Publication: Rolling Stone
Date: November 11th, 1970


CROSBY, STILLS, NASH AND YOUNG are still very much intact, but there won’t be any public, live evidence of that fact until probably next June.

Between now and then, however, there’ll be plenty of each of them – through individual albums and on tours featuring Neil Young as a soloist, Steve Stills as head of a big band, and David Crosby and Graham Nash as a folky duet.

The most definite project concerning CSNY as a group is the live album, comprised of tapes from the band’s performances at Fillmore East and in Chicago. The album, according to manager Elliot Roberts, is being mixed by Stills and Young.

Stills, whose arraignment for his coke bust in La Jolla, California, in August is still upcoming (it’s been postponed a couple of times) is in England, putting together a band with a Memphis horn section. The band will tour and do an album. Stills already has a “solo” album (featuring any number of horn and gospel wailers behind him) ready. It should be out by October 26.

Stills’ album is expected first, then the live album, then a solo effort by Crosby, which is being finished up at Wally Heider’s in San Francisco and Los Angeles. Crosby has two or three tracks to go, and it could be out by December.

Crosby and Nash are also in England – with manager Roberts – to do a BBC-TV special spotlighting Nash as a composer. Crosby is a guest star, as he was for the show featuring Joni Mitchell. Nash, who’s been helping out on albums for both Crosby and the Jefferson Airplane’s Paul Kantner, is also more than half-finished with his own album. His solo effort is backed up by, among others, Neil Young on piano and the L.A. Symphony.

A Crosby-Nash tour, Roberts said, is a possibility, but not as much a certainty as the Neil Young tour, mapped out for three weeks beginning next January. Before the tour, Young does a Carnegie Hall number on December 4. The tour, Roberts said, “will have Neil by himself, just acoustic. He’s always wanted to do a small acoustic tour.” Dates will include clubs (the Cellar Door in Washington, D.C., is booked) as well as concert halls (Berkeley Community Theater) and will probably include “a few Canadian dates,” the manager said.

Neil’s irregularly regular back-up, Crazy Horse, will continue on by its lonesome, with veteran composer/pianistist/ arranger/producer Jack Nitzsche part of the band. A Crazy Horse album is nearly complete, and – well, of course – “Neil sings on a track or two.”

Finally, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young together – will do a tour in June, 1971, Roberts said. But that’s only a guess. By that time, they may be working on another CSNY studio album … or Neil Young might be doing his fourth LP … or Crosby might be doing his film with Carl Gottleib … or….

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