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RANDOM NOTES – Stills/Nash
Journal: Rolling Stone
Date: September 23rd 1976


For a guy who’d snarled to an L.A. reporter, “I see Stephen’s career going downhill … and I don’t give a shit,” Graham Nash acted fairly chummy with Steve Stills when they met backstage at L.A.’s Greek Theater, where Nash and David Crosby were performing. Nash had been interviewed shortly after learning that Stills and Neil Young had canned the harmonies that he and Crosby had recorded for the upcoming Stills/Young LP. Apparently, time had cooled Nash’s heels. Stills joined Crosby and Nash for their final number, “Teach Your Children,” and afterward visited with Nash until 4 a.m. at Graham’s home. Nash was tracked down in Chicago for a comment, but he would give none …

It’s their parties:

For his 30th birthday August 15th, Jimmy Webb invited Ringo Starr, Steve Stills and 400 others to a steak dinner at his Encino home.

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