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Live – Stephen Stills
Billboard Review

Although this album was recorded more than 20 months ago, it is still a very good indication of Stills in concert. The band consists of guitarist Donnie Dacus, percussionist Joe Lala, keyboardist Jerry Aiello, drummer Russ Kunkel, and bassist Kenny Passarelli, and they are only featured on one side entitled the “Electric Side.” The other side is the “Acoustic Side” and it showcases the great acoustic picking of Stills. As for the material, it runs the gamut of his long and glorious career from his early folk days to his Buffalo Springfield work to his own Mannassas, and even has one song penned by Joe Walsh. The performance is especially good on several and the Stills magic is evident throughout. Best cuts: “Wooden Ships,” “Four Days Gone,” “Special Care,” “Change Partners,” “Everybody’s Talking At Me,” “4 plus 20.”


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