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This section features an extensive and comprehensive discography of all CSNY sounds from 2000 to 2010.


CSNY/Déjà Vu Live
CSNY/Déjà Vu Live is a sixteen track audio companion to CSNY: Déjà Vu, the new documentary film directed by Neil Young. The performances are presented as they happened, with no overdubs, making CSNY: Déjà Vu Live nothing less than exactly what its title indicates, a rarity these days when most “live” albums are tweaked to perfection in post-production.


The Greatest Hits (original recording remastered)
Make no mistake: this CD is very well done! Crosby Stills & Nash harmonize magnificently on this CD–as they always did–and their varied backgrounds make for an awesome blended finished product. With politics and culture always at the forefront, Stills bookends the band’s trademark canon with “Suite: Judy Blue Eyes” and “Southern Cross,” Nash incorporates Eastern influences to “Marrakesh Express” and folk timber to “Just a Song Before I Go” and “Teach Your Children,” and the ever-capricious Crosby leads the way lyrically with the lingering “Delta” to the Robert Kennedy tribute “Long Time Gone.”
Crosby, Stills & Nash Demos
This compilation of previously unreleased material takes an unprecedented look at the earliest days of their collaboration with 12 demos from 1968 to 1971-destined to be classic songs. While a number of demos feature members performing solo (and one finds them joined by Neil Young), the set opens with the trio harmonizing on ‘Marrakesh Express’, recorded four months before their self-titled debut LP was released in 1969. Fans will definitely appreciate these versions!


Crosby Nash
While nobody was looking, David Crosby and Graham Nash have recorded one of the most powerful, poignant, and musically solid albums of the year. The studio band for this project is a hybrid of old friends & new friends. Crosby & Nash have surrounded themselves with some of the most talented musicians they have come across in the business. They sound as good as they did back in the seventies. What a beautifully recorded and sung album!
Short version (1-CD) of the above mentioned release. If you are a fan, do not hesitate to get the double CD.


This material has been released before under a different title: it is virtually identical to the live album offered by King Biscuit Flower Hour. The King Biscuit version has a few more songs, and the sequencing is different. But if you already own that one, there is no reason at all to buy this one. On the other hand, if you don’t have either one and don’t mind sacrificing a couple of extra cuts (four, actually), you can’t beat this release for the money, and the performance and sound quality are excellent. It would be nice, though, if it said “previously released material” somewhere on the packaging…
Déjà Vu Live
This CD is the King Biscuit Flower Hour concert repackaged minus the liner notes and with the same songs in a different order. The effect is to lose the ‘concert feel’ and become more of a live ‘greatest hits’ package. If you have the original King Biscuit Flower Hour CD then this would be both superfluous and inferior because of the track arrangement. That said, if you are looking for an introduction to David Crosby’s live work with an overview of his songs and not bothered by the lack of a full concert feel, this CD represents a good cross-section.
Voyage Box Set
Career spanning 3 CD David Crosby box set spotlights the two-time Rock and Roll Hall of Famer’s solo stand-outs and classics with legendary groups including The Byrds, CSN and CSNY, plus one full disc of previously unreleased material. This well produced box set is a fine overview of the music of David Crosby. Fans of David, are gonna eat this stuff up!
If Only I Could Remember My Name (with DVD, original recording remastered)
Stephen Barncard (who recorded and mixed the original IICORMN album, and remixed this new release) to “There are two separate media in the package. The CD is comprised of the original stereo mixes of IICORMN with bonus track ‘Kids And Dogs’. The DVD-A contains new surround mixes made by me. The surround is presented in several formats, just to make sure it can be played in any player.” DVD Audio Disc 2 features a stellar 5.1 surround sound mix of the entire album including ‘Kids And Dogs.’ Plus, a photo gallery, including many previously unseen images and more.


Turnin’ back the pages (extra tracks, original recording remastered)
Digitally remastered solo recordings including the very best of Stephen Stills solo 70s recordings for the Columbia label. Features guest appearances by David Crosby, Graham Nash, Ringo Starr, Donnie Dacus, Dave Mason, Rick Roberts and Flo & Eddie. Includes six tracks not previously available on CD and two bonus tracks from 1968 Supersession album with Al Kooper.
Man Alive!
Even on this new solo album there are many tracks which originated long ago – “Spanish Suite” is reportedly a late 70?s outtake. The good news is that these songs are mostly a return to form, his guitar playing is stellar, his voice is as weathered as Dylan’s now but mostly works in the context, Neil Young turns up for two tunes including one personal history in which he is a major character, Nash adds some fine harmonies and co-writing duties, Stephen really nails “Old Man Trouble” better than on the last CSNY tour, and the production is mostly excellent. This CD deserves to be heard. Die-hard Still’s fans will love this one. Casual fans will be very pleasantly surprised.
Stills/Illegal Stills/Thoroughfare Gap (original recording remastered)
It’s a true pleasure to have these three generally overlooked albums available in a single package, even “Thoroughfare Gap,” probably Stills’ least essential album, but which sounds better now than it did in 1978. All in all, an essential release for any fan of Stephen Stills.
Just Roll Tape: April 26th 1968
In 1968 Stephen Stills found himself in a New York recording studio, laid down a few hundred dollars, told the engineer to roll tape, and this collection of songs is what came about. Finally remastered and released to the public, this album shows the beginnings of Crosby, Still, and Nash. It’s unbelievable that some of these (like “Change Partners”) were held back for years and others (“All I Know Is What You Tell Me,” “The Doctor Will See You Now,” “Judy” and “Dreaming of Snakes”) were left behind.
Live at Shepherd’s Bush
In 2008 Stephen Stills played a career-spanning concert at Shepherds Bush that was captured for this 2009 CD/DVD set. Playing both solo-acoustic and full band sets, Stills touched on nearly every facet of his prolific career: Buffalo Springfield (‘Bluebird’, ‘For What It’s Worth’, ‘Rock & Roll Woman’); CSN (‘Suite: Judy Blue Eyes’, ‘Helplessly Hoping’, ‘Southern Cross’); CSNY (‘Woodstock’, ‘Carry On’); early solo (‘Love The One You’re With’, ‘Marianne’); Manassas (‘And So Begins The Task’, ‘Isn’t It About Time’); Stills/Young (‘Long May You Run’); and later solo (‘Treetop Flyer’, ‘Wounded World’).


Songs For Survivors (enhanced)
Songs for Survivors is the first solo album in 15 years by Graham Nash. Nash is accompanied by a band of veteran West Coast musicians including Russ Kunkel (drums, percussion), Dan Dugmore (pedal steel, acoustic & electric guitars), and Victor Krauss (acoustic & electric bass). The recording experience, Graham explains, has been “one of the most rewarding of my life.” This album shows how easily Nash could have built a career as a solo performer years ago, had he chose to. All in all, a very solid album from a wonderful pop songwriter.
The definitive collection, spanning over 40 years on 3 CDs (64 tracks, 32 previously unreleased). Includes essential tracks from The Hollies, CSNY, Crosby/Nash, Nash solo and more! This deluxe package features a 150 page booklet with 75 classic and unseen photos and track notes by Graham Nash. Arranged chronologically, Reflections spans Nash’s recordings from 1967 to 2007, starting with a trio of singles he released with The Hollies in 1967: ‘On A Carousel’, ‘Carrie Anne’, and ‘King Midas In Reverse. The compilation contains six unreleased tracks, including ‘Water From The Moon,’ ‘Try To Find Me’ and ‘In Your Name,’ a song he recorded in 2007.


Silver And Gold
One of Neil Young’s softest and most striking albums in ages, Silver & Gold recaptures the peacefulness of Comes a Time and Harvest Moon. At one point (“Buffalo Springfield Again”), Young even goes so far as to imagine the reunion of the band he left in order to pursue a solo career. It’s a moment that almost overtakes Young’s songs of husbandly devotion in sheer sweetness.
Road Rock Vol. 1
This souvenir from Neil Young’s Y2K Music in Head tour shines brightest when it reaches what in a vinyl world would have been side two’s opening cut: “Words” starts out as a reminder of the depth and genius of Young’s Harvest album, and then grows, over the course of its 11 minutes, into a fractured waltz that shows just how nicely a bunch of good old boys and girls can breathe new life into classic rock. Instrumental demons Donald “Duck” Dunn, Spooner Oldham, Jim Keltner, and Ben Keith perform similar miracles on “Tonight’s the Night,” “Cowgirl in the Sand” (18 big minutes!), and a crowd-pleasing “All Along the Watchtower” featuring tour-mate Chrissie Hynde.
Are You Passionate?
Though Are You Passionate? is Neil Young’s studio-recorded follow-up to 2000?s Silver & Gold, it might well have emerged on the heels of Harvest Moon. While both Crazy Horse and Booker T. & the MGs swing by to add ballast to several of these 11 brand-new tracks. Are You Passionate?‘s one serious clunker, “Let’s Roll,” was inspired by the 9/11 cell-phone call Todd Beamer placed moments before he and other passengers on Flight 93 went down in a Pennsylvania field.
In some ways, Greendale–which could be described as a “rock novel”–adds a mourning for humanity itself to the mix, as Young presents his vision of America 2003 via the story of a fictional family in a small California town. It’s a more subdued Crazy Horse this time out, with only Neil on lead guitar and little of the distorted rage found on albums like Ragged Glory. But “Grandpa’s Interview” has a gorgeous riff that recalls Zuma’s “Don’t Cry No Tears”; “Be the Rain” is a genuine Neil Young anthem about love, peace, saving the planet, and doing the right thing.
Greatest Hits
Three and a half decades into his solo career, Neil Young finally delivers his version of that most modest of albums–the pre-holiday “hits” overview. Granted, the original master mixes are a boon for fans, but otherwise, there’s not much here for loyalists who quite likely already possess the original “Like a Hurricane” on a couple of albums, as well as a handful of live interpretations scanning the years. Despite Young’s honorable standing as a still-vital graybeard, the disc is skewed heavily toward his early work, shortchanging some mighty productive recent years.
Prairie Wind
An artist for all musical seasons, Neil Young returns to autumnal harvest mode on Prairie Wind, with homespun material and sing-song melodies that renew the spirit of some of his most popular releases. The elliptical, epic “No Wonder,” with its evocation of 9/11, ranks with the most ambitious songs of Young’s career, while “Falling Off the Face of the Earth,” “It’s a Dream,” and the bluesy title cut combine childlike innocence with unsettling experience. Young has released a lot of albums in different musical styles, but Prairie Wind feels like a homecoming, and ranks with his very best.
Live at the Fillmore East
For years, fans of Neil Young and Crazy Horse have been waiting for an official chance to hear Crazy Horse live with original leader Danny Whitten, the insanely talented guitarist who died of a heroin overdose in late 1972, inspiring Tonight’s the Night. Thankfully, this well-recorded live set from the infamous Fillmore East was well worth the wait. This disc is worth it alone for the version of “Wondering,” a tune not officially recorded until many years later in Neil’s weird ’80s rockabilly phase.
Living with War – Raw (special edition)
For this raw limited-edition CD+DVD version of Living With War, the critically acclaimed original album, Neil Young strips away the choir, ratchets up the guitars and blasts away with all the passion and volume worth of one of rock’s greatest singer-songwriters. In addition, packaged with the new audio CD is a DVD featuring video clips documenting the recording sessions for each of the 10 songs on the album (which is also presented with new artwork). With this Living With War, Neil Young is once again rockin’ the free world.
Live at Massey Hall (original recording remastered)
Material culled from a pair of Neil Young solo concerts at Toronto’s Massey Hall almost 36 years ago. The collection will feature renditions of “Ohio”, “I Am a Child”, “The Needle and the Damage Done” and “Old Man”. Previously available in bootleg form as Going Back to Canada, the live album captures an enigmatic singer-songwriter at his career’s early creative peak.
Chrome Dreams II
Enjoying one of the most prolific periods of his phenomenal career, Neil Young (sans Crazy Horse) delivers “Chrome Dreams II”. Hard but shiny, acoustic but also electric, Chrome Dreams II continues the new millennium resurgence in popularity for one of the greatest singer-songwriters in rock history.
Sugar Mountain-Live At Canterbury House 1968
This album features future young staples such as “Mr. Soul,” “Expecting To Fly,” the title track and “Broken Arrow,” along with several snippets of between-song banter discusses the menial jobs he held in Toronto.
Fork In The Road
The DVD in this CD+DVD package features three live, never-before-seen concert videos, and videos for four songs on the album. Fork In The Road, whose largely ecocar themed songs he debuted in concert during the past year, will get a promotional push from the 1959 Lincoln Continental. The controversial and mad-as-hell Neil Young is still rockin’ the free world and once more is taking the road less traveled.
Neil Young Archives Volume 1: 1963 – 1972
The first volume of the Neil Young Archives series of box sets, produced by Neil Young himself. Volume I covers the period from his earliest recordings with The Squires in Winnipeg, 1963, through to his classic 1972 album Harvest and beyond, including studio and live tracks with the legendary Buffalo Springfield; Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young; and Neil Young with Crazy Horse.
Dreamin’ Man Live ’92
Whether as a singer, a songwriter or a guitarist, Neil Young has been one of the most influential and important artists of the rock era. Blending folk, country and rock, the acoustic and the electric, the melancholy and the hopeful, Young has been an icon for the uncompromising and unpredictable since the 1960s. Dreamin’ Man Live `92 is a live album of the Harvest Moon album – recorded over many shows during the same tour in 1992.


Buffalo Springfield Box Set
Arranged chronologically, the set offers up a wealth of previously unreleased demos by band mainstays Young, Stills, and Furay, mostly spare acoustic performances (a number of which didn’t make the final cut on the band’s three albums) that challengingly deconstruct the Springfield’s savory blend of folk rock, blues, country, and psychedelia. Young’s work is a particular revelation; his songs reveal a wizened, often weary mindset that belies the fact he wasn’t yet 21 at the time of the band’s inception.


Preflyte Sessions (original recording remastered)
This is the definitive document on the birth of the Byrds, and how they sounded before recording the “Mr. Tambourine Man” single. All the material included on In the Beginning and Preflyte is included here along with many alternate takes, and four early David Crosby recordings. There is much excellent music on this CD even if the performances are less polished, and songwriting has more of a Beatles influence.
There Is A Season
Overall this is an amazing box set. Not only are there 99 songs on this box set (compared to 90 on the previous box), the booklet is 100 pages. It would be the last time they shared a stage together; two years later Gene Clark and Michael Clarke would both be dead. This box stands as a testament to their greatness as singers, songwriters and musicians.


Pieces features alternate versions of two songs from Down The Road: ‘Do You Remember The Americans’ and ‘Lies’ (featuring guitarist Joe Walsh). The collection also includes the legendary group’s unreleased performances of ‘Sugar Babe’ and ‘Word Game,’ a pair of songs Stills recorded in 1971 for his second solo album. The remaining tracks include ‘Like A Fox,’ a song recorded with blues guitarist Bonnie Raitt on background vocals and the Latin-tinged ‘Tan Sola Y Triste’ (Spanish for ‘So Alone and Sad’).


Just Like Gravity
CPR’s third album (the group also features Crosby’s son – keyboardist James Raymond – and guitarist Jeff Pevar) is a rich collaboration, with the three musicians penning many of the dozen songs together. But the best track is “Jerusalem,” an anthemic, quasi-New Age spiritual penned by Raymond. Crosby’s “Kings Get Broken” is almost painfully self-revealing, but succeeds because of its unflinching honesty. This is a grand effort…

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