October 5, 6 and 7, 1979


The double album includes 4 CSN-related recordings

Graham Nash with Joel Bernstein – Military Madness

Graham Nash with Joel Bernstein – Just A Song Before I Go

Crosby, Bernstein and Nash – Power

David Crosby – Lee-shore

(The album also includes performances by The Roches, Kris Kristofferson, Maria Muldaur, Joan Baez, Leah Kunkel, Pete Seeger.)

from the album sleeve notes

Bread and Roses is a nonprofit organization located in Marin County, California, that has for the past seven years brought free live entertainment to people confined in institutions. Bread and Roses provides talent of every sort – musicians, storytellers, jugglers, dancers, comics, puppeteers, magicians and mimes.

Proceeds from the sale of this album will help to provide operating funds for Bread and Roses’ ongoing community services to institutionalised audiences. Your support helps to continue our work.

We thank you.

- the Bread and Rose Staff


from … the triple album booklet, sleeve notes

Why We Say “No Nukes’?

MUSICIANS UNITED FOR SAFE ENERGY (MUSE) is a group of artists and activists working for a future built on the natural power of the sun, and for an end to the threat of atomic power plants and nuclear weapons. This triple album and the feature film following it are the result of our five nights of benefit concerts in Madison Square Garden, September 19-23,1979. This booklet is aimed at explaining a little bit about why we produced these events, and why we plan to continue working for a non-nuclear future.

The health of the human race – and of each of us individually – is inseparable from that of the planet.

And no single industry threatens our survival, or the quality of our lives, with such brutal finality as atomic power. The outline presented in this booklet shows only the tip of the iceberg. Catastrophic accidents, genetic mutation, cancer, environmental damage, economical dislocation, unemployment, the erosion of our freedoms, continued corporate dominance of our lives – these are just a few of the prices we pay for continued use of nuclear energy, and for the on-going insanity of atomic weapons proliferation.

On the other hand, we know that all our energy needs can be met through a concerted program of increased energy efficiency, and with the rapid development of energy technologies based on the natural power of the sun. Such sources are clean, anti-inflationary and job creating, and will ultimately offer small communities and individual homeowners true energy independence – emancipation from corporate control.

FOR ALL THESE REASONS and more, we’re devoting our own energy toward the day when not one more cent is spent on nuclear power except to decommission those plants already built and to dispose of those wastes already created. At the same time, we are asking that all future energy efforts be directed toward a democratically controlled energy supply based entirely an renewable sources.

Each of us, in our own individual way, can do something to halt the spread of this radioactive plague. We must stop nuclear power and move into the solar age. We feel privileged for this opportunity to help make the transition happen, and we’re glad that you could join us.

No Nukes, Everybody!

John Hall, Bonnie Raitt, Graham Nash & Jackson Browne

“We can build an energy future for

the work and prosperity of the world.”

Ralph Nader

TWO ENERGY pathways confront Americans today.

One pathway is run by Big Oil, the nuclear industry, and the utilities – a highly concentrated group of corporations which thrive on monopolistic practices, wasteful use of energy and buying politicians.

The other pathway can be to give consumers sovereignty to advance energy efficiency, solar power, and the prudent, cleaner use of fossil fuels during the necessary transition period to various forms of solar.

Choosing the solar and efficiency pathways means choosing to build democratic control over energy policy in this country. It means every individual asking how much he or she is willing to contribute in time, dedication and funds. There are tasks suited to nearly everyone’s level of commitment. Petitions need to be filled out and sent to members of Congress. Teach-ins need to be held to respond to the public’s desire to know the facts. Local anti-nuclear citizens groups would welcome your support and involvement. And there are many other available opportunities to serve.

Today, the nuclear power industry is crumbling technically, economically and politically. But it is still a powerful lobby that will try to have the taxpayer, via Washington, bail it out.

Stopping nuclear energy with its unacceptable risks of cancer to present generations and untold damage to future generations is patriotism, pure and simple. It is love of country and love of people. With the sun standing by, waiting for application of known and knowable engineering systems to put it to greater daily work in our economy, it is inexcusable that we do not have a national solar mission at least as large as the program which placed a man on the moon. We should not have to wait until Exxon owns the sun or until the utilities are able to place a meter on the sun before people benefit from the cleanest, most abundant and most accessible form of energy – sunlight, wind power, biomass and other solar derivatives.

Democracy means your involvement in this crucial struggle over which energy pathway to choose.

Together, as an organized movement with determination and skill, we can build an energy future for the work and prosperity of the world.

“The whole question of nuclear waste

scares the hell out of me”

Graham Nash

IN JANUARY OF ’78 we did some benefits with Jackson Browne to stop the Diablo Canyon plant, which sits near an earthquake fault in San Luis Obispo, California. During that time I was eating, drinking and sleeping nuclear radiation nightmare information. That’s when I wrote the song ‘Barrel of Pain,’ which is about the low-level nuclear waste lying in barrels off the coast of San Francisco. There are thousands of barrels out there in the ocean, and at least 20% of them are leaking.

The whole question of nuclear wastes scares the hell out of me. When the industry was getting rid of nuclear wastes in the Fifties, the people in charge would sometimes shoot holes in the barrels to make sure they would sink. So the barrels would go down but the wastes would leak out.

We also know that a nuclear waste dump in Russia exploded in the late Fifties, killing hundreds and maybe thousands of people and contaminating a land area including hundreds of square miles. But here in the United States at the Hanford waste dump, plutonium has already escaped from at least one trench, threatening us with the same kind of explosion. Now we have a situation where the very soil can detonate!

We’re committing evolutionary suicide here, and that affects every person on this planet.

The cartels and the multinationals and the oil companies have billions and billions of dollars invested in this nuclear program, and they’re not about to come off it. The only thing we can defeat them with is truth and the spreading of information. And that’s what the NRC and the oil industries and nuclear power promoters have been keeping from the American public for years.

But I think that people really will stop nuclear power, when they understand that the future generations are in grave danger.

I think people realize that if they believe in something enough to lay their bodies on the line or march to Washington, they have genuine power to change and shape their destiny. After Vietnam, the Civil Rights movement, the Gay Rights movement, people know they can play a greater role in what happens to them in the future.

I see a change coming in this country. I felt it coming in the Sixties and I feel it coming now.

“All it takes is a little mistake,”

David Crosby

THERE’S NO QUESTION you can design a technical system that looks good on paper. But people will screw up. Remember the guy at Three Mile Island who turned the valve the wrong way? All it takes is a little mistake at a plant windward from a large population area, and we could lose an awful lot of people.

“Make the solar industry a money maker.”

Stephen Stills

THE HANDWRITING is on the wall. We must communicate to the American people the enormity of this issue – it’s the single most crucial moral crisis to face humanity since slavery.

Answer them with economics. Make the solar industry a moneymaker.



1. Dependin’ On You

The Doobie Brothers

2. Runaway

Bonnie Raitt

3. Angel From Montgomery

Bonnie Raitt

4. Plutonium Is Forever

John Hall

5. Power

The Doobie Brothers

with John Hall & James Taylor


1. The Times They Are A-Changing

James Taylor, Carly Simon & Graham Nash

2. Cathedral

Graham Nash

3. The Crow In The Cradle

Jackson Browne & Graham Nash

4. Before The Deluge

Jackson Browne


1. Lotta Love

Nicolette Larson

& The Doobie Brothers

2. Little Sister

Ry Cooder

3. A Woman

Sweet Honey In The Rock

4. We Almost Lost Detroit

Gil Scott-Heron

5. Get Together

Jesse Colin Young


1. You Can’t Change That


2. Once You Get Started

Chaka Khan

3. Captain Jim’s Drunken Dream

James Taylor

4. Honey Don’t Leave L.A

James Taylor

5. Mockingbird

James Taylor & Carly Simon


1. Heart Of The Night


2. Cry To Me

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers

3. Stay

Bruce Springsteen, Jackson Browne &

The E Street Band

4. Devil With The Blue Dress Medley

Bruce Springsteen &

The E Street Band


1. You Don’t Have To Cry

Crosby, Stills & Nash

2. Long Time Gone

Crosby, Stills and Nash

3. Teach Your Children

Crosby, Stills and Nash

4. Takin’ It To The Streets

The Doobie Brothers & James Taylor

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