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This section features an extensive and comprehensive discography of all CSNY sounds from 2010 to date.


CSNY 1974
Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young’s 1974 reunion trek was one of the most ambitious tours attempted up until that point. They played 30 shows at American arenas and stadiums as well as one gig at Wembley Stadium in London, with the group playing upwards of 40 songs over a four-hour period during some shows.


Crosby, Stills & Nash (audio fidelity’s 24 karat gold remaster)
Audio Fidelity’s 24 karat gold remaster, overseen by engineer Steve Hoffman, refines the tracks, enhances the bass, and boosts the intricate harmonies to let the music shine through. Audio Fidelity describes their remastering process as taking the original mixes, having top engineers enhance the vintage tapes, and coating the CD with a 24 karat gold coating. Nothing today sounds quite like the trio, and the remastered work enables the listener to further appreciate artists who crafted a still unique kind of music.


David Crosby's first studio album in over 20 years, a collection of 11 new tracks. Crosby set a very high standard for himself with his first solo album recorded in 1970, "If I Could Only Remember My Name," but here he reaches that standard by coming at it from an unexpected angle, playing with the seasoned wisdom of age and the daring and ambition of youth, in the company of a band that deeply comprehends and extends his idiosyncratic vision.


Carry On
Carry On is a four-CD set, spanning 50 years and includes more than five hours of music and includes a 113 page booklet. In addition to essential studio and live recordings, Carry On covers new ground with more than an hour s worth of previously unreleased material. A sprawling four-CD career retrospective.
Can't Get Enough: The Rides
Two time Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Stephen Stills and five-time Grammy nominated guitarist, songwriter and singer Kenny Wayne Shepherd may be separated by a musical generation, but they are bonded by a mutual love of the blues. When they joined forces with famed Chicago rock/blues keyboardist Barry Goldberg and formed The Rides, their extraordinary collective histories proved to be unparalleled.


Le Noise
What’s striking about ‘Le Noise’ is the way it both summarizes and distills Young’s singular approach to music, predominantly just Neil and a guitar: his big, white hollow-body Gretsch electric slashing and burning for most of the tracks, a couple built around picked and strummed acoustic instruments. Both are recorded and amplified – literally and metaphorically – by Lanois’ signature soundscapes that loop vocals, and enhance the guitars’ bass notes through distortion boxes, synthesizers and other electronics.
A Treasure
The 12-track live album, A Treasure includes songs – 5 of which are previously unreleased – recorded during Young’s 1984 and 1985 U.S. tours. A Treasure features Young’s onstage work with some of the greatest artists in the history of Country music, including the late, great Ben Keith on steel and slide guitar and Rufus Thibodeaux on fiddle, along with living legends Spooner Oldham and Hargus “Pig” Robbins on piano, Tim Drummond and Joe Allen on bass, Anthony Crawford on mandolin & guitars and Karl Himmel on drums, among many others.
Americana is the first album from Neil Young & Crazy Horse in nearly nine years and is a collection of classic, American folk songs. In their day, some of these may have been referred to as “protest songs,” “murder ballads,” or campfire-type songs passed down with universal, relatable tales for everyman. Each of these compositions is very much part of the fabric of our American heritage.
Psychedelic Pill
The first album of original music from Neil Young and Crazy Horse in almost a decade, including over 85 minutes of music. Psychedelic Pill pokes down pathways that have been hinted at before in this teaming, but never fully explored. New textures emerge in the music, new landscapes in the lyrics. In many ways, Psychedelic Pill rounds out an array of probing works with prominent autobiographical threads.
Live At The Cellar Door
Live archive release from the veteran singer/songwriter, an album of unreleased live performances from late 1970. The album is the latest in Young's ongoing Archives Performance Series, and it collects recordings made during the Canadian singer/songwriter's intimate six-show solo stand at The Cellar Door, a venue in Washington D.C., between November 30th and December 2nd, 1970. This title will be released on December 10, 2013. Pre-order now.
A Letter Home
An unheard collection of rediscovered songs from the past recorded on ancient electro mechanical technology captures and unleashes the essence of something that could have been gone forever...
"Storytone" was recorded with a 92-piece orchestra and choir, fulfilling Neil's life-long dream to record with an orchestra that performed in the same room with him as he sang. The album is very personal for Young in terms of its lyrical content, as well as the mood and setting of the songs and the way they were recorded with particularly pristine sound quality.
The Monsanto Years
On Neil Young's latest album one can find many things, but at its core this is a rock and roll record. And it's not just any rock record, it's a Neil Young record. Guitars are whaling and feedback is driving on "The Monsanto Years". This album is very similar to the Crazy Horse albums, but with a new backing band. With the Nelson boys help Neil has projected a wonderful feedback driven message.
Bluenote Café
Recorded at various shows during Neil Young and Bluenote Café's 1988 tour, this superb live set documents one of Neil's most funky and heartfelt periods, featuring 7 unreleased songs - "Soul of a Woman," "Bad News Comes to Town," Ain't it the Truth," "I'm Goin'," "Crime of the Heart," "Doghouse," "Fool for Your Love," - and a searing 19+ minute version of the immortal "Tonight's the Night" at The Pier in New York City. It was a wild night.

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