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“He’s got me exactly where I want him”
– From the Crosby and Nash bootleg album
A Very Stony Evening
recorded in 1971
Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, Los Angeles


NASH: We must have the best gig in the entire world … it’s true! … We sit here …

CROSBY: (in a whisper): Blabbermouth!


NASH: Hang loose?

CROSBY (giggling): Looser! If I get a lot looser, I’m gonna forget which finger is on the guitar.

NASH: What guitar? There’s a good joke.

CROSBY: I did that one night at the Fillmore. In the old Fillmore Ball-room one night, it was one of the few times I tried to play behind acid, and the strings got the size of ropes (Howls of laughter from the audience) Song? What song? It was very loose. It was too loose.

NASH: Lautrec.

CROSBY (after a pause): Lautrec. I knew you were gonna say it. You couldn’t resist it.

NASH: No, it’s because you did that on purpose just to trigger my psychological reaction to that remark you made.

CROSBY: Trick you! Haaaa! (Giggles.)

NASH (deadpan): He’s got me exactly where I want him.

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