum creative freedom and produced her first record, launching her on her own intimitable career path. Crosby also turned the Beatles on to Ravi Shankar, and the world of pop music was never the same again. His music has been consistently fascinating, stretching the boundaries of pop, informed by jazz and world music as much as folk -- as Miles Davis knew when he recorded Crosby's sublime "Guinnevere" -- but as a result, his songs have never gotten the radio play of his gifted bandmates in Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young. [Disclosure: I've been listening to Crosby's music since I was a teenager in 1970, and have had the pleasure of knowing him since the early 1990s.]

From the first bars of "What's Broken," it's obvious that two-time Rock-and-Roll Hall of Famer Crosby is not resting on his Woodstock laurels for a second. This is one of the freshest, most innovative, and most vital albums of the year -- in no small part because Crosby forged an intimate musical collaboration with his brilliant son, James Raymond, whose keyboards and orchestral imagination turn these songs into cinematic landscapes that haunt your dreams. A poignant song about a drone bombing in the Middle East, "Morning Falling," is like nothing Crosby's ever done, with its heart-wrenching photographic lyrics, Arabic-inflected melody, and aching woodwinds by Steve Tavaglione. "Dangerous Night" is equally devastating, built on a set of chords by Raymond that has the majesty of Bruce Hornsby's most memorable melodies and a set of lyrics that render a clear picture of the troubles of humankind in the 21st Century while delivering a stirring message of consolation. On every track, Crosby and Raymond -- with the help of illustrious guests like Mark Knopfler and Wynton Marsalis, and a brilliant rhythm section -- stretch themselves, creating an album of folk/pop/electronic grandeur that manages to sound completely new and yet also like a classic David Crosby recording. When Crosby and guitarist/vocalist Marcus Eaton lay down a spread of luminous harmonies a minute into "What's Broken," you'll know you could be listening to no one else. There is darkness here -- check out the spare, desolate, sharply-drawn portrait of a young hooker in Amsterdam in "If She Called," sung solo with electric guitar -- but there is also redemption in "Radio" and "Find a Heart," two of the most upbeat and sparkling songs Crosby has ever recorded, tributes to the transformative power of love and compassion.

Crosby set a very high standard for himself with his first solo album recorded in 1970, "If I Could Only Remember My Name," but here he reaches that standard by coming at it from an unexpected angle, playing with the seasoned wisdom of age and the daring and ambition of youth, in the company of a band that deeply comprehends and extends his idiosyncratic vision. It's obviously a must-buy for his fans, but even for listeners who are only familiar with Crosby's moody contributions to CSNY, it's worth picking up as an exploration of new emotional and musical territory by one of the most fertile musical minds of our times."


Neil Young Announces New ‘Low-Tech’ Album
2014 | January 23 |

Neil Young has confirmed that his upcoming album, ‘A Letter From Home,’ will have a decidedly old-school feel. But he hasn’t confirmed much else about it.

“It’s one of the lowest-tech experiences I’ve ever had,” Young recently told Rolling Stone as he was on his way to accept the President’s Merit Award from the Recording Academy’s Producers & Engineers Wing for his contributions to music.

There are few details on the new album. The record’s producer, recording location and how the LP fits in with Young’s ongoing efforts to launch his PONO digital-music service were not announced. One thing is certain: Young’s rumored covers album with Jack White isn’t happening this time out. According to Young’s Facebook page, “Neil Young and Jack White are not doing a record of duets as has been erroneously posted on various outlets.”

However, Third Man Records, White’s record label, confirmed the artist’s involvement in the project at some level with the following news post: "Third Man Records unearths NEIL YOUNG’s A LETTER HOME. An unheard collection of rediscovered songs from the past recorded on ancient electro-mechanical technology captures and unleashes the essence of something that could have been gone forever".

This suggests — but of course doesn’t confirm — the possibility that White produced ‘A Letter From Home’ at his very lo-fi Third Man Recording Booth — the very same Nashville location where Young recorded an update of Bert Jansch’s ‘Needle of Death’ for Record Store Day last year.

Either way, the new album may provide an early testing ground for PONO, which Young hopes will dramatically improve the sound of digital media. The device and service are set to launch during this year’s South by Southwest festival in March, right around the time Young will release the record.

Photo: Kevork Djansezian, Getty Images


Neil Young honored at Grammy Event
2014 | January 23 |

Neil Young was celebrated last night by the producers and engineers wing of the Recording Academy.

Young received his award on stage during the group’s seventh annual Grammy week celebration at The Village, a historic Los Angeles recording studio that’s hosted the likes of the Beach Boys, Mariah Carey, Johnny Cash, Ray Charles, Eric Clapton and Elton John.

The National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences honored Young for his artistic creativity, philanthropic efforts and sonic integrity for a career that’s spanned more than four decades, including his time with Buffalo Springfield and Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young.

“You’re honoring me, you’re honoring yourself,” Young told the crowd of music industry professionals. “It’s not me. It’s you.”

Young recalled working on the recording of his 1975 song “Like a Hurricane” at The Village and lamented the rise of digital recording. He also used his acceptance speech to plug his upcoming high-fidelity audio service Pono, which translates to “righteousness” in Hawaiian.

The singer-songwriter, who’s sometimes referred to as “the godfather of grunge,” didn’t pick up his guitar at the event, but Dave Matthews made a surprise appearance to pay tribute to the musician.

Accompanied by only his guitar, Matthews crooned the folk song “Rye Whiskey” and played Young classics “My My, Hey Hey” and “The Needle and the Damage Done.”

“As a person, you’re one of the most amazing people I’ve ever met in my life,” Matthews said after performing the trio of tunes. “I hope that I’m half the inspiration to people that you have been to me.”

Other artists in attendance at Tuesday’s event included Colbie Caillat, Kris Kristofferson and Chad Smith of the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Young and his band Crazy Horse’s recent album “Psychedelic Pill” is up for best rock album at Sunday’s Grammys against Black Sabbath’s “13,” David Bowie’s “The Next Day,” Kings of Leon’s “Mechanical Bull,” Led Zeppelin’s “Celebration Day” and Queens of The Stone Age’s “… Like Clockwork.”

The show will be broadcast live on CBS.


David Crosby made a Special Appearance
2014 | January 17 |

Last night David Crosby did his warm-up show at the Lobero Theatre in Santa Barbara, CA—his hometown.

The show featured repertoire spanning Crosby’s entire career, including songs from his January 28th release, "CROZ" - his first solo album of studio material in 20 years - as well as selections from The Byrds and CSNY.

Accompanying Crosby on the road are James Raymond (keyboards), Shane Fontayne (guitar), Kevin McCormick (bass), Steve DiStanislao (drums, percussion), and Marcus Eaton (guitar).

This is the setlist of last night:

What's Broken
Time I Have
Holding On To Nothing
The Clearing
Slice Of Time
Set That Baggage Down
If She Called
Dangerous Night
Morning Falling
Find A Heart

Eight Miles High
Tracks In The Dust
That House
Naked In The Rain
Where Will I Be / Page 43
Rusty And Blue
Luck Dragon
Long Time Gone
Cowboy Movie
Deja Vu

Photo: Gary Lambert / Noozhawk


New DVD "Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - Fifty by Four"
2014 | January 16 |

"Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - Fifty by Four" is a new DVD that is expected to be released shortly. This is CSNY's story, a journey of breakthroughs, breakdowns, break-ups and incredible music.

The film runs nearly three hours and there are new interviews with Dallas Taylor, Greg Reeves, The Albert Brothers, Bill Halverson, George "Chocolate" Perry, Calvin "Fuzzy" Samuels, Joe Lala, Joe Vitale, Mike Finnigan and Danny Kortchmar plus many others (all interviews with Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young are archive, not new for the project). It also includes some of the solo work as well as Manassas.

We keep you posted.


Neil Young to Perform in Israel
2014 | January 15 |

According to, Neil Young will perform with his Crazy Horse in Tel Aviv this July, his first performance in Israel since 1995.

The announcement by an Israeli producer comes a week after a report, quoting Israeli producers, that the Rolling Stones are planning a gig in Israel this year.

Young is an environmental activist but has not used his stardom to promote political platforms, which is bad news for the Boycott Israel movement that lately has failed to stop entertainers from performing in Israel.


Graham Nash's Tribute to Levon Helm
2014 | January 7 |

Graham Nash performed “Back Home,” a deeply emotional tribute to the Band’s Levon Helm, last night on Talks Music — the new interview and music program from Sky Arts.

Nash says he wrote “Back Home” when he found out Helm’s cancer had returned, and that the sad end was near.

In keeping with one of Helm’s most famous vocals with the Band, “Back Home” begins with the line “take a load off” — echoing a key Robbie Robertson lyric in 1968?s “The Weight.” Then Nash moves into deeper waters, quietly encouraging his old friend to “lay your burden down. … Take your time, because time will take you.”

In an earlier talk from the stage, Nash confided: “It must be because I’m getting older, but we seem to be losing friends by the day. And when our friend Levon Helm died — he was an incredible writer and singer and drummer in the Band — Shane (Fontayine) and I got our heads together in the back of the bus before a show, and we ended up writing this song.”


Last night: Neil Young at Carnegie Hall
2014 | January 7 |

Last night Neil Young started a four-show run at Carnegie Hall in New York City. The other dates are January 7, 9 and 10.
This is the complete setlist (thanks Robert!):
1. From Hank To Hendrix
2. On The Way Home
3. Only Love Can Break Your Heart
4. Love In Mind
5. Mellow My Mind
6. Are You Ready For The Country?
7. Someday
8. Changes
9. Harvest
10. Old Man


11. Goin' Back
12. A Man Needs A Maid
13. Ohio
14. Southern Man
15. Mr. Soul
16. Needle Of Death
17. The Needle And The Damage Done
18. Harvest Moon
19. Flying On The Ground Is Wrong
20. After The Gold Rush
21. Heart Of Gold


22. Comes A Time
23. Long May You Run


Tonight "Best of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" with Crosby & Nash
2014 | January 5 |

"Best of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" Primetime Special airs this Sunday, January 5th at 9pm EST on NBC and will feature the Crosby & Nash performance from May 2011.

In a performance for the ages, David Crosby and Graham Nash joined Jimmy Fallon who was dressed as Neil Young.


Happy New Year
2014 | January 1 |

I hope you enjoyed your holiday season with family, good friends and lots of CSNY music. I wish all CSNY fans a happy new year and I take the opportunity to thank everyone who placed an or iTunes order via 4WaySite!

Lets hope 2014 will be a year with new and... old music we haven't heard yet. What we will release this year, is the 4WaySite CSNY app!

Dolf van Stijgeren