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This section features an extensive and comprehensive discography of all CSNY videos, DVDs and Blu-ray disks from the ‘60s to date.


Woodstock: Three Days of Peace & Music (two-disc 40th anniversary director’s cut)
The three-day Woodstock music festival in 1969 was the pivotal event of the 1960s peace movement, and this landmark concert film is the definitive record of that milestone of rock & roll history. It’s more than a chronicle of the hippie movement, however; this is a film of genuine historical and social importance, capturing the spirit of America in transition, when the Vietnam War was at its peak and antiwar protest was fully expressed through the liberating music of the time.
Under the Covers – A Magical Journey: Rock N Roll in L.A
Under The Covers contains a remarkable selection of touching and amusing stories, interviews and photographs, which humanizes these rock-n-roll icons. Under The Covers features legendary music, never-before-seen home videos and photos, and candid conversations with these renowned artists. Hang out with the Doors, Eagles, Mama Cass, Joni Mitchell, Crosby, Stills & Nash, Jackson Browne and many more
Live Aid – 1985
Billed as “the day music changed history,” the Live Aid concerts of July 13, 1985, were held to raise money to fight the horrifying famines sweeping Africa. The brainchild of Bob Geldof and representing the efforts of countless musicians and technicians, Live Aid was a genuine and inspiring effort.
CSNY/Déjà Vu
CSNY/Déjà Vu documents a politically charged reunion tour of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young. The film is an honest account of the tour, even showing a fall by Stephen Stills on stage and the rough edges still evident during the early part of the tour. It shows some audience members booing and walking out of concerts. The concept of déjà vu is used as a poetic device to make a connection between the wars in Vietnam and Iraq.


Daylight Again 1983
You will rarely find a CSN set list so comprehensive, top notch and extensive 21 songs spanning 110 minutes and covering their entire catalogue. Of the 21 songs, at most 3 could be considered “fillers”, and the rest are all amongst their classics– including somewhat rare performances of “Chicago”, “You Don’t Have To Cry”, and the Beatles’ “Blackbird”, the latter two done acoustically with just Stills’ career-best guitar work.
Crosby, Stills & Nash: The Acoustic Concert
Filmed at San Francisco’s Warfield Theater in November, 1991, this concert film features the legendary Crosby, Stills & Nash performing stripped-down version of over a dozen of their best-loved songs. Among the tunes included on the set list are “Just a Song Before I Go,” “For What It’s Worth,” “Suite: Judy Blue Eyes,” and “Teach Your Children.” Definitely, a purchase worth making!
Long Time Comin’
Long Time Comin’ is a 1990 documentary summing up the first 20 years of Crosby Stills and Nash that was re-issued on DVD in 2004. What makes it different from most documentaries is that it simply tells the band’s story through their music and some interview snippets, without any narration — which is also probably its strength, as very few bands have been able to produce such powerful music.
Crosby, Stills & Nash: CSN – The DVDs
Captured in this exclusive collector’s edition 3-DVD set are three highly anticipated Crosby, Still & Nash masterpieces. Acoustic brings to life a unique concert DVD of CSN’s greatest hits, filmed live at San Francisco’s Warfield Theater in November 1991. Daylight Again showcases the trio in an engaging live performance; filmed live in 1983 at L.A.’s Universal Amphitheater. Long Time Comin’ is the never-before-released DVD documentary of CSN’s unforgettable 30-plus years together with a nostalgic musical and visual retrospective.
Legends Of The Canyon (CSN related)
Legends of the Canyon delivers the story of the advent of rock music spawned in the garden of the Hollywood Hills, Laurel Canyon. Crosby, Stills & Nash brought alive the anthems of a generation in these hills in a commune-like setting in the late 1960s. The Byrds, Buffalo Springfield, Carole King, Mamas and Papas, Joni Mitchell and Linda Ronstadt and other great artists of the era were all inhabitants of Laurel Canyon working toward the common goal of putting out great music with a lasting message.
CSN 2012
Crosby, Stills, & Nash join forces for their first live performance video in over 2 decades. Filmed during their 2012 tour, CSN 2012 includes many of the trio’s classic hits, some new and unreleased songs, and a rare performance of “Suite: Judy Blue Eyes.” The disc also includes ‘A Conversation with David, Stephen and Graham,’ plus interviews with their band and crew. A must-have for any CSN fan.


Crosby-Nash: in concert
Crosby-Nash: In Concert captures inspired versions of career-spanning classics including “Guinnevere,” “Marrakesh Express,” “Déjà vu,” “Wooden Ships,” “Our House,” “They Want It All,” “Just A Song Before I Go,” “Almost Cut My Hair,” and “Don’t Dig Here.” The disc’s bonus content comprises previously unreleased bonus videos of Crosby & Nash songs, including “Immigration Man,” and an intense live version of the non-nuclear anthem “Don’t Dig Here,” newly produced with footage, graphics, and facts warning against nuclear proliferation.


The pairings of Stephen Stills with Cream bassist Jack Bruce and drummer Buddy Miles, plus Eric Clapton with bluesman Buddy Guy and jazz saxophonist Roland Kirk, are the attraction of this so-called “last great jam of the ’60s,” recorded in ’69.
Stephen Stills & Manassas
If you dig Stephen Stills, you need this DVD. The sound quality is great, the graphics are killer, and the band flat out rips. Manassas rolls through side one of their debut album and Stills’ performance makes you realize how incredible he really is.
Live At Shepherd’s Bush
In October 2008, veteran rocker Stephen Stills played a career-spanning concert at Shepherds Bush that was captured for this 2009 CD/DVD set. Playing both solo-acoustic and full band sets, Stills touched on nearly every facet of his prolific career.


Rust Never Sleeps
Neil Young’s 1978 concert tour, documented in this acclaimed two-hour film that was directed by Young himself (using the pseudonym Bernard Shakey), is a treat for the singer-songwriter’s fans. The concept of the show is high (for Young, anyway), if rather odd: roadies (here called “Road Eyes”) decked out like the Tusken Raiders from Star Wars, stage announcements from the original Woodstock during set changes, and giant amps, microphones, and so on for an “Incredible Shrinking Man” effect.
In Berlin
Neil Young has never been one to eschew change, and this 1983 concert certainly found him in a transitional mode. Recently signed to Geffen Records (who would later sue him for producing work they deemed insufficiently commercial), he had released Trans, an album that, with its computerized tracks and electronically altered vocals, remains one of the oddest (and more underrated) in his entire catalog.
Neil Young’s biorhythms have led him to the brutal crucible of Crazy Horse every so often since his second solo album, giving him the opportunity to, um, weld chaos and familiarity into a precarious ritual that perhaps the Who, more than anyone, best understand. This concert video, compiled from snatches of performance shot during a long tour somewhere around 1990, is the visual accompaniment to a double-CD package (also called Weld) of live material released in 1991.
Neil Young Unplugged DVD is gorgeous. Each rendition of Neal’s captivating songs sounds poignant, nostalgic and beautiful. There isn’t one note that goes to waste here. Every song is just perfectly performed such as “Like A Hurricane,” “Harvest Moon” and “Transformer Man”. It won’t let you down.
Year of the Horse: Neil Young and Crazy Horse Live
Jim Jarmusch’s low-tech tribute to the 30-year-old collaboration between grunge godfather Neil Young and his favorite garage band, Crazy Horse, is both a quirky little movie and a monument to one of rock & roll’s greatest noisemakers. Year of the Horse is very much like one of the band’s paradoxical performances: epic but transitory, ragged but direct, focused but improvisational.
Silver & Gold
If you live long enough with a rock & roll heart, you find that dreams occasionally come true. One of the oldest dreams for many Neil Young fans has been that the prodigious folk-rocker would somehow find his way back–even once–to the youthful, bruised majesty of his epochal 1970 album, After the Gold Rush. Silver & Gold comes very close to evoking the same dreamy suggestiveness as that first solo masterpiece in Young’s long career, but, for obvious reasons, from an autumnal perspective.
Red Rocks
This version of Cowgirl In The Sand is according to many fans, arguably one of the best Neil Young Performances (especially a non Crazy Horse performance) ever. It is at the Red Rocks which makes the setting awesome but it begins to rain, seeing him playing in the wind with the rain pouring down is just awesome. That one performance is worth the price, but in addition you get countless others including Powderfinger, great version of Mellow My Mind, among others.
Farm Aid 2001 – A Concert For America
Held just 18 days after the September 11th attacks, Farm Aid 2001, A Concert for America, celebrated the solidarity, innovation, and hard work of family farmers in keeping America strong. Farm Aid was founded in 1985 by Willie Nelson, John Mellencamp, and Neil Young to raise public awareness about the plight of the American family farmer and to provide assistance to those families whose livelihood depends on agriculture.
Cinematographer, occasional film director, and, yes, longtime rock star Neil Young personally made (under the silly pseudonym Bernard Shakey) the fascinating, strangely affecting, and feature-length experiment Greendale as an after-the-fact movie to accompany his CD of the same name.
Heart of Gold
Working with filmmaker Jonathan Demme, Young has come up with a gem–not all flash and bling-bling, but as understated as a single pearl, musically restrained yet emotionally open. Of course, neither Demme (an Oscar winner for The Silence of the Lambs; he also helmed Talking Heads’ Stop Making Sense) nor Young would call it “a concert film”; the director describes it as “a dream concert, something that’s literally being dreamt by Neil,” while the singer-songwriter himself calls it “a multi-level story.”
Neil Young – Under Review 1966-1975
This is a documentary film reviewing the music and career of one of rock’s true giants during his formative and most creative years. Featuring musical performances of Neil Young, reviewed by a team of esteemed experts, Obscure footage, rare interviews and rarely seen photographs of and with Neil.
Live at Massey Hall
Live At Massey Hall, the legendary concert from Neil Young, is finally officially released, and in highresolution stereo, in this CD+DVD package (also as a solo CD). The acclaimed Toronto performance features classics “Old Man” and, in a suite, “A Man Needs A Maid” and “Heart Of Gold” (before they were recorded for Harvest) along with some of his most popular songs (“Cowgirl In The Sand,” “Ohio”) as well as the most obscure (“Bad Fog Of Loneliness”). Live At Massey Hall is a newly mined rock gem.
Chrome Dreams II
This Walletpak CD/DVD version includes Hi-Res audio of the whole album, with a moving video image. ”One of the most influential and idiosyncratic singer/songwriters of his generation.” -All Music Guide. Enjoying one of the most prolific periods of his phenomenally prolific career, Neil Young (sans Crazy Horse) delivers Chrome Dreams II. Hard but shiny, acoustic but also electric, Chrome Dreams II continues the new millennium resurgence in popularity for one of the greatest singer/songwriters in rock history.
Neil Young Archives, Vol. 1: 1963-1972
The first volume of the Neil Young Archives series of box sets, produced by Neil Young himself. This series is the definitive, comprehensive, chronological survey of his entire body of work. Volume I covers the period from his earliest recordings with the Squires in Winnipeg, 1963, through to his classic 1972 album, Harvest and beyond, including studio and live tracks with the legendary Buffalo Springfield, CSNY, and Neil Young with Crazy Horse. This Blu Ray disc edition contains 10 discs, each in its own custom sleeve.
Young, Neil – Here We Are In The Years
Despite remaining a hugely original singer, songwriter, performer and, let’s face it, human being, across a career spanning almost fifty years, Neil Young has never been immune to the influence of others. This will be of no surprise to anyone with even a hint of interest in the man and his music, but only those who have studied their subject in depth will be aware of the enormous range of artists and genres Neil has both been affected by and drawn inspiration from, much of which, if one knows where to look, is apparent in Young’s incredible catalogue.
The Bridge School 25th Anniversary Edition (Neil Young related)
Artists featured on the three-DVD set include Bruce Springsteen, Patti Smith, Pearl Jam, David Bowie, Bob Dylan, Paul McCartney, The Who, Tom Petty, Simon and Garfunkel, Neil Young and Crazy Horse, and much more. Neil Young organizes the event each year with his wife Pegi Young. A documentary DVD includes “The Bridge School Story,” which gives a special look into this wonderful school and the truly phenomenal services they provide children with advanced physical and communication challenges. Another documentary on the DVD, “Backstage At The Bridge School Benefit Concert,” offers a bird’s-eye view of the event itself.
Neil Young Journeys
In May of 2011, Neil Young drove a 1956 Crown Victoria from his idyllic hometown of Omemee, Ontario to downtown Toronto’s iconic Massey Hall where he intimately performed the last two nights of his solo world tour. Along the drive, Young recounted insightful and introspective stories from his youth to filmmaker Jonathan Demme.

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